The Interdimensional Wall was a wall that Pyrece and Raydi'ation used in Journey to Opposites to travel to the opposite dimension.
Interdimensional Wall

The wall


Many years ago, aliens were tired of their planets, so they wanted to travel to other planets to explore. But they had no way of getting there, so they decided to use their powers. Kinecerelans and Citrakayahs ran fast in space, and that created a portal. Aerophibians, Lepidopterrans, Necrofriggians, and other fliers flew around the portal in hope to discover another planet. Chronians and Ditickgitockalbers created time around them to accelerate this portal. All the speed, flight, and time turned into a large wall that teleported anywhere. But, Transylians used it and turned it into technology. The smart aliens made it so that it could only transport to dimensions.


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