Ironiumbodia, or simply Ironn by it's Inhabitants is a moon of Planet Bisorvatia and the home planet of Ironinites (Metaloo's species) in BATO.

Inhabitants: Ironinite
Seasons: "Repeling Winter"

"Attracting Summer"

Earth Day(s) in a Year: 150 days
First Appearance None


A large ammount of magnet from the Planet of Bisorvatia was ricocheted out of Bisorvatia due to the like magnet charges. While the other side of the magnet is different charged, this made the ammount float in space, and attract ammounts of liquid Iron. The Liquid Iron served as a coating and soon became the land, while the Magnet Ammount became the core. Over time, more liquid Iron flows to the planet, making it an interesting Iron Mine to benefit from by the more intelligent species. The Only Species living there at the time, Bisorvatians eventually got evolved there and lost their previous shapes and powers. Their Magnetism caused Iron to be coated over them, gaining new abilities like manipulating the metal around them. Those are now called Ironinites.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Ironinites
    • Metaloo (Codon Stream's DNA Sample of an Ironinite)
  • Bisorvatians
  • Other Species that mine for Iron

Dating and Timing

They use Magnetic Years and Timing. Due to the Oval Orbiting of Ironiumbodia, there is a time where it is further away from Bisorvatia and other times when it is closer and one other time (a month) where the distance is average. They have 5 Months, 2 of which are of Repeling Winter, the two months of which Ironn is furthest from Bisorvatia, A month where it is an average distance from it, and 2 are Attraction Summer, where Ironn is closest to Bisorvatia.

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