Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date 1/15/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Into the Storm Part 1
Into the Storm Part 2 is the thirteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.



Drake, to Owens: I'm here.

Owens, over the communicator: There's been an incident.

Drake: I know. I felt it. Where is it?

Owens, over the communicator: Central Park. Do not intervene until notified.

Drake: I know the routine, Owens.

Owens, over the communicator: This is different, Drake.

Voice: Ladies and Gentlemen of the City.

Ryden is seen walking out of the open doors of the fortress with Shadow Hound and Psyche at his side.

Ryden: Behold, (chuckles menacingly) your new King. (smiles)

Drake: What do you want, Ryden?

Ryden: I need something from you. And in exchange, I will tell you some things you don't know yet.

Drake: What is it?

Ryden: There's something inside you.

Drake: I know. Nanogenes.

Ryden: No. Not Nanogenes. Nanogene. A singular Nanogene with great power. A prototype design which would be used to control other Nanogenes. It's how you got your powers, I assume. Now imagine that. A device which allows its user to control other Nanogenes wither they are inside them or someone else. I imagine that it must practically power your whole body and without it, you'll be- nothing.

Inside Drake, the special Nanogene is in. The Nanogene then becomes surrounded by a red energy, entrapping the Nanogene then pulling it forwards. From an outside view, Ryden still has his hand on Drake's chest until it gets pushed off by an energy sphere emerging from Drake's chest. Ryden then falls backwards, onto the floor, with the energy sphere in his hand. He gets up slightly and looks in his hand, startled. Inside of the energy sphere is the special Nanogene.

John: What was it?

The building then shakes slightly. It then shakes again a short moment later.

John: They're like- footsteps.

Drake: It's something big, John.

A large foot then steps onto the streets of the Manhattan, destroying two cars in the progress. The scene then moves upwards to show off a monstrous looking Mutant which is about the size of the buildings it walks next to. Pieces of New Haven are attached to the Mutant. It walks past John's apartment building.

John: No, Drake. It's way Big.

Drake: Stop this now, Ryden.

Ryden: Or what? From the looks of it, you can barely even control your own powers.

Drake: I don't need my powers to stop you.

On the shoulder of the Macro Monster, Drake is seen leaning against the edge with Ryden standing over him.

Ryden: It's over now.

The Macro Monster then steps on the MCA Barriers as the MCA Officers below escape the area.

Drake attempts to get up but, as soon as he does, Ryden kicks Drake in the chest, knocking him over the shoulders of the Macro Monster. Drake then falls off of the Mutant as it continues through the bridge. The Mutants then follow Ryden's lead, leaving the city. Drake then hits the water. Underwater, Drake is seen sinking as the water forces his hoodie off, showing his unconscious face as he lowers deeper and deeper into the water. From an Ariel point of view, the scene shows the city and its destruction as smoke is seen leaving a building and the Mutants cross over to exit the city.

The "Previously" landmark vanishes from the scene as the scene enters current time. On the streets of the city, Small groups of Mutants are seen rampaging through, running over cars. A female citizen dressed in a jacket with red hair and blue eyes, runs away from a small sized, red Mutants with black claws and an outwards belly chasing her.

December 24, 21:35 EDT
A police cruiser then drives into view, stopping in the middle of the street. Detective Wilson then exits from the vehicle and looks around.

Detective Wilson: What in the world?

A big Mutant, appearing like a brown troll, exits from an alleyway which the police cruiser is parked in front of, then steps on the front of the cruiser, walking away. Detective Wilson pulls out his weapon then lowers it, after seeing the Mutant. Wilson then puts his weapon away and pulls out his radio, looking at the damages to his police car.

Detective Wilson, using the radio: Prescient, come in. This is Detective Ryan Wilson. I'm somewhere in Upper Manhattan, close to the George Washington. There are- Mutants everywhere. Respond, please.

Female Officer, over the radio: Detective, get clear of the Mutants, the city is going into shutdown operation.

Detective Wilson, using the radio: Shutdown Operation? What's Shutdown Operation?

Female Officer, over the radio: Every officer available is being sent to deal with the Mutants in any way they can.

Detective Wilson: Is the Commissioner nuts? (using the radio) One of those things just stepped on my car. There's no way the whole police department can handle who knows how many of these things.

Female Officer, over the radio: It's our orders, Wilson.

Detective Wilson, using the radio: Listen to me, try to talk some sense into him, will ya? I can't right now, I need to check on my daughter. Over and out.

Female Officer, over the radio: Wilson, wait. Have you seen him?

Detective Wilson, using the radio: Seen who?

Female Office: The Vigilante. Maybe he can save us from these Mutants.

Detective Wilson, using the radio: For all we know, he could be behind this thing. And no, I haven't seen him. I'll let you know if I do see him.

