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Jake in its galvan armor form

Jake is a plumber's kid. He was going to die becuase of an evil alien, Darkdeath , because that alien took Jake's heart. So Jake's father created a new mechenical heart, that worked with galvan mechamorph DNA so now he is a 1/2 Human 1/2 Galvanic mechamorph. After that its father died, he was killed by the same alien, so Jake wanted revenge. Then Jake finds out that he can tranform it self into a galvan mechamorph. So then he secretly entered a plumber's alien weapon fecility and created an armor that infised with him it would make its galvan mechamorph form stronger, similar to Ship when it combines with juilie. He shows up in Armored adventure, from the Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad series. He is similar to Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) in Batman the brave and the bold and to Rex Salazar in Generator Rex.

Alien tech infused with its galvanic mechamorph form

-Alien metal (to make its armor stronger)

Jake in mechamorph form

-2 nitro rockets (with its legs to fly)

-ID Mask in its head (to comofluge him self with others)

-Null Void Projector

-laser lances, ice lasers, electrical lasers on both his hands

-A super alien computer in its head


-Exo-suit (for more strenght)

-A mechine that controlls the Weather like S.A.M.

-A force field device