Jack Assassin
General Information
Species Burronian
Age Unknown
Affiliations Richard

Richard's teammates

Occupation(s) Burronian DNA Sample
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced strength

Enhanced hearing

Equipment Simplicitrix

Armour spikes

Relatives None
Alias Burronian
Alternate Counterparts Jack Assassin (Chris 10 Rebooted), Jack Assassin (Chris 10 OA)
Voice Actor Eddie Murphy (JITE)
First Appearance The Secret of Chrystalline

John Smith and Chris 10 Rebooted: When Heroes Collided Part 1(Chris 10 Rebooted)

Jack Assassin is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Burronian from Burronia.


Jack Assassin is a humanoid grey donkey like alien. He is very similar to Kickin Hawk. He also has Kickin Hawk's clothing. He has a donkey mane used as a mohawk, similar to Kickin Hawk's chicken comb being his mohawk.

He wears the Simplicitrix on his chest.


He has enhanced strength and hearing.

His armour can grow spikes to protect him.






  • He has similar clothing to Kickin Hawk. Also, it should be noted these two aliens are very similar, although one is donkey-like while the other is chicken/hawk-like.

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