Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date 1/10/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Crawling Terror
Into the Storm Part 2
Into the Storm Part 1 is the twelfth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, this time of the year, the buildings stand tall as the sky above seems clear with little clouds however the clouds being there are dark grey and coming together slowly. The scene lowers down to the streets where the citizens of the city are walking by on the sidewalks and the streets are packed with cars and trucks of multiple colors. Among the people is Drake and Kate walking like everyone else. Despite most of the people wearing coats and jackets like Kate, Drake is wearing his shirt without his hoodie.

December 24, 10:08 EDT

Drake: I still don't understand.

Kate: Holidays. We celebrate on those days. Today is one of them. Well, tomorrow.

Drake: Yeah but why?

Kate: I dunno. It's just something we do.

Drake: Okay...

Kate: Christmas is the best time of the year, Drake. You see people helping out others, finding joy in the darkest of times and just having fun with their loved ones. Seriously it's like one of the best things about being Human.

Drake: So how do I celebrate this Christmas thing?

Kate: Decorate, sing carols. Just try to spread the Christmas spirit. Being joyful and things like that.

They walk past another person wearing a black coat and a red hat, male, brown hair. Drake turns to face that person.

Drake, yelling at that person: Be Joyful!

That person then turns around and looks at Drake oddly. Kate then holds Drake's arm, holding him towards her, as he attempts to go after that person.

Kate: Well that's one way of doing it. How about you come over to my place instead?

Drake, facing Kate: Why?

Kate: To celebrate Christmas. I even got you a present and I promise my Dad won't try shooting you.

Drake: I thought you said Christmas was sending time with your loved ones.

Kate, blushing: Uh yeah... Well, I-

Drake: Wait. Do you hear that?

The noise of the city is heard. The cars honking, people talking on their phones, the footsteps of the passing citizens, the construction equipment hammering at the ground. It then starts to isolate. The construction equipment becomes silent followed by the cars honking then the people talking and now the footsteps. The scene zooms closer to Drake's face as he listens. A vibrating sound is heard. Drake turns his head and looks down at the pavement. Two small pieces of cement about an inch long, each, are seen on the pavement. They are then moving jaggeredly against the sidewalk in a diagonal line, forwards. Drake then looks up back in the position his head was before.

Drake: We need to-

The ground then shakes violently without warning. Citizens are pushed back slightly, some lean against the walls of the building, that they were walking next to, for support while some cars on the street crash into each other. Some of the people are screaming, yelling. Many of them are running while a fire hydrant is shooting water into the air after a car had crashed into it. Drake opens his eyes now seeing that he's on the pavement. He gets up and looks around.

Drake: Kate?

Kate: (coughs) Yeah. Yeah. I'm here.

Drake: Are you okay?

Kate: Yeah. I'm fine. Just- (takes a moment to catch her breath) What happened?

Drake: I don't know. Come on.

Drake starts to run off while Kate is still looking around at what happened. Drake stops running and turns back to see Kate. He runs over to her and grabs her hand. She looks down at her hand then at Drake.

Drake: Come on.

Kate nods without saying a word then they run off together down the pavement, slighly lifted upwards. The scene cuts to an alleyway where a dumpster is seen. A homeless-looking man in raggedy clothing is seen looking through the dumpster. Drake comes into view and reaches into the dumpster while the homeless man is lifting the door up. The homeless man looks at Drake who pulls out his hoodie and puts it on. Drake then looks at the homeless man who stares back at him.

Homeless Man: I- I won't tell anyone.

Drake, hooded: Good.

Drake then exits the alleyway and activates his wing form, grabs onto Kate who was waiting by and flies off. The homeless man looks up, stepping back, in awe. In the air, Drake is seen flying, carrying Kate.

Owens, over the communicator: Drake, come in.

Drake grabs Kate firmly with his right arm and activates his communicator with his left hand, holding it down for two seconds. He then grabs Kate with both arms.

Drake, to Owens: I'm here.

Owens, over the communicator: There's been an incident.

Drake: I know. I felt it. Where is it?

Owens, over the communicator: Central Park. Do not intervene until notified.

Drake: I know the routine, Owens.

Owens, over the communicator: This is different, Drake. We'll talk when you get here. Owens out.

The feed cuts with a short buzz noise.

Kate: Central Park's to the right down there.

Drake turns to the right and lowers down. The scene cuts to the street level where MCA vehicles are. MCA Officers are seen pointing their weapons at something, lined up. Drake then lands in an alleyway behind them. The noise that his Nanogenes makes his heard. He and Kate then exit the alleyway a short moment later, approaching the MCA Officers. They then look up.

Kate: Is that what I think it is?

The scene then cuts to a further view of the area, showing off a newly placed fortress that seems to elevate from the ground. 

Central Park
December 24, 10:18 EDT

Drake: No...

Kate: What?

Drake: The walls. I've seen them before. It's-

Voice: Ladies and Gentlemen of the City.

Drake: Ryden.

Ryden is seen walking out of the open doors of the fortress with Shadow Hound and Psyche at his side.

Ryden: Behold, (chuckles menacingly) your new King. (smiles)

Drake looks out at Ryden.

