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Ben 10: Multi Trixes
Season 3, Episode 8
Written by Roads
Directed by Roads
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Ben 10: Phineas and Ferb Style!
Super Tennyson Bros.
Ben and Co. find Victor Validus working with the Nanochips, and try to stop him.


Ben and Co. were driving along a highway.

(Ben): I wonder why we haven't seen the Nanochips attack us for a while.

(Kevin): Yeah. You'd think they'd have us dead by now.

(Gwen): Maybe they're plotting something, and it needs us.

(Ben): I don't know. Your Omnitrixes are less powerful, so they might only want mine.

(Gwen): They might want the All-Power-...

Suddenly, they saw a bright flash from an alley.

(Ben): I've got this! (Transform) Freaky Wizz!

Ben flew up to the top of one of the buildings next to the alley.

(Ben): Let's have a look-see.

Ben tried to go intangible to fly through the roof.

(Ben): Ugh! I can't go intangible! Time to do this the old-fashioned way.

Ben stuck his head down. What he saw shocked him. Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin floated up on a mana platform.

(Ben): Guys! Over here!

(Kevin): What is it?

(Ben): Look!

They all looked. They saw Victor Validus, holding what looked like a blowtorch to... a Nanochip!

(Kevin): Vali...

Ben and Gwen pulled him back and covered his mouth.

(Ben): Shhh! Do you want to give us a...? Wait! Get behind me!

Ben used his powers to make a hologram of several crates appear. This completely blocked them from view. Less than ten seconds later, Validus stuck his head up.

(Validus): Hmm...

He came up, and we now see what brought him up. Several Nanochips made a floating platform for him. He then looked around.

(Validus): Nobody can know the true secret of my work.

Suddenly, Ben's Omnitrix flashed. With it, the hologram flashed on and off, too.

(Ben): Oh, man!

With a big red flash, Ben detransformed, and the hologram completely went away.

(Validus): You!

(Ben): Yes, me. Alright, Validus, what are you doing here?

(Validus): Validu...? That's none of your business!

He ran away.

(Kevin): After him!

Validus was about to jump off the edge, but Gwen grabbed him.

(Gwen): Why are you here, and what are you doing?

(Validus): I've already told you.

As he said that, he somehow broke out of the mana with a small blue flash. He then fell to the ground! They didn't see him as he fell.

(Ben): Validus!

He then jumped down and transformed.

(Ben): Pelic...!

(Omnitrix 2.0): Error! Error! Unable to transform!

(Ben): Oh, right. HELP!

Just before he hit the ground, Gwen grabbed him with some mana, and she and Kevin walked down on mana platforms.

(Ben): I've really gotta keep track of the aliens I do and don't have.

(Kevin): After Validus! He probably went to his lab!

They ran to Ben's car, but Ben saw something and stopped.

(Ben): Guys! Wait up!

They both ran back.

(Gwen): What is it?

(Ben): Look at this!

He held the thing up.

(Kevin): It's an ID mask.

(Ben): Right. And what happens when you put one on and take it off?

(Gwen): There's a blue flash.

(Ben): What did we see before Validus fell?

(Kevin): A blue flash!

(Ben): Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Kevin's stomach rumbled.

(Kevin): That we should go eat lunch now?

Gwen elbowed Kevin.

(Kevin): Ow!

(Ben): Enough! This can only mean one thing: That wasn't Victor Validus!

Theme song!

(Ben): So, we've just lost our lead. If it wasn't Validus, it could've been anyone!

(Gwen): I got a trace of his energy signature when I grabbed him. I can trace him.

She tried, but it took a while.

(Kevin): Come on!

Gwen stopped.

(Gwen): Ugh! The ID mask interfered with his energy signature. I can't trace him.

A piece of paper was stuck near where the ID mask was. Suddenly, it blew up and around in the wind.

(Ben): Wait! I have a hunch. Remember Paparo?

(Kevin): The evil paper alien that you got Paperboy from? Yeah, but you killed him.

(Ben): True, but he might have regenerated, or may have been cloned. Gwen, grab that paper!

Gwen used mana to get the paper, and then brought it down.

(Gwen): I've got Paparo's energy signature! (Tracing ....... Tracing .......) He's in Validus' lab!

(Ben): Let's go!

They drove to Validus' lab, and Ben broke in with Heavy Metal's sound power.

(Ben): Alright, Validus! Put your hands in the air!

(Validus): What's wrong?

(Ben, detransforming): We saw you working with a Nanochip, but it turned out it was someone else. We traced that someone here!

(Validus): I don't know what you're talking about! After that ordeal with the Nanochips, I wouldn't go near one!

Suddenly, Elena walked in.

(Elena): I can testify, too. I've been working on an experiment with him all day.

(Ben): Okay, you're good.

On the way back...

(Kevin): You just let them go because Elena backed Validus up!

(Ben): That's not it! Well, maybe, but it was because Elena's a friend of mine!

Kevin and Ben got into an argument, but now we see what happened at Validus' lab after they left.

(Validus): Ha ha ha! I can't believe Tennyson's that vulerable!

He and Elena walked into the back of the room. Elena then exploded into a burst of Nanochips that reshaped into Zeno!

(Zeno): Yeah!

Suddenly, Validus took off an ID mask, confirming Ben's suspicion: It was Paparo!

(Paparo): Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


---****--- Roads

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