Jay Taylor
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence TBA
Age 16
Affiliations TBA
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities High Intelligence
Enhanced Creativity
Technological Constructs
Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat
Equipment The Dracotrix
Relatives Brody Taylor (father)
Sarah Taylor (mother)
Aliases J
Voice Actor Michael Adamthwaite
First Appearance The Dragon's Awakening

Jay Taylor is the main protagonist of Draconomenal. He first appeared in The Dragon's Awakening. He is a Human from the planet Earth. He is a sixteen-year old high school student who found a device that resembles a watch, the Dracotrix. After putting it on his wrist, he began fighting crime while at the same time trying to be a good student and discover why his parents disappeared.


Jay is a teenager with beige skin and a birthmark on his right arm that resembles a dragon's head. He has blue eyes, medium navy hair, normally wears a blue T-shirt with a print of the Iron Giant on the middle, a white jacket with blue lines on each side and "Draconomenal" written in white on the back. He also wears black pants and navy shoes with white on the back.

Occasional Appearences

In What It Means To Be a Hero?, he wore a black and blue shirt, white cargo pants and black low profile sneakers.

In Animal Fiesta, he wore black glasses, a white shirt with three black Vs on the shirt and sleeves and black pants and shoes.


Jay can be described as cheerful and happy, smiling almost all the time and has the habit of saying "Draconomenal" when something good happens to him, which sometimes he says screaming. He may not seem to be, but he's very intelligent and very creative, capable of creating machines just by thinking about them, which sometimes work and when they don't work, the machine will explode on his face or just stop working... and then explode.

Jay may be a happy person, but the truth is he's an introvert and shy person. To him, it's hard to make friends since he doesn't know how to start a good conversation and thinks he may screw it up, making the person not like him. The thing he dislikes the most is loneliness and fears that he'll be lonely forever. Sometimes, he can be a little pessimistic and think of the bad stuff.

He cares for his friends and doesn't hold grudges, capable of forgiving others if they want to be forgiven. He's also a bit of a nerd, liking pop culture and watching anime, alongside playing video games. On a funnier note, when he's scared, he'll be paralyzed and will only move again if water is thrown at him. Also, he sometimes will call name of attacks in his alien forms like anime.

Powers and Abilities

Jay may be a normal human being, but he's quite handy with fighting. He normally fights with punches and kicks when's not using the Dracotrix. He has a very creative mind and builds machines to help him in combat.


Jay is the wielder of the Dracotrix, a device that is capable of turning him into 10 different aliens and giving him their appearances, voices, powers, weakness and etc. His personality usually stays the same, but can change depending on the alien.


Because of the time limit of the Dracotrix, whenever it times out, Jay won't be able to transform into an alien until it recharges, leaving him open for attacks.

When he starts to think about something, he won't stop thinking about it until he thinks about other things, which can distract him or hurt his brain with too much thinking.

When he gets scared by something, he'll be paralyzed and won't move unless water is thrown at him. This could leave him open for attacks.


Ever since Jay was a kid, he didn't have too many friends since to him, it's kinda difficult to start a conversation and he was a little shy. He always felt lonely even with his parents, so they had the idea of creating 3 robots to be with Jay when he felt lonely: Alpha, a humanoid robot who would be responsible for Jay when his parents weren't at home, Runner, a dog robot who would play with Jay, and Azrael, a bird robot who even with his rude personality and dirty mouth, cares for Jay. Jay sometimes would cause mess to Alpha, play with Runner and argue with Azrael, and when he's not doing any of this, he would be playing with Lego, building things that makes the robots and his parents impressed. One day, when he returned home, he discovered that his parents disappeared by Alpha, who he found a little damaged, Runner without a leg and Azrael without a wing. Alpha said that someone invaded their home and fought his parents, damaging him and the others and Jay's parents disappeared after a smoke screen. Jay fixed the robots and because his parents disappeared, he cried and the robots comforted him. During the years, Jay tried anything to find his parents and the only thing he had was a mysterious black spherical capsule, which Jay tried to open it without success several times. He began to attend a high school to follow his dream of working with robotics.

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  • His catchphrase, Draconomenal, comes from his liking of Dragons and Power Rangers.
  • He was born with black hair, but dyed it navy since he likes the color blue and thinks natural hair is boring.
  • He can overreact a little, like if he gets scared, he will punch the thing that scared him.
  • The thing he likes the most is robots.
  • The thing he dislikes the most is smoothies because the last time he drank one, he got a cold. Also, he dislikes people who talk to much.
  • Sometimes, he wears glasses.
  • Fun Fact: His full name comes from two characters, the Jay comes from Jay from Ninjago and the Taylor comes from Kit Taylor from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
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