Title Sequence

The fortress remains in the Park as the people on the outside are seen looking at it. MCA is surrounding the Park, keeping the citizens from entering. The scene cuts to Drake who approaches Owens next to the MCA Jumpjet, parked in the middle of the cleared out street.

Drake: What's going on?

Owens: According to MCA Officers on the scene, the structure appeared from the ground. They managed to seal off the Park with Class-2 Mutants. All entrances are blocked off and they have hostages.

Drake: Hostages?

Owens: Everyone in the Park during the elevation.

Drake: What is Ryden doing here?

Owens: This is Ryden?

Drake: Yeah.

Owens: He must be after something. He wouldn't give away his position unless he had a reason.

Ryden then approaches one of the entrances close to Drake and Owens.

Owens, using his communicator: Jacobs, he's approaching the C Exit. I repeat C Exit. Prepare your men.

The Mutants blocking the C Exit move aside as Ryden exits the Park. MCA Officer ready themselves as they point their weapons at Ryden who approaches Drake and Owens. Drake clutches his fist violently. Ryden stops in front of them.

Ryden: Hello again.

Owens: What do you want, Ryden?

Ryden: Oh you've told them about me. I see that I've made quite an impression on you already and we only met the one time.

Owens: I'm not going to repeat myself.

Ryden: Or what? You'll shoot me? (looks at Drake) I know you want to hit me. I can see it. Not in your eyes, no. You have that ridicilous hood on. I see it in your hands.

The scene shows Drake's fists. They shake, still clutched, even harder than before.

Ryden: All that pain you're feeling now because you want to listen to them. If you joined me before, you wouldn't feel pain, you would cause it. Isn't that what you enjoy? Come on... Hit me. Who cares about all those people? Who cares if they die? Just hit me. Just once. Come on...

Drake: I'm not like you.

Ryden scoffs then leans away from Drake. He turns his head to Owens, looking unimpressed.

Ryden: I think I have over 800 people within my new base of operations. If you want to see them alive and unharmed, while it lasts anyways, then you will grant me what I want and that's only one thing.

Owens: What?

Ryden chuckles, smiling momentarily, then turns to face Drake.

Ryden: I'm hungry! I want you to join me for dinner. Be there this evening. Maybe seven or eight. Yes. Eight. Try not to be late or I will probably kill someone. Or have someone do it for me. You remember Shadow Hound, right? (points behind him) No? Yes? Don't want to answer because you're thinking about punching my face or something? Okay fine. Don't answer. I'll just go and prepare then, shall I? (turns around and starts walking back to the fortress) You know where I live.

The Mutants move aside again, allowing Ryden to enter the Park, then move together in order to block the entrance.

Drake: What does he want with me?

Owens: I don't know. We need to get back to the Outpost. Now.

Drake breaths out, unclutching his fists. The scene cuts to the MCA Outpost. Inside, Drake and Owens are seen walking down one of the many corridors. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
December 24, 10:34 EDT

Owens: Get to the Briefing Room. I need to have a word with The Director.

The scene cuts to the inside of a room. The door then opens showing Drake continuing down the corridor as Owens enters the room. The door then closes behind him. In this room, there is a brown shag carpeting, a queen size bed with a green blanket and white sheets, a wooden end table with a lamp on it and a closet with a black handle in the door. The space in front of the bed is wide. Owens walks into the space in front of the bed where he faces a screen built into the wall. He presses a button at its side and the screen activates showing The Director.

Director: What's your situation, Owens?

Owens: Ryden still has the hostages, Director. The Park is surrounded by Class-2 Mutants at each entrance. Officers are positioned to keep the public at a safe distance as well as inform us about the situation.

Director: Has he made any demands yet?

Owens: Only one. He wants Drake. Specifically for... dinner.

Director: Dinner?

Owens: It's what he wanted.

Director: Is there any chance we can attack the Fortress?

Owens: We're still calculating, Director, but without a way of harming the hostages.

Director: Can we risk the hostages?

Owens: There are over 800 people there.

Director: Just- tell me is there an option to not give him the asset.

Owens: No, Director.

Director: Okay... We give him Drake then.

Owens: Director, I came here to discuss this with you. He wants Drake for a specific reason. I think we should-

Director: What? Talk about it? I've got people in high places on my back about this Central Park Lockdown and over 800 people in there that I've got to worry about. I don't have the time to talk about it.

Owens: Harper.

Director: Don't. Don't you dare pull that card on me, Gabriel. Not here, not ever.

Owens: He isn't just an asset.

Director: That's not what you said when we started this. I agree that he's important but to the progress of the MCA.

Owens: There are still things we don't know about him. Things Ryden might.

Director: You think he'll influence Drake?

Owens: I know that he tried in the past and I know there is no way to be sure what's going to happen there.

Director: Send an officer with him. Someone non-threatening.

Owens sighs. The scene cuts to the fortress again, the sky is darker than before. 

Central Park
December 24, 19:57 EDT
There are now no people surrounding the Park. The Jumpjet is seen landing on the street again. The door opens and Drake exits the Jumpjet, hood up. John follows him out now wearing MCA armor.

