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 Inversed Roles Rebooted is a series written by Rob. The tone changes throughout the series and episodes, as at times it could be serious yet at other times comedical. It is loosely based on shows on Cartoon Network, mainly ones developed by Man of Action, whom was involved with Generator Rex and Ben 10. There is also the shows The Secret Satudays and Adventure Time used in the show.


For full list of arcs and series, go to my easylinks page.

Season 1

In season one, the world is ruled by evil, being taken over about 6 years ago by Ben and his forces. The government and much higher forces are foced to do what Ben says, or face a cruel punishment. They are destroying worlds, brutally killing people, and taking bad care of many people. It's up to Albedo and what they call The Shattered to save everybody from Ben. However Ben has some unexpected help.

Season 2

It was announced a while back that Season 2 would focus on rhe cryptids ascept of the series, but more majorly have a gigantic Time War take place. And no, not a two-part episode time war like in canon. Yeah, a REAL time war.



These are some of the aliens Albedo transforms into using the Unlimitrix to try and save the day. More will be added as the series progresses.

  • Acidlimbs
  • HouseCat
  • Albedodactyl
  • SeaMunster
  • Alien X
  • Armodrillo
  • Armorbot
  • Articguana
  • Artifreeze
  • Astrodactyl
  • Ball Weevil
  • Big Chill
  • Bloxx
  • BountyHunter
  • Cannonbolt
  • Clockwork
  • Crashhopper
  • Cybersquid
  • Diamondhead
  • Eatle
  • Echo Echo
  • Elementation
  • Eye Guy
  • Feedback
  • Four Arms
  • Goop
  • Gravattack
  • GreyMatter
  • Heatblast
  • Humungosaur
  • Jury Rigg
  • Kickin' Hawk
  • Lodestar
  • Manaray
  • Metaljaws
  • Molestache
  • Mystirock
  • Nanomech
  • Ultimate Articguana
  • NRG out of suit
  • NRG in suit
  • Pesky Dust
  • Rath
  • Ripjaws
  • Sandpit
  • Shocksquatch
  • Sixlegs
  • Slimebomb
  • Snailshell
  • Snare-Oh
  • Spidermonkey
  • Stinkfly
  • Terraspin
  • The Worst
  • Toepick
  • Ultimate Alien X
  • Ultimate Ditto
  • Ultimate Ghostfreak
  • Ultimate Heatblast
  • Ultimate Nanomech
  • Ultimate NRG in suit
  • Ultimate Upgrade
  • Ultimate WaterJet
  • Unlimited Brainstorm
  • Unlimited Upgrade
  • Unlimited WaterJet
  • Unlimited Wildmutt
  • Walkatrout
  • Water Hazard
  • WaterJet
  • Wildmutt
  • Wildvine
  • XLR8


Season 1

  1. Prologue
  2. Shattered
  3. Secrets
  4. The Human
  5. The Princess
  6. Quills Cut Deep
  7. Twisted Knife
  8. Knowledge
  9. Raiding
  10. Faceoff
  11. Paradox
  12. Albedo 10k
  13. Jolted Batteries
  14. Hunting Season
  15. Crystalsapien Life
  16. Times of War
  17. Pursuance
  18. Interdimensional
  19. Cryptids
  20. Alliance
  21. Black Hole
  22. Death for All
  23. Recap

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