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Jakey is a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Penguin.


Yeh whatever

He is green and wears a orange and yellow part hat, green sunglasses a Christmas scarf and sea belt. His trix looks like the rainbow band which helps him hide it.


Jakey is brave and bold and can occasionally be overconfident. Usually he is very patient but if anyone says something to make him angry, he will lose his temper instantly.


Jakey wields a trix that has 10 aliens in it's playlist

  1. Penguin XLR8
  2. Penguin Wildmutt
  3. Penguin FuzzBall
  4. Penguin Ripjaws
  5. Penguin Lodestar
  6. Penguin Rath
  7. Penguin ChamAlien
  8. Penguin Eye Guy
  9. Penguin Humongousaur
  10. Penguin Cannonbolt