John: Are you sure I should be here?

Drake: No.

John: Well I mean I thought you'd say yes so it would make me more comfortable with this decision.

Drake: This is Ryden's Fortress, John. You don't know him.

John: I've heard of him... Once.

Drake: John.

John: Look, I know this guy, whoever he is, is a big deal. But we've been through a lot of stuff together, Drake. Besides, we can learn some stuff from this.

Drake nods then continues to the Park's entrance. Two Class-2 Mutants are seen blocking the way inside. They are humanoid, mis-shapen, one eyed and purple-grey. One arm is bigger than the other. Drake and John stop in front of them.

Drake: Move.

The Mutants grunt as in with disagreement.

Voice: What seems to be the issue here?

Drake looks in the direction of the voice and sees Shadow Hound approaching from behind the two Mutants who move aside to let Shadow Hound through. He stands between them, in front of Drake.

Drake: I'm here.

Shadow Hound: Only you were invited. There are no MCA persons here.

Drake: I'm with MCA.

Shadow Hound: You... are an exception.

Drake: I need him with me.

Shadow Hound, turning to John: What is your purpose here?

John: I have to look after him. I'm his medic.

Shadow Hound: Hmm.... Let them through. (moves to the side)

Drake enters the Park along with John.

Shadow Hound: This way...

Shadow Hound then leads Drake and John to the fortress as the two Mutants by the gate come back together, blocking the entrance now exit. Outside of the fencing, Kate comes into view. She looks through the fencing, kneeling onto the ground. Adam is seen behind her.

Adam: Kate, are you sure this is a good idea?

Kate: Shh! (quietly) Look at this.

Adam kneels next to Kate, looks at her then looks through the fencing. Through the fencing, Drake and John are seen being lead into the fortress by Shadow Hound.

Adam, quietly: That's Drake, isn't it? What's he doing there?

Kate, quietly: Probably doing something stupid. We were here earlier. Turns out those bad guys from the tunnel are back.

Adam, quietly: They're not coming for us, right?

Kate, quietly: I doubt it.

Adam, quietly: Who's that? An MCA Officer?

Kate, quietly: I don't know but he's kinda cute.

Adam, quietly: He- He is?

Kate, quietly: Maybe. I need a way inside.

Adam, quietly: Well I guess you could find someone to distract the bouncers but I don't know if there's any other way.

Kate then looks at Adam.

Adam, noticing then facing Kate: What?

The scene cuts to one of the entrances to the Park which is also guarded by two "bouncers". Adam crawls into view with his camera in hand.

Adam, to himself, quietly: Oh gosh. Why do I get myself into these things?

Adam then kneels on one knee then lifts his camera in front of his face. He then takes a picture of the bouncers indiciated by the flash effect from the camera. The bouncers then cover their eyes, stepping back slightly. One of them uncovers his eyes and sees Adam running away. The Mutant then runs after Adam with the other Mutant uncovering his eye and blinking. That Mutant then follows the other. Kate then looks around and sneaks into the Park. The doors of the fortress close behind Drake and John as Kate approaches the stairs.

Kate: Darn... There has to be another way around.

Kate sneaks off towards the left side of the fortress. Inside, Shadow Hound leads the two to a room. 

New Haven
December 24, 20:03 EDT
 In the room, there is a wooden table with plates of food with wooden chairs placed next to the table. Ryden is seen seated in the main chair at the end of the table. 

Ryden, noticing the two enter the room: Ah you made it. I was actually worried that I may have to dirty my hands. I see you've brought a friend.

Shadow Hound: His medic, my master.

Ryden: Medic? (chuckles) I'm a doctor, boy, your assistance isn't needed here but do feel free to enjoy my fortress.

Shadow Hound then grabs John from behind and moves him out of the room.

John: Hey!

Shadow Hound then closes the doors behind him, keeping Drake in the room with Ryden.

Drake: John!

Ryden: Now, now. We have a meal to attend to. I did mention that I was starving, didn't I?

Drake then turns to face Ryden. Outside of the room, Shadow Hound blocks the door.

John: Come on, let me in.

Shadow Hound: I have my orders, pest.

John: You're lucky this is just dinner, you overgrown furball.

Shadow Hound: Try me...

John: Well- uh- I would but I want to go explore the fortress, right now. And not because he told me to.

John then walks down the hallway away from Shadow Hound who squints at John. John turns the corner, looks behind him, turns back and sighs in relief.

John, to himself: That was a close one.

Faint Voice: Help!

John: ...Huh?

Faint Voice, getting more clearer: Help me!

John, hearing the voice, runs down the hallway. The scene cuts back to the inside of the dining room of the fortress. Drake is seated at the other end at the table now, looking at the food in front of him, he then looks up from it at Ryden who is sharpening his knife.

Ryden: You seem awfully quiet. I imagine you must have a good sum of questions to ask me.

Drake: I don't want to ask questions right now.

Ryden: You also don't seem to want to eat all this food I prepared. I thought you might like Calamari. I have a particular thing for squids. Don't worry it's not harmful. The last thing I would want to do is kill you.