Detective Wilson deactivates his radio, puts it away and walks off with his weapon out.

Detective Wilson, walking off: Wherever he is.

The scene then transitions to underwater. 

Hudson River
December 24, 21:43 EDT
 Drake is seen drifting deeper into the water. His body seeming lifeless and he continues to sink lower and lower into the water. A hand is seen reaching for him but its hard to make out as everything starts to fade off into a flashback scene. The scene is set within the Omni-Labs facility. Young Drake is looking at the equipment with his mother while his father stands behind him. Ryden then approaches his father.

Ryden (Flashback): We need to talk.

Drake's Father: About what, Ryden?

Ryden (Flashback): The Nanogene, of course.

Drake's Father: What could we possibly talk about? We finished. It's finally ready.

Ryden (Flashback): What about the tests?

Drake's Father turns his head and sees Young Drake distracted by the equipment. He places his hand on Ryden's shoulder and leads him into another room. Inside, a screen is seen on the wall. He presses enter on the keyboard on a counter close by which activates the screen on the wall, showing images of bizarrely shaped creatures, one of which being an insect.

Drake's Father: These tests are confidential, Ryden.

Ryden (Flashback): You think I don't know this? I'm asking because I don't want this to happen again.

Drake's Father: What are you still worrying about? The last test worked perfectly fine. The Nanogenes repaired the animal without any sign of- (gulps) Mutation.

Ryden (Flashback): True but the-

Drake's Father: Ryden, I'm can't stress this enough. The samples they mutated the animals, altering their DNA. With the inhibitors in tack, the samples are contained within the Nanogene. In other words, it's going to be successful. (puts hand on Ryden's shoulder again) You've done good work here, Ryden. We both have. Everything's going to work out if everything goes our way.

Drake's Father then leaves the room, leaving Ryden there, alone.

Ryden (Flashback): If everything goes your way, that is.

Title Sequence

Now in current time, Drake is seen lying on a metallic bench. His eyes open. He coughs, gets up and coughs some more. The scene pans out, showing a figure watching him, sitting on the bench across from him. Drake looks up and sees the figure.

Drake: What- (small cough) What are you doing here?

Owens: Saving you.

Drake, laying back down on the bench: ...How did you find me?

Owens: You said you was handling it. I assumed you meant the large scale Mutant. Officers saw you drop so I went after you. You're in the Jumpjet, in case you were wondering.

Drake: I don't really care.

Owens: Why did you disobey an order, Drake? You nearly got yourself killed out there?

Drake: I need to handle this on my own.

Owens: Why?

Drake: I just- I just have to, Owens.

Owens: Well you tried and you failed. He defeated you.

Drake: He didn't stop me. I'm still alive.

Owens: What happens when you're dead then?

Drake sits up from the bench then looks up at Owens.

Drake: That isn't going to happen.

Owens: It will happen, Drake. I've seen it before. A man goes into a fight without a plan, without thinking, and gets himself killed. A man goes into a fight alone when he could have gotten help.

Drake: I don't need help. I don't need anyone. I don't need him and I don't need you.

Owens: If you didn't need me then why am I here? I'll answer that for you, it's because you need me. I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be. I'm doing this because it's my job and my job is not only to train you but to protect you. You want to go out there and fight Ryden on your own, fine. I can't stop you from making up your mind but I will try and stop you physically until you eventually stop me. But if Ryden defeats you, if he kills you, who will I protect but more importantly, who will protect this city?

Drake looks down, thinking.

Drake: I can't save this city, Owens. All I do is bring damage wherever I go. I found two people, Owens, and they could get hurt because of me, killed maybe. I'm dangerous. I'm not one of them.

Owens: I'm not going to lie to you, Drake. I'm honest. Brutally. So no, you aren't like them. You're different and there's nothing wrong with that, depending on the situation, but if you think you're a danger then you're absolutely correct. You can kill someone with your bare hands if you want to but so can I and I haven't because I can control myself. I'm not going to get sentimental or emotional with this... conversation we're having but I have seen many Mutants with different abilities from one another but your ability seems to be control. Control over the Nanogenes within your body and control over those in others when you cure them. So, yes, you're dangerous, yes, you're different, but you have control so use that and direct that damage to something that deserves it.

Drake: Ryden.

Owens: Him being one of the many but, yes, he does seem to be the main point of our attention, right now.

Drake: What's going on out there?

Owens: Ryden lead his Mutant army outside of the city, he broke through the barricades that MCA set up. Now there are Mutants in the city and Mutants outside of the city. We used up all of our Officers and there aren't enough for the city let alone outside of the city.

Drake: What about Ryden? Where is he?

Owens: He's making his way towards the MCA Headquarters. I just got the call from The Director. Still thinking about going on your own?

Drake: I can't save the city and stop Ryden at the same time. Not alone. If I want to save the city, I need help. I can't keep doing this on my own.

