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Insharno is the Collectron's DNA sample of a Bird Weturbian from the planet Pyraquia.


Insharno looks like a bird.

Insharno has pale red skin. He has two mechanical-looking retractable wings on his back, which are navy blue. Once they are retracted, they have a similar shape to a surfboard. His head has a spike at the end and a beak-like jaw. He has a black jumpsuit with a yellow line crossing through the top. He also has black underwear-like pants. and openings for two gill slits. His hands have flaps over his blue-purple claws and he has two spikes on each arm. He has yellow-clawed feet and a tail which has scissor-like edges at the end.

Insharno wears the Collectron emblem on his stomach.


Insharno sounds like a bird cawing while speaking English.


Insharno makes squawk sounds while talking.

Powers and Abilities

Insharno can release and fire water from his palms, which are usually quite hot, but he can change the temperature of the water from hot to cold easily, even while it is still being shot.

Insharno can also release jets of fire from his palms, which are at an extremely high temperature and can melt and destroy roads, stone, and television screens in mere seconds. He can enhance his punches by setting his fists on fire.

By combining his water and fire abilities, Insharno can release multiple jets and shots of hot steam, which can act as a form of paralysis, or smokescreen to escape.

Insharno is immune to fire and hot temperatures.

Insharno's wings give him the capability of flight. He can also fly without his wings by propelling himself with water, fire, or a combination of the two, which would leave behind a smokescreen which can act as a paralyzed or escape chance.

Due to his gills, Insharno can breathe underwater. He can also retract his wings to his back for easier water mobility in a surfboard-like shape, and use his tail as a propeller.

Insharno's claws and arm blades can slice and cut through objects with relative ease.

Insharno is extremely strong, able to carry a tree with his hands alone. His strength extends to his feet and even his tail, which are both prehensile and can be used to carry objects and even people.

Insharno has an armor-like skin which can defend himself from most attacks, making him almost invulnerable to physical attacks.

Insharno can jump extremely high to gain altitude. He is also quite agile.


Despite creating smokescreens, Insharno still coughs while in them.

If Insharno shoots water, then fire at an enemy, the fire will be canceled out.

Insharno's fire can cause collateral damage.

Insharno's fire-based abilities are ineffective against Cowman's armor.


Insharno's name comes from inferno, shark (due to his original concept) and turbo.


  • Insharno's original concept was much different. He had an overbite and a lure (similar to an anglerfish's, two teeth coming from his jaw, his Omnitrix symbol was positioned on his chest, he had no jumpsuit and no clothes in particular, and a tail similar to that of Ripjaws in Ben 10: Omniverse. He also had a shark-like fin. This design has been since repurposed for Fried Fish, although the design is very different.
  • Insharno has been used by Jay to endorse his banana smoothie products.
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