Drake: What do you want, Ryden?

Ryden: What do I want? I want to protect my new brothers and sisters in a world of monsters. But you- you and your little friends, you're getting in my way.

Drake: You hurt innocent people.

Ryden: Innocent people don't exist. There are no innocent people anymore. Everyone has done something. They either hate us or fear us. Hate leads to rage which leads to violence while Fear leads to bad decisions which leads to more violence. If I have to hurt these things in order to save my people then so be it. But- that's not why you're here. I need you.

Drake: I already said no.

Ryden: Yes, I'm well aware. I thought I could change your mind with all the things I'm offering you now. A home, food, protection, a family. They see you like an abandonned animal that needs a place to go. I see you as a lost soul that needs my help.

Drake: I don't need anything from you, Ryden.

Ryden: No but I need something from you. And in exchange, I will tell you some things you don't know yet.

Drake: Something to make me join you?

Ryden: No. This is not for my own reasons but rather enlightenment, to inform you. And thanks to that little snipet of data that I recieved instead of you, I know too.

Drake: What is it?

Ryden: There's something inside you.

Drake: I know. Nanogenes.

Ryden: No. Not Nanogenes. Nanogene. A singular Nanogene with great power. A prototype design which would be used to control other Nanogenes. It's how you got your powers, I assume. Now imagine that. A device which allows its user to control other Nanogenes weither they are inside them or someone else. I imagine that it must practically power your whole body and without it, you'll be- nothing.

Drake: So what? You just came here to tell me I have some special Nanogene.

Ryden: No. Not exactly.

Ryden grips his knife.

Ryden: I came to take that special Nanogene.

Ryden then throws the knife at Drake who sees it coming. He moves out of the way, falling out of his chair, onto the floor. The knife then hits the wall behind him. Drake gets up quickly, activating his claw form. He looks around but doesn't see Ryden in his chair. Drake then moves towards the door, slowly, looking around. Ryden then grabs Drake from behind and throws him into the corner of the room with brute force. Drake then hits the floor, leaning against the wall. He looks up, his vision blurry, clearing up, and sees Ryden approaching him slowly.

Ryden: I have to say, I'm really disapointed in you. If we worked together, now of this had to happen. You could have activated the machine I built for me but no, you insisted on saving these creatures.

Drake: Ryden-

Ryden: No. Don't. Don't say anything. Just remember how I beat you. I beat you because you're weak. You're weak because of these people. Before you were strong enough to stop me but now, Now I have the upper hand.

Drake fires a shard at Ryden but he grabs it and shatters it by holding it too hard.

Ryden: I'm done healing. It's time my plans were put into action. Unlike you, I don't have any weak Humans to cry about whenever they injure themselves. Everything you do is a danger yet you insist to bring them along. We are Mutants. We can survive danger. You want to go against me? Fine. So be it. But know this, I will beat you-

Ryden then places his hand on Drake's chest and starts to hack him. Drake then starts yelling out, in pain.

Ryden, continuing, hacking Drake: -because I already have.

Inside Drake, the special Nanogene is in. It's similar to an average Nanogene except its bigger in scale and has a unique technic design which is black on the exterior, metallic surfaces, grey linings, green for the power source within which leaks out through the cracks between the metallic surfaces and has white wire-like objects coming from the sides of the Nanogene. The Nanogene then becomes surrounded by a red energy, entrapping the Nanogene then pulling it forwards. From an outside view, Ryden still has his hand on Drake's chest until it gets pushed off by an energy sphere emerging from Drake's chest. Ryden then falls backwards, onto the floor, with the energy sphere in his hand. He gets up slightly and looks in his hand, startled. Inside of the energy sphere is the special Nanogene.

Ryden: Yes... Yes! YES! I've done it! I've finally done it! The power to control every Nanogene now in my hands.

Ryden gets up and moves to the door, looking at the Nanogene on his way there. Outside of the room, Shadow Hound opens the doors and Ryden exits from the room.

Shadow Hound, moving away from the door: Is it done, Master?

Ryden: Yes, it is, Shadow Hound. The Prototype is mines at last. Now we can begin with the first step.

Shadow Hound: And what about the boy?

Ryden: He is no use to me without his abilities. Dipose of him.

Shadow Hound: Yes, Master.

Shadow Hound then enters the room as Ryden continues to look at the Nanogen. Ryden then walks off down the hallway.

Shadow Hound, calling from the room: Master.

Ryden, stopping: What is it now, Shadow Hound?

Shadow Hound, leaving the room: He's gone, Master.

Ryden then looks up from the Nanogene.

Ryden: ...Find him.

The scene then cuts to another part of the fortress. John is seen walking through the hallways.

John: Hello?

He then turns the corner and sees a woman crawled up in the corner, sobbing.

John: Hey, are- are you alright?

Woman, hiding her face in her knees, her voice being muffled by this: Yes.

John: Look everything's going to be okay, I can get you out of here.

Woman, still hiding her face: You can?

John: Yeah.

The woman gets up but faces the wall instead of John.

