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General Information
Species Fanturian
Home World Anur Dae'mos
Body Humanoid Masked Man
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Selective Invisibility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Weapon Intuition
Enhanced Tracking
Voice Actor Nothing intelligible

Invision is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fanturai from the planet Anur Dae'mos and is a Free Use alien to be used in your series given the credit to me, AnOddEncounter. (AnOddEncounter's_Odd_Free_Use_Service!)


Invision although usually invisible, appears as a 7 foot tall almost human-looking man wearing a grotesque mask of a devil. This mask is actually the alien's real face. Invision's clothing consists of a green and black straight-jacket however his limbs are free.

The Omnitrix is centered in the mask's left eye.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Invision is capable of shifting his body in such a way that he can become invisible. Specifically he can also choose to become invisible to specific people, but visible to others. This can be used for stealthkills and seemingly teleporting from one place to another.

Invision also has the skills of a master hunter, and can find almost anybody he's looking for. Invision is also extremely knowledgeable on melee weapons such as Knives, Axes, Machetes, Saws, hooks, etc. This isn't listed as Enhanced Intelligence because he's not exactly any smarter outside of that.


Fanturians are hard-wired for killing and, depending on the Omnitrix wearer's level of experience, this murderous instinct can overtake the transformation meaning danger to friend and foe.

Even when invisible, Invision can still be seen on cameras, and other video monitoring devices.


This is a Free Use alien, you can edit this page yourself and add his appearances in YOUR series in a subheading!


This is a Free Use alien, you can edit this page yourself and add his appearances in YOUR series in a subheading!


Invision's name comes from the words Invisible, Vision, and Envision. You can see where I'm going with this.


  • Invision was originally going to be some eldritch alien with Selective Intangibility but then I changed it to a Vampire to fit the Halloween theme, then to a Demonic Slasher as it's current choice.
  • Invision is an ode to the Slasher genre of Horror movies obviously. Mask, almost seemingly teleporting after disappearing for a split second and all.