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Jay 10 is a comic series by JayTVStudios that follows Jay Lightbolts and his squad. More information in greater detail can be found on its wiki. Despite its similarities to Ben 10: Omniverse, it is meant to be a completely separate series.

The series was created in 2018, when Jay drew random doodles of a comic about Ben 10. The first canon comic was published on May 15, 2020, entitled Master Control.

In the BTFF multiverse, this story takes place on Earth-1014. It is known that Earth-50 exists within this universe, as seen in Protector of the Omniverse.


Jay Lightbolts, a 16-year old Canadian from the city of Stormtree, is special as he has access to the Omnitrix, a device on his wrist that grants him access to multiple alien life forms. With his brother, they will together fight the forces of evil!


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Jay 10 is rated TV-Y. There is no blood or gore, no swearing and has a child-like atmosphere and art style. Its tone is almost identical to Omniverse.

Art Style

The coloration very much resembles the art style of Omniverse without shading. However, the art style, while resembling Omniverse, is more original.


User Association
Jay Artist, writer, creator, designer
Moqy Artist, writer, designer
Ulti De facto idea provider


  • Certain elements from POTO are implemented into Jay 10, such as:
    • The name of the fourth comic.
    • Domino.
    • There is a POTO Jay.


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