Woman: There's a door here. I'm just- I'm too scared to go through. I think those things are outside.

John: Right. Um- We'll do this together.

John then approaches the exit next to the woman and looks through it. John then exits the fortress, now at its back. He looks around and doesn't see any Mutants.

John, turning back to the woman: It's safe to come out now.

The woman faces John but is looking down, her hair is covering her face. She is wearing an orange shirt, black skirt and black boots. Her hair is black.

Woman: Sorry. I'm sorry but... I can't go.

John: Why not?

Woman: I mean you're cute and sweet but-

The woman looks up at John and moves her hair out of her face. Her face now being seen shows that she is actually Psyche.

Psyche, continuing: -you're just not my type. (winks)

Psyche then steps back and the door closes in front of her. John then runs to the door but it is sealed off completely, keeping him outside.

John: Seriously?!

On the left side of the fortress, Kate is seen attempting to look in through the windows. She turns her head to left, hearing John. She then gets down from a ledge and looks around. Kate then sees a shattered window on the fortress. She then looks down from it and notices that a ledge directly under it is broken. She looks even lower and sees a body laying in the grass.

Kate, to herself: Oh my gosh...

Kate then goes over to the body and kneels at its side. This person is wearing a black hoodie, dark pants and boots. Kate turns the body over and sees that its actually Drake, who looks unconcious.

Kate: Drake? Drake, wake up. Drake! Oh my gosh, this- this isn't happening right now.

Kate then looks over him and then tries to get him up. At the back of the fortress, John is looking for a way inside the fortress.

John, to himself: Can't believe that happened to me. If a girl comes to me for help again, it'll be too soon.

He pulls out a flashlight from his pocket and activates it so he can see in the now dark Central Park. He turns the corner, still looking for a way in, until he shines his light on Kate who is having difficulty carrying Drake. John then gains a surrpised look on his face.

Kate: Please, you have to help me. You're an MCA Officer, right? Help me save him.

John continues looking at the two, in disbelief and utter shock. The scene then fades off into a flashback scene set a facility. The facility is large, grey with blue windows. It's structure is mainly square and there's an antannae at its side on top of a smaller part of the building. 

Science Facility
7 Years Ago
 At the entrance, a young Drake is seen approaching with his Mother. They enter the facility which looks very clean. The interior is mainly white where, in the lobby, there is a counter which has a blonde woman behind the counter. The golden name plate on the counter reads "Vanessa". Drake's Mother leans against the counter.

Secertary: Hello and welcome to Omni-Labs. How may I help you today?

Drake's Mother: Yes, Hi, I'm here to see a-

The scene focuses on Drake causing the following words from Drake's Mother to become faint. The young Drake looks around the facility. He then bumps into a man in a lab coat. Drake looks up at the man in surprise. The scene moves upwards to show the man's face which is actually the face of a younger looking Ryden.

Ryden (Flashback): Hello Drake.

Drake's Mother then comes into the scene as the younger verison of Drake backs away from Ryden.

Drake's Mother: Ah, Dr. Kurtzman, sorry about that.

Ryden (Flashback): Not a problem at all. You must be here to see your husband.

Drake's Mother: Yes. It's a special day after all.

Ryden (Flashback): Indeed. We're about to launch our latest invention. I'll take you over there now. (to the Secretary) I can take it of them, Vanessa.

Vanessa then waves slightly then answers the phone. Drake's Mother and Drake, himself, follow Ryden through the hallway as he leads them further into the facility. Drake looks around as they pass by another scientist. They then enter a room which is quite big. The room appears as a dome shape with metal support beams curved to match the shape of the room. Inbetween each beam is a curved shaped glass window which is narrow, not completely covering the space. There are multiple desks and leftover technology in the room but in the center of the room is a metallic pedestal with an energic sphere on top of it.

Young Drake: Whoa...

Ryden (Flashback): Yes, Drake. It is quite "Whoa".

Voice: That's exactly my first reaction.

Young Drake turns his head and sees a man approaching him. He's wearing a red tie, light blue shirt and a white lab coat over it, grey pants and black shoes. His hair is similar to Drake's, spikey and upwards, and his eyes are brown. He also has sideburns and is carrying a brown coat.

Young Drake: Dad!

Young Drake runs to the man and hugs him.

Drake's Father: Ah hey, kiddo. How's it goin'? (stops hugging and looks at Drake) I'm sorry I couldn't be there a lot but now that's finally over. I finished my machine.

Young Drake: You did?

Drake's Father: Sure did. And you get to be the first person to see how it works.

Young Drake: Where is it? I want to see?

Drake's Father: I thought you weren't interested in science?

Young Drake: If you made it, it has to be good, right?

Drake's Father smiles then gets up from the ground, carrying Drake upwards as well. He walks over to the pedestal where the Prototype Nanogene in seen inside the energy sphere.

Drake's Father: See that?

Young Drake: Yeah.

Drake's Father: That's what we've been working on.

Young Drake: But it's so small. What can it do?

Drake's Father: Potentially anything. It's designed to heal people, make them feel better. It's supposed to repair cells, tissues even replicate organic matter. This is the future, Drake.