Owens: I'm here, Drake.

Drake: MCA isn't enough. You said that. If you're right, about control, then I need those people. I need my friends.

Owens nods once then gets up from the bench, making his way to the cockpit. Drake sits there, looking out. The scene then cuts to the city where the buildings stand but not so tall. Among the buildings is Kate's apartment building. The sky is grey with a mix of orange representing the sunlight bleeding through the clouds which have covered the sky completely. Thunder is heard in the clouds faintly. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 25, 8:00 EDT
 Inside, Kate is seen sleeping on her couch as Detective Wilson is seen leaning against the front door, his head buried in his knees, weapon in his hands, asleep. The scene focuses on Kate again. A knocking noise is then heard faintly. Kate's eye move slightly under his eyelids. The knocking is heard again. Kate's eyes open, finding herself awoken by the noise. The knocking is heard again. Kate then sits up from the couch and looks behind her. She gets off of the couch and approaches the hallway, walking past a Christmas Tree with presents tucked underneath. She enters the bedroom and looks at the glass window. It's foggy, hard to see but there is a figure outside. Kate reaches behind the door and retrieves a baseball. She grips it in her hands and approaches the glass window slowly. The knocking is heard again, louder, closer, causing her to get startled and jump slightly. Kate holds the baseball hat harder, gripping it in her hands, as she continues for the door. Kate makes her way to the glass door, stopping in front of it. She reaches for the door handle slowly until the knocking returns, causing her to draw her hand back to her.

Kate, holding the bat up: W-Who is it?

There is no response. Kate relaxes her grip only to harden it again a short moment later.

Drake, through the door: It's me.

Kate's breathing becomes heavy. She puts the bat down and hesitates for the door. She closes her open hand slowly.

Drake, through the door: Kate?

Kate then grabs the door handle, unlocks it and opens the door, sliding it open. Drake is standing there, outside, hood down, on the balcony.

Kate: I thought you ran off to do things alone.

Drake: How-?

Kate: John called me. We exchanged numbers while you were half asleep. What were you thinking?

Drake: I know, Kate. I- I- ugh! (holds his head) I don't know the word.

Kate: Realized?

Drake: Yeah... (takes hands off of head)

Kate: What did you realize, Drake?

Drake: I realized that I was- wrong. I need help if I want to stop Ryden and save the city. I ran off before because I thought I would hurt you or you would get hurt.

Kate: Drake, listen to me because I'm only going to say this once. You can't hurt me. You will never hurt me. And so what if I tag along? I told you before, I'm a reporter in training, I basically signed up for the risks. If something happens to me, then it's on me, not you, do you understand me?

Drake: ...Yes.

Kate: Good. We're both ready when you are. Now call John and apologize.

Drake: I-I don't know how to apologize.

Kate: Say that you're sorry. That you didn't mean those things you said to him. He knows that you didn't mean it but still.

Drake: If he knows then why am I apologizing?

Kate: It's the Human thing to do. (smiles) Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be getting dressed while you do that.

Kate then closes the door on Drake. Drake turns around and activates his communicator.

Drake, using his communicator: John, are you there?

John, over the communicator: Dr- Drake?

Drake, using the communicator: I have something to tell you.

The scene cuts to later on, in the sky, where the Jumpjet is seen flying over grassy fields. 

Upstate New York
December 25, 10:56 EDT
 Inside the Jumpjet, Drake is seen sitting on the bench across from Drake and Kate who are sitting on the bench across from Drake.

Owens, calling out from the cockpit: We're approaching Headquarters.

John: Alright so uh- I know I said I was ready but now that I'm thinking about this, logically thinking about this, I'm a part time nurse who studies nanotechnology and she's a journalist. How exactly do we help take down Ryden, the ruler of the whole Mutant Population.

Drake: The same way you helped me before. Ryden isn't any different. He's a Mutant and he's hurting people. Those people need justice. My city needs justice... Our city needs justice. I'll fight them off but I can't do it alone. Kate, you know what's going around you, use that as your weapon. John, you know the Nanogene better than I do and it was inside me. I need a way to get it back.

John: Right. So we're helping from the sidelines.

Kate: Would you rather fight off the Mutants?

John: Fair point.

Owens: We've got Mutants.

Drake gets up from the bench and enters the cockpit. He looks out of the window. Outside, the Macro Monster can be seen attacking the MCA Headquarters with the Mutant Army assembled outside of it on the ground level.

Owens: He's attacking the Headquarters.

Drake: Stop it.

Owens: What?

Drake: I don't know how but stop the Mutant. (leaving the cockpit) I'm going after Ryden.

John: What happened to not doing this alone?

Drake: I won't. (points to communicator in ear)

John, realizing: Oooh. Still, there's still the Macro Monster out there. How exactly are we supposed to stop the big boss over there?

