Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date 7/13/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Inner Self is the twenty-eighth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


On the ground, drifting no longer, the sky is a dim and getting darker, with an orange glare upon the horizon and the grey clouds pressing against the sky, adding to its darkening tone. The news van is seen propped against the side of the street within a city of some kind. There appears to be quite the amount of activity occurring in the background.

New Orleans
May 7, 19:49 EDT

Kate and John are seen leaning against the side of the van.

Kate, looking around: John, it's nice out here. How'd you even know about this place?

John: Just heard some guys talking about it, I think.

Kate: You hear a lot, you realize that, right?

John: Well, I am a good listener.

They laugh a bit then look at each other afterwards, smiling silently. The silence is soon interrupted by a slam of the news doors. They look over and see Drake exiting the van in casual clothing. He turns and sees them looking at him.

Drake: ...What?

John sighs and Drake walks around.

John, turning back to Kate: You know when I said I wanted to take you out, I kinda just meant us two.

Kate: You guys aren't like fighting, right?

John: What? No, I just meant- (sigh) I just wanted to spend some time with you, in particular.

Kate: John, we spend a lot of time together but we also have a third wheel to take care of.

John: (scoffs) Drake's the third wheel? I thought I was the third wheel.

Kate: Well, you were like a year ago. I mean, if you want your old job back, I can just start hanging out with Drake more.

John: Okay, okay. You made your point. Anyways, we'll have more time to spend together, all three of us, since we're on shore leave.

Kate: Doesn't that only apply to people on ships?

John: That's a ship... it just flies, that's all.

Kate: Well, I'm just glad to get out of there. I really needed a break from all that MCA stuff. I can't believe I almost miss wooden desks, people rushing around with papers and the smell of coffee and sweat coming from my boss' office.

John: Sweat?

Kate shrugs.

John: Well, I can't believe I missed this van. Surprised they let it out of the hangar.

Kate: I'm surprised they didn't throw it out the second we were on board.

John: I dunno, maybe they're a fan of media after all.

Kate: Ha ha.

Drake makes his way over to them.

Kate: Hey Drake, you having a good time?

Drake, almost ignoring her: What are we doing here again?

John: We're just here, Drake, spending some time away from the Helicarrier. Stretch our legs, grab some real food- well, whatever counts as real food nowadays...

Drake: I'm fine. We should be focusing on the thread at hand. Right now it just feels like we aren't doing anything about it.

Kate: Hey, we're not giving up, we're just taking a break. John works extra hard on this and he can't keep constantly working on something.

John: Especially when none of the leads are coming up with anything. Maybe there's nothing to find or maybe we're just not looking in the right spots. I don't really know right now but this- (waves around) this definitely helps.

Drake looks between the two of them then lets out a soft sigh.

Drake: Alright, I understand... You're probably right, anyways.

John: We'll get back into it once we're back on the Helicarrier but, for now, just take a break. You don't always have to be a Vigilante, sometimes we just want to have Drake around.

John walks back Drake as he looks down thoughtfully. John then goes to the front of the van and grabs a can of soda from the hood, taking a sip from it. A faint beeping is then heard coming from the van. John, hearing it, turns and looks through the passenger side window. He sees his tablet resting on the seat, an alert is appearing on the screen along with readings of the area. John holds his soda in one hand and reaches through the open window with his other, grabbing the tablet. He pulls the tablet and looks at the readings.

John, to himself: Whoa...

The scene then cuts over to Drake and Kate having a conversation.

Drake: So what does Gumbo taste like?

Kate: I don't know, never tried it before...

As they're talking, John, still looking at the readings, approaches them slowly. Drake notices and looks over at John which catches the attention of Kate who turns around to look at him as well.

Kate: John? What's wrong?

John, looking up from his tablet: I'm not exactly sure but we should definitely check it out.

Drake: What is it?

John turns the tablet around, showing the readings of the area, it's unusual and emitting from their location.

John: This.

Drake and Kate then look at the tablet as the scene closes in on their faces.

Title Sequence

The van is now seen driving along the street carefully as citizens are seen walking along it or even across it. Inside, John is seen driving with Kate in the passenger seat and Drake in-between them.

Drake: What did those readings mean, anyways?

John, driving: Like I said, I'm not exactly sure. I organized an algorithm to detect energy signatures which should help us locate items of interest.

Kate: Like those Xyrion bases you kept on finding?