Ryden (Flashback): One that we have worked on... together.

The scene fades back to current times where Drake is seen, still unconcious, but now lying on a couch. John is seen examining him with his Nanogene Analayzer. 

John's Apartment
December 24, 20:42 EDT
 Kate is seen watching him, with her arms folded. She is leaning against the wall in the doorway to the kitchen.

Kate: Is he- Is he going to be okay?

John, still examining him: Yeah. I um- I found the problem.

Kate: What is it?

John, getting up and looking at Kate: The communication between his Nanogenes stopped.

Kate: What does that mean?

John: It means he can't control his Nanogenes anymore. Right now they're healing his body but the healing process is sloppy without communication. Soon, they'll stop and become dormant.

Kate: Dormant? I- Look, I don't know what's going on here.

John: That's okay, this is um- this is a MCA matter so average person wouldn't understand this. I can't imagine why he would be important to you.

Kate: No. I'm not just an average person. Okay? I know this guy. He might be just another Mutant to you and your squads back at MCA or whatever but he saved me from an attack and he never stopped saving me. That's why he's important to me, okay? He's my friend.

John, removing the Analyzer from his ear: He's my friend too.

Kate: He- He never mentioned you.

John: Yeah. I didn't hear about you either.

Kate: Kate? Kate Wilson? I work with Central News.

John: You're a journalist?

Kate: Reporter in training.

John, moving the some cabinets: Isn't that the same thing?

Kate: So he didn't mention me?

John: Sorry, no. But he probably mentioned me to you, right?

Kate: I have no idea who you are.

John: Well that's great. You save a guy from a dumpster and you think you know him.

Kate: You saved him from a dumpster?

John: I'm a nurse, part time. I save a lot of people. At least, I try to. He got me a job at MCA as his personal medic. Because of that, I got to use technology and gather research about what causes the Mutants to, well, Mutate.

Kate: Alright, that's impressive. (leans against the edge of the couch)

John: Really?

Kate: Yeah. I mean, you have your own apartment, you have goals in life and you're working on an issue which could bring up useful information.

John: Yeah well, you have to be a pretty brave person in order to go through whatever he does on a daily basis.

Kate: It's mostly a weekly thing. He wants me to teach him how to be-

John: Human?

Kate: You too?

John: I insisted but he- he always gave me this look like he had it handled. I guess he met you first.

Kate: I wouldn't exactly call finding someone in a dumpster as meeting them. (turns behind and sees Drake) ...Is there anything you can do to, I don't know, fix him?

John: Maybe. (looks through cabinets) I haven't seen him lately because I was working on this thing.

Kate: What thing?

John: A device that can interact with the Nanogenes. That way I can know how they function, what makes them tick. It was supposed to be for gathering more data but I have to use it as a substite.

Kate: You mean he had one of those things before? That's why he's sick because he doesn't have one now?

John: Sort of. (turns to face Kate) You know, it's refreshing to actually talk about science to a girl- I mean somebody else for once.

Kate, reminding him: The thing!

John, realizing: Oh yes, right! So- (turns back and pulls out a small container) this should work, possibly.

John moves over to Drake and kneels against the couch.

Kate: Okay so if that thing in the container is supposed to talk to the other... things, how are you going to get it inside of him? Is he going to eat it or are you going to-

John pulls out a syringe.

Kate: Yeah you're going to.

John connects the syringe to the container which unloads the Nanogene into the syringe. John then disconnects the syringe from the container and readies the end which has a small, short needle hidden by the dish around the end. John then stabs Drake in the arm with the syringe and injects the Nanogene into his body.

Kate: Well? Did it work?

John: I have literally no idea.

They sit there for a moment. Drake then opens his eyes suddenly and gasps for air. He then attempts to get out of the couch but John holds him.

John: It's okay. It's okay. You're fine.

Drake: What-

John: Relax. I just injected you with a Prototype design for my own version of the Nanogene. (grabs Analyzer and inserts it back into his ear) Right now its interacting with your other Nanogenes, allowing you to heal. It's not the real thing because I honestly have no idea what that is or what it looks like so its not going to be as powerful as the original.

Drake then sits up in the couch and leans against the back support, looking weak. He opens his eyes and sees Kate.

Kate: Hey, Drake. Are you alright?

Drake: Kate? What are you doing here?

Kate: I saw you outside of Ryden's fortress. John was there so he brought us here.

Drake: Why were you there?

Kate: I had to get the scoop.

Drake: You could have gotten hurt.

Kate: I'm a reporter in training, Drake. I can handle it.

John: You just need to rest right now.

Drake: I can't. Ryden is still out there and he has my Nanogene.

John: If you try and leave now, you won't even make it to the ground floor.

Drake stops trying to get out of the couch and leans back into place.

Kate: Didn't think I'll be spending my Christmas Eve like this.

John looks at Kate.

John: Go home, Kate. Go celebrate Christmas with your family.

Kate: Just me and my dad, actually. You have anyone?

John: My sister. She means a lot to me but I owe it to Drake right now. Without him, I would have lost her forever.

Kate gets up from the couch end and looks back at John.

