General Information
Species: Dematiria
Home World: Anur G'rrnay
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Occasionally Invisible Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Full-Spectrum Invisibility
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Invisionary is an alien transformation created for Ben 10: Milky Way Race. He is available for free use.


Invisionary's abilities include:

  • Full-Spectrum Invisibility
    • Invisionary has the ability to turn himself and anything he touches completely invisible to any wave on the electromagnetic spectrum, making them immune to typical invisibility counters such as thermal vision.
  • Full-Spectrum Vision
    • Invisionary can see himself and other objects that have been turned invisible, even if he isn't the one who made them invisible.
  • Intuitive Direction
    • Invisionary's intuitive instincts are significantly better than a human's, allowing him to quickly assess, analyze, and take action in critical situations.
  • Heightened Intelligence
    • While not as technologically adept as other high-intelligence transformations tend to be, Invisionary's quick wit and deductive abilities easily place him among Ben's smartest aliens.


Invisionary is a humanoid alien with bluish-gray skin. His uniform consists of a tan trenchcoat worn over a dark green shirt and black pants that connect to his boots.

His head is mostly covered by bony armor growing out of his skin, shaping itself into a faceplate and a somewhat hat-like crest. The exposed skin on his face is black and leathery, creating a hide of sorts that's difficult to pierce.

He has two sets of eyes; the main pair are smaller and hidden behind an opaque visor, while the larger pair is positioned above the visor and wrap around almost the entirety of his head, giving him 360-degree vision at all times. The larger eyes act as mostly peripheral vision, being better than his main eyes at catching movement, but worse at focusing on details

The Omnitrix symbol is in the center of his face, placing it solidly between all four eyes.


Invisionary's invisibility is useless against other members of his species thanks to their mutual Full-Spectrum Invisibility.

While impossible to detect through sight, Invisionary can be detected through other means such as smell or echolocation.

Invisionary isn't any stronger than the average human, making him difficult to use in direct physical combat.


If you use Invisionary in your series, please list his appearances here.


  • Invisionary is pretty obviously based on the Invisible Man. As for why I went with that, strap in, because this is gonna be a long explanation:
    • Since every Anur alien save for Ghostfreak is based on a classic Universal movie monster, I decided to go to the source and see what might be left to pick from. What I found was that there was only one monster that hadn't otherwise been covered by the Anur System: Griffin, the Invisible Man.
    • "Griffin" and "G'rrnay" seems like an awfully convenient coincidence if that wasn't the intention behind it to begin with. Now you could argue that Ghostfreak is supposed to represent the Invisible Man since he is also a psychotic killer who can turn invisible. To that I say fair point, but there's another factor in play here: unlike the other classic Universal monsters, there are two Invisible Men inhabiting their cinematic universe.
    • The second Invisible Man, Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe, was a man on death row for a murder he didn't commit. In order to escape and find the truth behind the murder, he receives an injection of the serum created by the original Invisible Man (who is in theory long dead at this point) to become a new Invisible Man and track down the real killer. I legit had no idea about any of this until I started researching it.
    • Basically, my conclusion is that even if the Ectonurites are supposed to be the original sociopathic Invisible Man (which I really doubt because they're very obviously ghosts), the inhabitants of Anur G'rrnay could very well still be representative of the second, innocent Invisible Man. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
      • Someone on DeviantArt pointed out that the Ectonurites could represent the Phantom of the Opera, who is technically included in the Universal monsters universe, so there's that to consider too.
  • Invisionary's heightened intelligence references the original Invisible Man's status as a revolutionary scientist.
    • His heightened intuition is a reference to the second Invisible Man having to solve a murder mystery.

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