Kate: Boss? Like an actual boss.

John: Huh?

Kate: When I'm late for work, the boss goes to check at my desk for an update on an assignment but Adam distracts him for me while I get there.

John: Is that even a legit strategy right now?

Owens: It's good enough. (to Drake) Go!

Drake opens the door and jumps out of the Jumpjet. He activates his wing form and flies from underneath the Jumpjet, heading for the MCA Headquarters while the Jumpjet, itself, heads for the Macro Monster. Drake approaches the facility but the Macro Monster spots Drake then starts to approach him. Owens pulls a trigger on the steering mechanism which causes the Jumpjet to fire at the Macro Monster. The Macro Monster then pulls its attention to the Jumpjet which flies past it. The Macro Monster, turns and approaches the Jumpjet. Drake continues on his way to the Headquarters until he approaches a window. He then covers his head by crossing his arms and smashes through the window, which deactivates his wing form. He then rolls against the floor. The building then shakes as if its collapsing. Drake gets up from the floor steadily and looks around.

Drake, using the communicator: I'm in.

Owens, over the communicator: Ryden isn't on the Mutant which means he's inside.

Drake, using the communicator: Got it.

Drake then turns around and walks down a hallway, brushing the glass from his hoodie arm. The scene then cuts to the Jumpjet flying away from the approaching Macro Monster.

Kate: Well that's just great. Now we have a giant monster Mutant on our trial.

John: This was your idea afterall.

Owens, piloting: The Mutant doesn't seem affected by our firepower.

John: We need to find its weakness.

Kate: How do you just find something's weakness?

John: Um... Oh! (activates Analyzer) I can scan it. The Nanogenes within the Macro Monster but be similar to Drake's if Ryden used Drake's Nanogene to mutate this person. (moves to the open door) I need a closer look at it, Owens!

The Jumpjet then rotates until the Macro Monster's face appears close to the doorway.

John: Okay maybe not that close!

The Macro Monster then attempts to grab the Jumpjet but misses as Owens navigates it around its hand.

John, moving his hands around in the air like he's navigating a computer: Okay... Okay... The Nanogenes are similar but they aren't giving off any discharge within a specific area, the head, by the way. Which means, its weakness is electricity and we can paralyze it from the head.

Kate: Does it?

John: Most likely. Problem is we don't have any way of connecting it to an electric source.

Kate: You can build a generator with magnets. I was-

John: Doing a story on electricity?

Kate: No I was looking up ways to stop blackouts after that last one hit.

Owens, piloting: The compass uses magnets.

John: On it. Kate, I'm going to need two cords.

John heads for the cockpit as the scene cuts back to the inside of the Headquarters. MCA Officers are seen backing away in a hallway, firing their weapons. Two of them is taken out by some type of strange energy while the rest are sliced at their chests by Shadow Hound. Ryden then walks past the fallen Officers and makes his way down the hallway with his two lackeys. The Director is seen firing her weapon at a Mutant who backs out and falls through a window, breaking in on the way out. There is a banging at her door. It occurs again. The Director reloads her weapon as claws pierce through the door, pulling it open forcefully. Shadow Hound stands in the doorway, pushing the door open. He then enters the room first, looking around. The Director no longer there. He then leaps onto her desk and sniffs around. He looks under the desk and sees boots escaping his view. He then gets up and turns around quickly, seeing The Director standing up, holding her weapon. Shadow Hound then growls.

Shadow Hound: You can't escape from me!

The Director: Wasn't planning on it.

A ticking noise is then heard. Shadow Hound then attempts to look over his shoulder where the view changes to show two devices or packages attached to his back with some type of puddy material. They then explode, sending Shadow Hound launching through the air. The Director dodge rolls out of the way as Psyche enters the room next, she is then hit by Shadow Hound's incoming body, knocking her through the doorway and back into the hallway.

The Director, getting up: They call this an attack?

Ryden, unseen: Not they, Director. (enters the room, coming into view) Just me.

The Director: I take it that you're Ryden Kurtzman.

Ryden: But of course.

The Director: What can I do for you?

Ryden: Oh I just came to kill you and destroy the MCA. I can't have containment in my perfect world.

The Director: Not so sorry to break it to you, Kurtzman, but this isn't your perfect world.

Ryden: No. Not yet. But soon, it will be. Ending you would be a good start.

The Director: You don't look so tough for a Mutant.

Ryden: I'm more than what I seem.

Ryden then reaches for The Director who fires upon Ryden but the laser fire doesn't do anything against him. He then grabs her arm and twists it behind her.

The Director: GAH!

Ryden: I didn't like that very much, Director. Maybe I should end you nice and slowly. At least be grateful I'm giving you more time to live.

Ryden then starts to bend her arm when shards fly through the air and impact with Ryden's chest, knocking him back slightly, onto her desk. He looks up and sees Drake entering the room, walking over Shadow Hound's body.