Kate: You're probably right. I'll go and see if my Dad came home early. I can give you my number if something comes up.

John: Uh- Yeah, sure. Okay. Well I don't have a phone anymore. I sort of destroyed it in order to make this stupid thing (points to Nanogene Analzyer) but uh- I'll put my number in your phone.

Kate pulls out her cell phone from her pocket and hands it to John who then inserts his number into her phone. He then hands her phone back to her.

Kate: Thanks. (to Drake) I'll see you later.

Kate then leaves the apartment.

Drake, unsure: Yeah...

The scene then cuts to Central Park where Ryden's Fortress stands. The clouds above, in the sky, are coming closer together. Thunder is heard in the air. Inside, Ryden is attending to a machine as Shadow Hound enters the room. 

New Haven
December 24, 21:12 EDT

Ryden: The machine is fully operative, Shadow Hound. Are our brothers and sisters ready?

Shadow Hound: Yes, Master.

Ryden: Psyche.

Psyche appears in the doorway.

Psyche: Yes?

Ryden: Fetch me one of the hostages.

Psyche then leaves the doorway.

Ryden: Soon, Shadow Hound, this city will fall and Mutant Kind will rise against Humanity.

Psyche then returns, now entering the room with a hostage in hand. It's a woman. She is wearing a yellow shirt with a brown coat, brown pants and black shoes. Her hair is red and her eyes are brown.

Ryden, to the hostage: Tell me... What's your name?

Hostage: Uh- Dorris.

Ryden: Well Dorris, how would you like to be the first of a revolutionary generation?

Ryden then grabs Dorris and starts to mutate her. The clouds above the fortress swirl around until lightning strikes New Haven. The storm has begun. A roar is heard coming from the fortress, echoing throughout the city. Back at John's apartment, Drake opens his eyes as the roaring is still heard. He sits up and looks out of the window.

John, exiting the kitchen, carrying a cup of water, seeing Drake awake: What's wrong?

Drake: I heard something.

John: What was it?

The building then shakes slightly. It then shakes again a short moment later. John looks at the cup in his hand and the water inside makes a ripple effects which the shaking occurs again.

John: They're like- footsteps.

Drake gets off the couch and limbs to the window. John puts the water down on a table and joins Drake at the window.

Drake: It's something big, John.

A large foot then steps onto the streets of the Manhattan, destroying two cars in the progress. The scene then moves upwards to show off a monstrous looking Mutant which is about the size of the buildings it walks next to. Pieces of New Haven are attached to the Mutant. It walks past John's apartment building.

John: No, Drake. It's way Big.

Drake then moves away from the window, much without a limp, and grabs his hoodie on the other side of the couch.

John, still looking out of the window: I mean she's just Gigantic. She's a- (turns to face Drake) Macro Monster. (noticing that Drake is putting his hoodie on) What are you doing?

Drake: I'm going after it.

John: Drake, you can't. Your condition-

Drake: John, if I don't do anything, Ryden will destroy my city. I can't let him do that.

John: Then I'm coming with you.

Drake: No. You're not.

John: Drake, I'm coming with you. Someone has to make sure you're not going to die out there.

Drake: You're staying here, John. I don't need your help. I never did. You're just going to get in my way and you do nothing in the fight. I don't need you.

Drake then leaves the apartment, slamming the door on his way out. John just stands there, silent. The scene cuts to Drake using his wing form to fly towards the Macro Monster. He looks down and sees Class-2 Mutants running after it, causing destruction to the city. Citizens are seen running away from the Mutants who don't chase after them but rather continue in the straight direction, following the Macro Monster. Drake decides to move lower to the street but his wing form then deactivates causing him to crash onto the pavement. He then attempts to get up but sees a purple light in the alleyway he fell in front of. He gets up quickly and looks into the alleyway. Drake then sees a humanoid figure standing in the alleyway, staring at him. Whispers are heard coming from the figure but the figure is so unfocused that it is hard to make out properly. His outline is purple and his insides are black. His eyes are also purple. The ground then shakes which distracts Drake to look behind him in which is notices the swarm of Mutants running down the street. He turns back to the alleyway to find the figure gone. He looks around and finds a fire escape. He then climbs the fire escape and climbs to the roof of the building. From there, he can see the bridge leading outside of the city in which the Macro Monster is approaching.

Owens, over the communicator: Drake, what's your status? There's an emergency.

Drake, using the communicator: I know, Owens. I'm handeling it.

Owens, over the communicator: Negative. Report back to the Outpost to group up with the other Officers. Is that clear?

Drake stands there for a minute.

Owens, over the communicator: Drake. Come in, Drake.

Drake, using the communicator: I said I'm handeling it.

Drake removes his communicator from his ear.

Owens, over the communicator: Drake. Drake-

Drake then throws the communicator away and reactivates his wing form. He then flies over to the Macro Monster as it starts to rain. Ryden is seen on the shoulder of the Macro Monster with the machine behind him. He looks out at the view with his arms behind his back. Drake then roughly lands on the Macro Monster's shoulder, falling onto the shoulder rather than standing. Ryden turns and looks in surprise.

