General Information
Species Merlinsapien
Home World Melangio
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Salamander
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Camouflage
Retractable Barb
First Appearance TBA

Invisilizard is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Merlinsapien from the planet Melangio in Ben 12: Omnitrix Unleashed.


Invisilizard is a slim, salamander-like alien with three large eyes that are normally red and bluish green skin with red spots all across the top of his head, back, and arms. He has a spiked-shaped fin on his head and a wide mouth with sharp teeth. He has two arms and four legs with his tail and legs being covered by a grey and black uniform. He wears a red and grey chest plate. He has a retractable bright purple barb at the end of his tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located at the center of his chest plate.

Powers and Abilities

  • Camouflage- Invisilizard is able to blend into the color of his surroundings. Effectively making him appear invisible.
  • Hypnosis- Invisilizard can put enemies into a deep trance by flickering his eyes orange and purple. However, he has to keep eye contact in order to keep them in a trance.
  • Retractable Barb- Invisilizard has a retractable barb at the end of his tail.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Invisilizard's reflexes are far beyond a Human's, being able to dodge and counter attacks with quick speed.
  • Wall Climbing- Invisilizard is able to stick and climb on flat surfaces.


  • Shadow- His shadow can still be seen when camouflaged.






  • These are recolours of Kuro the Artist's 5YL designs.
  • Edits done by MonkiRussa.
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