Ryden: You... heh I knew I couldn't get rid of you so easily. I just knew.

Drake: This ends here, Ryden.

Ryden: Yes it does. Of course, I was referring to your life.

Ryden grabs The Director's desk and flings it at Drake who slices through it using his claw form. Ryden then strikes Drake through the metallic pieces of the desk, over and over. Ryden then has Drake pinned against the wall. His claw form deactivates.

Ryden: You're nothing. Nothing but a child. I am a king!

The Director then shoots Ryden in the back. He turns his head slowly, looking at The Director. He lets go of Drake and approaches her slowly.

Drake: RAAHHH!

Drake then tackles Ryden and they both crash through the window, falling out of the building. The Director looks behind her at the broken window. The scene then cuts back to the Jumpjet, still avoiding the Macro Monster which is really close to them. John is assembling a small device using pieces and parts of the compass while Kate is gathering the cords.

Kate: I found these.

John: Those are great. Now we just need to-

The Jumpjet then shakes, stopping suddenly. Kate falls onto the benches and John flips over.

Kate: What was that?

Owens: It's got us!

From outside of the Jumpjet, the Macro Monster is seen grabbing the Jumpjet within its hands. It then pulls it close to its face, starting to clench its grasp, crushing it.

Owens: Whatever you're doing, do it now!

John connects the cords to the generator.

John: Let him have it!

Kate then grabs the end of the cables and throws them out of the door, the cables then stab into the Macro Monster's head. John activates the generator and it runs electricity through the cords. The electricity then paralyzes the Macro Monster to a point where it starts screaming. It loosens its grip on the Jumpjet, allowing Owens to punch the acceleration and escape right on time. The Macro Monster then falls.

Kate: We did it!

John: Ha! Yeah!

The scene cuts to Ryden and Drake, practically throwing punches at each other while free falling from the drop. The cry of the Macro Monster is then heard. Ryden stops and looks out, seeing the Macro Monster start to fall towards them.

Ryden: My creation! NOOO!

The Macro Monster then smashes into the Main Headquarters, then pushes Drake and Ryden back into the building. Drake gets up weakly and sees Ryden already standing up. The scene keeps fading in and out. Ryden remains the same but the backgrounds flicker from one to another. From the Headquarters collapsing to the Omni-Labs testing room.

Ryden: You think you won? I'm still in control. They will follow me, my brothers and sisters, and we will rise over this inferior planet!

Drake holds his head as he attempts to get up. The scene shows Ryden, from the past, approaching the Nanogene Prime Prototype in its energy casing.

Ryden (Flashback): We can't do this. We can't. We can't!

Drake's Father, unseen: Ryden.

Ryden turns around and sees Drake's Father entering the room.

Drake's Father: What are you doing?

Ryden (Flashback): We can't do this, Robert. This DNA. It's unnatural.

Robert: It's too late, Ryden. You didn't say anything before.

Ryden (Flashback): You didn't give me a choice. Our chance to say mankind. To cure diseases. You promised that to me. How can I refuse something like that, huh?

Robert: And I delivered.

Ryden (Flashback): You found this- this substance. It's not healing anyone, Robert. It's harming them. Look at the animals.

Robert: Those were the tests. Like I said before, if we limit their ability to mutate the subject, we can use their specific genetics to cure broken ones.

Ryden (Flashback): You're contaminating people.

Robert: I'm saving the world, Ryden. I'm trying to save my city. We didn't come up with any other options and you weren't helping. On and on about how I need to find some alternative or else we'll have to cancel. You didn't give me the choice, Ryden.

Ryden (Flashback): So it comes to this. You and me. A fight for science.

Robert: I don't want to fight you, Ryden. We're colleagues. We're friends. I've known you since childhood and now what? You're throwing that away because of the unknown? We've tested it, we've controlled it. If it's safe, why do you want to mess that up?

Ryden (Flashback): But it's not safe, Robert. We can go on about this but this isn't going to change anything.

A metallic sound is heard. Robert turns to see the Young Drake hiding behind some crates.

Robert, quiety: Drake?

Ryden then accesses the keypad. Robert turns his head.

Robert: Ryden, please. Don't do this. The containment field can't handle an overload of that much power. We don't even know what we're dealing with here.

Ryden (Flashback): Exactly. We need to stop this.

Robert: Okay, Ryden. We'll shut down the containment field, we'll go over the specs. We'll find an alternative source, if you want. Just don't do what you're about to do.

Ryden (Flashback): I know. 

Robert looks at Ryden, he is breathing hard.

Ryden (Flashback): I know this is the right thing to do.

Ryden then presses a button on the keypad. The containment field then intensifies.

Robert: Ryden, NO!