Ryden: Wow. I'm generally surprised at this. I would have never expected you to get back up on your feet so quickly. You must be special, truely special.

Drake: Stop this now, Ryden.

Ryden: Or what? From the looks of it, you can barely even control your own powers.

Drake: I don't need my powers to stop you.

Ryden: I've heard about your activity in this city. You know what they call you? A Vigilante, someone against the law. And when people see your abilities, they call you a freak. And you know what you do? You catch criminals, stop the little brother here and there and strike fear into your enemies. You can't scare me, Drake. I'm not your standard criminal.

Drake: You're against justice.

Ryden: This is my justice! I'm done playing the nice card. I really am. In this world, the Mutants won't kill you. You're family to them but me, I can end you and they wouldn't care because they owe it to me. To show loyality. You don't take command, you accept it.

Drake: Not this time.

Ryden: All by yourself, are you? (chuckles) Alright then. You and me then.

Shadow Hound: Master-

Ryden: Him and me, Shadow Hound.

Shadow Hound: Yes, Master.

Ryden: Shall we?

Drake then activates his enlarged fists.

Ryden: Fists, again? You do underestimate me.

Drake runs for Ryden who stands there. Drake throws a punch but Ryden moves out of the way. He then punches Drake in his underarm then elbows him to the head. He then strikes his back several times, moves out of the way for the slow strike then strikes Drake in the face, knocking him down.

Ryden: You're just too predictable now. No fun. You had a chance. But it's over now. You lost.

The Macro Monster then approaches the bridge which is blocked off by MCA Barriers. 

George Washington Bridge
December 24, 21:23 EDT
 MCA Officers are firing their weapons at the Macro Monster but it has no effect on it.

MCA Officer: Re-enforce the Barrier!

MCA Officer 2: It's no good. That thing is going to step on us!

MCA Officer: Just re-enforce it!

The Macro Monster steps on the bridge, grabbing its cables for support. The bridge then starts shaking around. On the shoulder of the Macro Monster, Drake is seen leaning against the edge with Ryden standing over him.

Ryden: It's over now.

The Macro Monster then steps on the MCA Barriers as the MCA Officers below escape the area. The Macro Monster then continues stepping through, now exiting the city.

Ryden: Now that the prison gates have been destroyed, its time to start our revolution against Human Kind. Starting wih this city's protector.

Drake attemps to get up but, as soon as he does, Ryden kicks Drake in the chest, knocking him over the shoulders of the Macro Monster. Drake then falls off of the Mutant as it continues through the bridge. The Mutants then follow Ryden's lead, leaving the city. Drake then hits the water. Underwater, Drake is seen sinking as the water forces his hoodie off, showing his unconcious face as he lowers deeper and deeper into the water. From an ariel point of view, the scene shows the city and its destruction as smoke is seen leaving a building and the Mutants cross over to exit the city.



Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • New Haven appears in Central Park
  • Ryden returns, fully healed
  • MCA lockdowns Central Park and Ryden takes hostages
  • The Prototype Nanogene is revealed and taken by Ryden
  • Kate and John meet for the first time
  • Ryden's Army rampages through the city
  • Drake is defeated by Ryden

Minor Events

  • Adam seees John for the first time
  • Kate and John get acqainted
  • Drake encounters a figure in the alleyway


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • Director Harper
  • Adam
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Drake's Father (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Drake's Mother (Flashback)
  • Vanessa (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Omni-Labs Scientist (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • MCA Officers
  • Homeless Man (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x1)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x3)


  • The opening statement for this episode "In the city, this time of the year" is an allusion towards the song, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", sang by Andy Williams.
  • Jacobs and C Exit is a hard to spot allusion to C. Jacobs. or better known as Constantine Jacobs, a character in the film, Race Against Time.


  • This is the first two-parter in the series.
    • This is also the first season finale of the series.
  • The title of the episode, Into the Storm, is meant to reflect on the series' pilot episode, A Rainy Day.
  • This is the first episode to be co-written.
  • The final version of the episode is different from the original version.
    • Drake was originally going to investigate the fortress and talk to Ryden himself without MCA or Owens.
    • There were no hostages in the original version however Ryden threatened Kate and innnocent bystanders which caused Drake not to attack him.
    • In the original version, The Director ordered an attack on the fortress but Owens convinced her that people would get harmed in the progress while, in the final version, the Director asks for Owens advise on attacking the fortress.
    • Adam wasn't involved in this episode originally.
    • Drake was originally going to be mean to both Kate and John then leave to fight the Mutant Army with MCA Officers.
    • After Drake battles the Mutant Army, Ryden would then unleash the Macro Monster.
  • Owens' Room is seen for the first time.
  • The Director's surname and Owens' first name are revealed in this episode.
  • Another way the episode could have happened was that Kate would have helped Drake escape from the fortress, as John wasn't there in the first place. Kate would then take the wounded Drake to a hospital in which John was the nurse on duty. This was suggested to be in the final version of the episode but the current version was perfered.
  • The company that designed the Nanogenes and where Drake's father worked at was called Omni-Labs.
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