Invisiball is an alien in 40: The Last Splixson. He is an Ectotabe from the Planet Arburia.

General Information
Species Ectotabe
Home World Arburia
Body Armadillo-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisibility
Sphere Formation
Equipment Shell
Reflection Monitors
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Unknown


He looks like a bulky armadillo alien, except that he has a grey color scheme, with a silver shell, and a metallic tail. He wears his symbol on his chest.


He has the abilitiy to roll into a ball. In ball form, he is idestructible, and highly durable.

He can also activate his "reflection" monitors on his shells, which allows him to reflect the surface around him, thus turning him invisible.


  • Although he turns "invisible", his shadow still remains, and he will still be trackable with mana and heat sensors.
  • Despite being indestructible in ball form, he is highly vulnerable to physical damage in regular form.


40: The Last Splixson

Invisiball battles Eon's Servants.

Anur Chronicles

Appears as part of a fusion with Gluten.


  • It is certain that he is somewhat a fusion between ChamAlien and Cannonbolt.
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