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James Goodrick is an American conservative radio host, vlogger, author, entrepreneur, political commentator and television host. He is a public hater of Hean, Ben, and friend of Will Harangue. He has also started a smear campaign against all heroes. He doesn’t believe Kanker exists, but rather thinks Hean is the true enemy.


Before the show, he was a news reporter who got a job as a host for his own TV Show. Then right after came the mini-war.

Season 1[]

James screamed on live Television about how Hean was the true enemy. Hean just thought that he should stop talking.

He is still clamming that Hean is the villian, which by the end of Season 1, everyone thinks he's right.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Physical Description[]

He is 5 ft, 10 inches, and 230 pounds. He has caucasian skin, brown eyes, and has a serious face. He also has brown hair, and wears a brown suit, a red and yellow tie, a yellow shirt, brow paints, a black belt, and black shoes.


He is serious, and beleives in good morals, but however hates heroes due to some mysterious event.


  1. He has no connection with Kanker ( FOR NOW - his storyline isn't fully developed )
  2. The Picture is G GORDON GODFREY from Young Justice. The picture was made by Jerome-K-Moore on Deviantart, but I changed the hair color.
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