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  • Marble-Splat - An alien with a round bottom and a pointy top. She wears a viking helmet and has the Glovetrix symbol on her bottom. She has a pointy nose and is dark purple. She can duplicate (with each duplicate being smaller than the previous) and those duplicates can duplicate also (with the same size-changing principle). Each one can stand on its point and fire black blobs.
  • Mouth-Guy - She looks like Eye Guy but she's covered with mouths instead of eyes and has upside-down head fins. She can chomp anything with a hardness of steel or below, as long as it isn't too hot or cold. She is mostly light blue and she has pink lips. Her details like her ear fin rims are lavender. She has the Glovetrix on her tounge.
  • Muscle-Monkey - She looks like Spidermonkey in UAF but she has muscles, a dog-like tail, and her arms on each side are connected to the back ones with rope-like flesh. She has super strength and super agility. The Glovetrix symbol is on her front right arm's shoulder.
  • Phoinfra - A blue flamingo with a metal beak which lower and upper halves look like hooks. She can see ultraviolet, microwave waves, radio waves, infera red, x-ray waves, and terahertz. She can also manipulate things to have qualities of said electromagnetic thingimabobbers. The qualities for each electromagnet are:
    • Infera red- makes things hot
    • Ultraviolet- Gives enemies cancer
    • X-rays - X-ray vision
    • Microwaves- communicates telepathically, reading minds, causing the mind being read to be able to telepathically respond back.
    • Radio Waves- Makes things louder (enhanced hearing)
    • Terahertz- Night vision, darkens surrounding area
She has strong jaws. The Glovetrix symbol is just underneath the area where her neck is.
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