Insectillengence is a Cerebroinsectite from Planet Aphidia. Insectilligence is a brainy and intelligent species in the M-16 Galaxy. Ben get this DNA from Aphido.

Powers and Weakness

  • Flight
  • Sonic Speed
  • Makes ear-hurting sounds
  • Fire Blue Electricity


  • Water can render him Defenseless


This Insect Brain alien has a completely blue body with 6 legs and blue claws. Ben can used its giant wings to back buzzing sounds.


Ben swirls until, his hands disappear and are all replaced by exo-skeleton skin. Then, his head becomes like an helmet and shouts Insectelligence.

Ultimate Version

Ultimate Insectelligence.jpg

Insectelligence's Ultimate versions rule over many as the "King of Bugs" on Aphidia. He is said to live deep on the floor of the "Underforest", and hunts only at night. Because he can manipulate the wills of any Insectoid alien, he doesn't usually fight by himself. The shell that covers his body is composed of a dense layer of exoskeleton, so it can't be damaged by other alien. By emitting an indefensible explosive blast from his burning body, everything around him is scorched to ashes in an instant. Also, he can summon his underlings to form a bulletproof wall of bugs. Ben hates to use this alien because it is very powerful.


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