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Invasion of Vilgax, Part 1 is the 9th episode of Kobra 10

Kobra 10
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date May 7, 2012
Written by Midnightkobra
Directed by Midnightkobra
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Enter the Null Void
Invasion of Vilgax, Part 2


The Gang are fighting a biker gang. Kobra is XLR8 and he's facing off with their leader Rojo. Nearly all the bikers are defeated. As Rojo begins to run away XLR8 pounds her and the Omnitrix times out. The bikers are arrested and Kobra gloats on his latest actions. Meanwhile in space Vilgax is healed and is tired of his failures. He deciedes to go to Earth and retrive the Omnitrix himself. At Mr. Smoothy the gang talk about the Omnitrix. Jack wonders if i can come off but Kobra claims he never wants it off and it never will come off. Then something crashes nearby. Hovering robots attack the parking lot of Mr.Smoothy. Kobra turns into Heatblast to take em on. He shoots fire all around and destroys all of them. Then more come. He keeps firing and destroys all of them but more keep coming. Then a small spheric craftt lands. It opens and reveals Vilgax. Vilgax grabs Kobra and chucks him far. Dante grabs a laser gun and shoots but Vilgax shoos him away.Then Kobra comes flying on a rock and shoots a huge fireball at Vilgax. But Vilgax took no damage. Vilgax demands the Omnitrix but Kobra fires at him. Vilgax pounds Kobra and slashes at him with all he's got. They fight all across town. Then as Kobra falls t ohis knees Vilgax de activates the Omnitrix and he sees that the Omnitrix is in the hands of a child. He teleports to his ship. Dante, Kim, and Jack see the ship and Dante starts to plan on how to save Kobra. Meanwhile on the ship Vilgax explains to Kobra that he will attempt to remove the Omnitrix with his sharp weaponary. Kobra is chained to a machine. Vilgax brings out his weapons laughing maniacally.

To be Continued....

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