Javon Nekki Barber
General Information
Species Human
Age 15
Occupation(s) Burger Shack Employee
Soccer Player (part time)
Powers and abilities
Abilities Advanced Stamina
Advanced Intuition
Hand to Hand combat skills
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Celia Barber (Mother)
Jason Barber (Father)
Mario Scott (Best Friend)
Nickolai Brown (Best Friend)
First Appearance The Weird Watch From Outer Space

Javon Barber is a 15 year old boy attending high school in Javon 10.


Javon is a 15 year old of height 5'7. He has black hair and yellowish green eyes. He has a slim build and he wears a black jacket with green highlights on both sides. He wears black jeans with red and white shoes. He sometimes wears a black hood with a white line down the middle.


Being the main character, he will appear in all episodes of Javon 10.

Powers & Abilities

Javon has the Omnitrix that allows him to alter his DNA to become a different species. Other than that, Javon is a human without any other powers. He is seen to be athletic able to do long distant running. He has an average IQ but can be smart when the situation calls for it.


Javon is easy going and laid back. Whenever he is challenged, he becomes very competitive and tries his best not to lose. Javon makes jokes that sometimes have no relevance to the situation at hand. He loves playing football (or soccer) and often practices non-stop. Though being 14, Javon acts mature when the situation calls for it, such as when his friends or family are put in danger he does whatever he can to protect them and will even heavily injure his opponent.


Javon has a crippling fear of spiders and snakes. There is no real reason for this. He just thinks they're creepy. When the Omnitrix times out, Javon is left powerless until it recharges. The most he can do is run away or try to outsmart his enemy. Javon also can't always figure out what some aliens do when he first transforms into them.

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