Robert then runs over to Ryden, punching him in the face. He then access the keypad, trying to shut it down. The keypad then sparks up and the containment field starts to shrink. The mechanism holding the containment field together then sparks up so powerfully that it throws Robert into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Young Drake then exits from behind the crates.

Young Drake: Dad!

An alarm then goes off.

Computerized Voice, throughout the facility: EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Lockdown in Progress! Please direct yourself to the safehouses to avoid danger! (repeats)

The scene cuts to the rest of the Omni-Labs facility. Drake's Mother is seen being ushered by security guards into a safehouse.

Omni-Labs Security Guard: Madame, please you need to stay inside.

Drake's Mother: My son is still out there! What about my husband?

Omni-Labs Security Guard 2: He instructed that if you are ever at the facility and there's an emergency to escort you to a specialized safehouse. If we see your son or your husband, we'll send them here too.

Omni-Labs Security Guard: Our main concern is keeping you safe, Madame.

The Security Guards then secure the safehouse, locking Drake's Mother inside. The scene cuts to the specialized container for the Nanogene Prime Prototype. Young Drake is seen looking at it in suspense. He approaches the device slowly as the containment field weakens. He reaches for it and touches the containment field. Like a magnet, the Nanogene Prime Prototype launches forwards at Drake, phases through Drake's hand and enters his body. The force then throws Drake into the crates. Robert then stirs for a bit then wakes. He then comes to his senses and gets up. He goes to the containment field but backs away when it sparks up again. He then turns his head and sees Drake lying in the crate pile.

Robert: Drake!

Robert then goes over to Drake's body which then starts to glow. Drake looks up at his father, attempting to reach for him, but his arm starts to fall apart along with other parts of his body. He then yells out in pain.

Robert: DRAKE!

The exterior of the labs are seen. It is evening now. 

7 Years Ago
 The building then sparks up a little but then the charges start building up until the containment field expands from the interior of the building, causing it to implode on itself. The field then spreads Nanogenes throughout the air as it expands past the facility. The Earth is then seen from outer space as the Nanogene field covers the entire planet. The scene then transitions the Earth to Drake's pupil. He then blinks. Back in the current time, Drake is seen getting up in front of Ryden.

Drake: You... It was you.

Ryden: What?

Drake: All this time. It was you! You caused this. I remember now. You were at the experiment. You caused it to explode! You remember too, don't you?

Ryden: I don't. But I know that I did it. And I know I had my reasons!

Drake: Reasons? Reasons?! There are no more reasons! Only justice.

Drake then goes over to Ryden and strikes him in the head. He punches him in the lower area. He is furious. Ryden then falls over.

Ryden: No! This isn't possible! I'm stronger!

Drake: Shut up!

Drake then kicks Ryden.

Ryden: If I don't have enough power-

Ryden then swipe kicks Drake, causing him to fall over. Ryden then quickly gets up and grabs Drake's back as he attempts to get up. Ryden then starts to drain Drake through his back.

Ryden: then I'll just take some!

Drake: N-NO!

Drake then activates his swimming form which pushes Ryden off of his back. Drake then swings around, using the gear to strike Ryden down. Drake then strikes Ryden in the face several times only for Ryden to strike Drake in the side, throwing him off of him. Ryden then gets up and looks ahead, seeing Drake charge for him with the air boost. Drake then knocks into Ryden, pushing him back, Ryden attempts to strike Drake but Drake uses the gear to boost himself into the air then back flip kick Ryden in the back of his head. Drake then deactivates his swimming form. Ryden then starts to look weakened. Drake then jabs him in the head a couple of times, then the side, then the other side, then many times in the chest, kicks him the head knocking him towards the right then punches him in the face through an opening causing him to fall. Drake then slowly approaches the opening and sees Ryden on the ground, still moving. Drake then looks up when hearing a sound and sees the Director parachuting down from her office. Shadow Hound then jumps out of the window as well and attempts to grab The Director, failing but succeeding in tearing her chute. Shadow Hound gets tangled in the parachute and crashes down to the ground while The Director falls from that height. Drake then jumps out of the opening and falls after The Director, he then activates his hovering form, catches her and they glide safely down to the ground. The Jumpjet also manages to make some type of landing. Drake puts the Director down, deactivates his hovering form and look ahead at Ryden standing up. He looks up, clearly mad.

Ryden: I will not be defeated... I don't need an army to defeat you when I have power you've never seen before.

Ryden then throws his arms out which causes the ground to lift under his feet. Roots then arch out from the ground forming around Ryden. Drake then activates his enlarged fiery hands and clutches them into fists. Ryden throws his arm out towards Drake and a boulder shoots out from the ground, aimed at Drake who smashes it with his giant fists. He continues doing so for the next boulder Ryden summons. Drake then goes for Ryden, striking at the small mountain he created. Ryden then moves his hand upwards and the roots grow up from underneath Drake, snaring him in.

