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Jack 10: Power (originally called Jack 10: Price of Power/Jack 10: OmniPower) is a new sci-fi series on BTFF, created by The Awesome Jack .


In a universe where no Ben Tennyson existed is a fourteen-old boy, Jack. His dog is killed and Jack runs away in shock. A mysterious pod lands in the forest, searching for someone named Stan. Jack thinks of his father but dismesses it. He gains the Omnitrix. After witnessing his father killed by a crook, a mysterious warlord haunting his dreams, the hardcore training of the Plumbers and the unknown Plumbers secretly corrupted and stealing alien drugs, it's up to Jack to save the universe.


  • Jack McKellen
  • Stan McKellen (†)


Season 1

  1. Omnitirx Unleashed
  2. Truth
  3. A New World

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