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Welcome to the first ever lesson of the Istokian lesson! Here, you will learn to speak and listen to Istokian.

Important: This alphabet will only teach you how to talk and listen in the Istokian language. Istokians can not read romanized characters, please be notified and come back soon, as the Istokian characters is in progress.


There are 10 diffrent vowels in the Istokian language.

A as in 'apple'.

À as in 'Ape'.

E as in 'end'.

È as in 'feed'.

I as in 'kid'.

Ì as in 'ice'.

O as in 'octopus'.

Ò as in 'focus'.

U as in 'umbrella'.

Ù as in 'food'.

These are now how it really goes. But we will use these as a key for english terms to pronounce words.


There are only 10 vowels, and 20 vowels. But you can't use the sounds alone, you must treat "k" and the other 19 constants, only when the letters are at the end of a word.

If the vowel, as in a 'Ufes' (noun; thing, objects, somethings), is in this situation, you must pair up the constant and vowel that are close to eachother (for this example, it would be the 'f' and the 'e'), and those 2 would be the only combination sound, while 'U' and 's' would have to act in their own character.

- A À E È I Ì O Ò U Ù
G Ga Ge Gi Go Gu
P Pa Pe Pi Po Pu
SH Sha Shà She Shè Shi Shì Sho Shò Shu Shù
J Ja Je Ji Jo Ju
L La Le Li Lo Lu
B Ba Be Bi Bo Bu
V Va Ve Vi Vo Vu
S Sa Se Si So Su
R Ra Re Ri Ro Ru
K Ka Ke Ki Ko Ku
W Wa We Wi Wo Wu
T Ta Te Ti To Tu
CH Cha Chà Che Chè Chi Chì Cho Chò Chu Chù
H Ha He Hi Ho Hu
M Ma Me Mi Mo Mu
N Na Ne Ni No Nu
D Da De Di Do Du
Z Za Ze Zi Zo Zu
F Fa Fe Fi Fo Fu
Y Ya Ye Yi Yo Yu

Currectly, there are no "Istokian Characters", but they are to be drawn, then added.