Ryden: You can't defeat me!

Drake struggles to escape when a blade flies through the air, swinging around Drake, slicing the roots then flying straight back to the direction it came from. Drake then falls to the ground, landing soundly. Ryden then holds his head and groans. He looks up, angered. The scene shows Owens, in front of the Jumpjet, with Kate and John, retrieving his blade from the air.

Owens, to Drake: I told you you're not doing this alone.

Drake nods then throws his fists into stand Ryden made for himself however it seems to hold firmly. John then removes the Nanogene Analyzer from his ear and starts to work on it. He then runs up to Drake and throws the modified Analyzer at Ryden.

Drake: What did you just do?

John: I amplified the frequency retrieval system and rerouted the power to the speakers.

The Nanogene Analyzer then releases a high pieced noise which causes Ryden to cover his ears. Drake puts his hood on, covering his ears, runs over to the rock platform and smashes it, throwing Ryden back. Ryden then steps on the Analyzer, stopping it from transmitting.

John: Aw man!

Ryden then summons a root from the ground and uses it as a whip to grab Kate. He then pulls her in towards him.

Drake, hooded: Let her go!

Ryden: I told you that you put them at risk. Now you'll see what happens to your precious little-

Kate's arm then escapes the grip of Ryden, elbows him to the face twice then Kate delivers a kick to Ryden's chest, throwing him back into the ground, releasing his grip of her. She then stands ready to fight.

Kate, turning to the boys: Karate.

John: Wow.

Kate comes over to them.

Drake: John, how do I stop Ryden's control over the Mutants?

John: Okay um- your Nanogenes should be similar to his, most of them, maybe you could communicate with his.

Drake: How will that help? I can't control Nanogenes anymore.

Kate: If he can drain power from you, why can't you do the same to him?

Drake: Because I'm not the same as him. I don't want to be. He creates Mutants and I destroy them.

Kate: No, Drake. You don't destroy them. You cure them. And that's not all you do. You create things too. Machines or whatever they are called that help you save people. You're not going to be like him at all. You're going to better than him.

Ryden, unseen: ENOUGH!

They turn and see Ryden on his feet, still.

Ryden: I am still in control. You can't stop me!

Drake: Not anymore.

Drake then approaches Ryden slowly, picking up speed. Ryden is then prepared to strike Drake but Drake claps his hands together, creating a heat wave which throws Ryden back onto the ground. As Ryden attempts to get up, Drake grabs Ryden's head and starts to use his cure ability to hack Ryden.


Inside of Ryden, Drake's Nanogenes are seen entering his body, communicating with Ryden's Nanogenes. Drake's Nanogenes then topple over Ryden's Nanogenes, retaking the Nanogene Prime Prototype.

Ryden, straining: WHO-DO-YOU-THINK-YOU-ARE, BOY?!

Drake: I'm Drake.

Drake then finishes which causes Ryden to fall over onto the ground, staying there, this time. Drake then glows slightly for a short moment then returns to normal. The Mutants then start to scatter, escaping in various directions. Pieces of the Main Headquarters are seen everywhere. Some are on fire. Some are black and burned. Drake then turns away from Ryden and looks at his friends and Owens.

John: Is it over?

Owens: Looks like it.

Kate: Okay, I know I said I'll help you, Drake, but let's never do something like this again.

Drake: I don't think we'll have to.

Ryden then gets up quickly and attempts to stab Drake in the back with a piece of broken metal but is shot by some type of beam and vanishes, leaving behind nothing but a burned mark on the grass. Drake turns around and sees the mark. He turns back and sees The Director, standing there, holding a specialized looking gun.

The Director: I hate surprises.

Owens: Director.

The Director: Owens.

Kate: Sorry. Did you just-

The Director: Disintegrate him? Yeah. I did.

John: Hey. Isn't that the device I was working on?

The Director: Yeah I moved it the prototype to my office in chance something threatening ticked me off.

John, examines the gun: I mean, it wasn't built to disintegrate people but I guess it did the job done.

The Director: Let's get you kids home. We have a lot of cleaning up to do.

The scene shows the destroyed Headquarters along the grass and the damaged Jumpjet. Snow starts to fall down onto the ground. The scene then cuts to later on at the pizzeria. 

Daryl's Pizza
December 25, 20:00 EDT
 There is now snow on the streets and sidewalks, on the top of the pizzeria and the windows of the establishment are fogged up. Inside, Drake is seen seated at one of the tables, hood down, looking out of the window. A figure then approaches the table. He turns his head and looks at the figure.

Drake: Hey.

Kate: Hey. Mind if I sit here?

Drake shakes his head. Kate then takes a sit across from Drake, she moves over towards the window and looks at Drake.

Drake: How'd you know I'd be here?

Kate: You just stopped most of the Mutants in the city within a couple of hours after just stopping a very bad man earlier today. I thought you might be hungry plus my dad was talking about this place through a voicemail he sent me.

Drake: Not hungry actually. Just- thinking.

John, sitting next to Kate, bringing a tray of pizza: Then I guess you're gonna miss out on this tasty goodness.

Drake: John? What are you doing here? I thought you was going to see your sister.

John: I was. I really was then I called her, told her what happened and she said she understood if I had to come a little later. I have a good reason to stay right now.

Drake: What's that?

John: I have a friend who needs company on Christmas.

Kate, correcting: Friends. That's plural.

John: You want to be friends? With me? A girl wants to be friends with me?

Kate: Yeah. Got a problem with that?

John: Absolutely not. It's just- It has to be a Christmas miracle.

Drake: By the way, after taking my Nanogene Prime back, I feel a little different.

John: Probably just getting back into place. Y'know you should start naming your forms. It'd be much easier to keep track off, rather than saying the big hand one.

Drake: I'll think about it. What about Fire Fists?

John: Another Christmas Miracle. What's next? Promotion?

Kate: Oh! I just remembered. I got gifts.

Kate removes two small presents from her satchel. She gives the green one with the yellow wrapping to John and the red one with the blue wrapping to Drake.

John: Wait. You got something for me?

Kate: It was a last minute thing considering how I just met you yesterday.

John shrugs and starts to unwrap his gift and retrieves an old looking wrench from the wrappings.

John: Oh wow, a wrench.

Kate: Cause I saw you building things and it's stupid, I know.

John: No, No. I- I like it. Thanks. (smiles)

Kate then looks at Drake who looks down at his present. He then starts to unwrap it slowly. Once done, he removes a cell phone from inside.

Drake: It's uh-

Kate: (quickly) A phone. (normally) I mean, yeah, it's a phone. Thought that we can talk now, all of us, rather than meet up in alley ways all of the time.

Drake: Um, I-

Kate: It's-

John puts his hand out, stopping Kate from saying anything further. She looks at him and he looks at Drake.

Drake: I- (finding it hard to come up with the words) Thank you.

Kate then smiles, almost as if proud of Drake.

Kate: You're welcome.

John: I just realized something. This is your first Christmas. Ever.

Drake: Yeah. It is.

Kate: Oh my gosh. I didn't even think about that. I could have done so much more to make this right for you and-

Drake: Kate, it's good. I like this Christmas with you two.

John: So what are we going to do now that we're out of the job?

Drake: The Director said they're going to start rebuilding MCA. Soon we'll get more missions to go on.

John, sarcastically: Yay...

Kate: Best to enjoy the time now. Pizza?

They start grabbing for the pizza as the scene zooms out from the pizzeria window into the snow. The scene then transitions to later on, at night, on the rooftops, where the snow falls down. Drake is seen, walking on the roof of a building. He stands on its edge, looking down at the city.

Drake, narrating: The city. Safe. For now. Today, I learned that I can't save the city alone. Not anymore. Everything changed again and so must I. Now, I have friends. People who understand me and are there for me no matter what. Without them, I wouldn't have stopped the Mutant Army and I would have failed my city. I don't know what's ahead and my past still has memories to be remembered but I know what I will do. I will make my city a better place, I will work with others and I will save my city.

A scream is heard from below. Drake looks down and sees an old man dressed like a clown scaring a woman in an alleyway. He has a knife in his hand. Drake squints and puts his hood on. Lightning then strikes behind him with thunder roaring through the skies as the snow moves past his hood with the intensifying winds.

Drake, narrating: I'm on a path to becoming Human. But now, people don't see me that way. I am different to them as they are different to me.

Drake stops down in the alleyway and strikes the clown criminal in the face. The clown criminal attempts to strike Drake with the knife but Drake dodges the attack and kicks the knife out of his arms. Drake then strikes the clown criminal the side then uppercuts him, which throws the criminal onto the pavement. The woman then gets up from the corner and looks at the hooded figure watching over her. She then runs away but stops at the street, turns around, looks at Drake then runs away again.

Drake, narrating: But in order for them to understand, in order for me to understand, I can't be something that I'm not. I have to be who I am. What I am.

Drake looks out at the street from the alleyway as the scene scrolls upwards to show the city with its buildings standing tall.

Drake, narrating: I am... Mutant Drake.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ryden attacks the MCA Headquarters
  • The MCA Main Headquarters is destroyed
  • Ryden is defeated

Minor Events

  • The Nanogene Analyzer is destroyed
  • Drake celebrates his first ever Christmas
  • Drake names his forms.



Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x1)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Techno-Speed (x1)
  • Smart Swim (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x1)



  • This is the second and final part of the two-part finale.
  • All of the forms that Drake has used and unlocked to this point has been used in this episode.
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