John, driving: Exactly but they're usually localized, y'know? Like in one place. These energy signatures are off-the-chart. They're spreading and emitting from one place and become more intense with every passing minute.

Drake: What do you think it is? The Xyrions?

John, driving: I don't think so but your guess is as good as mine really.

Kate: I guess we'll find out when we get there.

John, driving: It's not exactly far. The readings are actually coming from inside the city district, back part of town.

The van is then seen driving through the street, now in a less populated area, appearing empty and clear with a few abandoned-looking shops along the side of the street. Kate and John look around through the windows as they continue driving through. The van then stops and the headlights filling the dim street cut off.

Bourbon Street
May 7, 20:13 EDT

A black cat is seen on top of a dumpster, looking up from the inside of it to look at the van. The doors of the van then open and both Kate and John step out, looking around. As they close their doors behind them, Kate and John move away from the van, walking down the street. A moment later, the sounds of doors closing is heard. Kate turns her head and sees Drake emerge from the behind the van, now dressed in his Vigilante outfit, hood up as well.

Drake: Do you know where the energy signatures are coming from?

John, looking down at his tablet: Drake, you wound me. (checking the readings) It's originating from one of these establishments over on the left side. (points) While the readings aren't too detailed, I will estimate that they are actually originated from the third building down based off of light wave readings intensifying before they begin to spread across the area at that point.

Kate: Impressive.

John winks at her with a smile. Drake then walks down passing them. From the perspective of an unknown figure, Drake is seen approaching one of the shops on his left side. A heavy and slightly unusual breathing is heard. The scene cuts down to the street level with Drake stopping in front of one of the shops. He turns his head and looks at it. The shop has a sign above the door reading, 'Blaine's Magic Shop". Drake grunts softly then enters the shop, pushing through the door. He looks around, fists ready, before stopping and lowering his arms. He looks around. The view shows that the shop is empty and abandoned-looking. The wooden floor boards look old and worn, there are cobwebs in the corners and the entire place looks like it has been unkempt for years. Drake breaths out his nose before turning back and leaving the shop. Kate and John are seen approaching the shop slowly as Drake exits. Drake stops, looking at the ground, as if thinking about something.

John: Well? ...Drake?

Drake, snapping out of it: Huh?

John: Well?

Drake: Empty. Place looks like it's been abandoned for a long while. Might be coming from somewhere else.

John: Could have sworn it was this one. It could be underground like those other places.

Drake: What? You want to me to start knocking down walls now?

John: Your idea, not mines.

Drake then freezes for a moment as John and Kate engage in conversation. Their words trail off as Drake turns his head slightly. He hears a creaking noise above him. A plank from the roof of the shop is seen pressing down, causing the creaking. As Drake fully turns around, a shadow moves and the plank remains at rest. The sound of something tipping around is then heard from an alleyway close by, catching Drake's attention. He sees the black cat running off, a shadow lingering in the alleyway. John looks away from Kate and sees Drake slowly approaching the alleyway.

John: Hey, you alright, man?

Drake: No. I think we're in danger.

John: How? I thought you said there was nothing inside.

Drake: It wasn't inside. It was here this whole time.

Drake stares down into the alleyway, the shadow shifting slightly before it starts lurking forwards.

Drake, noticing: Get her somewhere safe, John. Now!

Kate: Wait, what's going on?

John looks down the alleyway, seeing the shadow approaching. He thinks for a moment before coming to a realization.

John: Oh no... (turning to Kate) Come on, Kate, we really need to get out of he-

A roar is then heard as a cloaked figure rushes out towards John and Kate only to be smacked away by Drake, using his ice-mace. The figure slams against the brick wall across the street and uncloaks, revealing itself to be Shadow Hound.

Drake: Shadow Hound... I thought I saw the last of you when I took down Ryden.

Shadow Hound gets up slowly, looking straight at Drake.

Shadow Hound: You... You took him away from us, boy.

Drake: He needed to be stopped.

Shadow Hound: You left us with nothing!

Shadow Hound then pounces right for Drake with ducks down as Shadow Hound rolls across the ground, using his claws and remain still against the ground. He then growls at Drake who turns back to him. Shadow Hound vanishes into a shadow-like mist with Drake looking around for him. Drake is then slashed in the back, dropping him down to his knees. As Drake turns his head, his face his scratched, knocking his hood back and revealing his hair. Drake looks up and is met by the cloaked fist of Shadow Hound which knocks him into the air and back onto the ground where he groans in pain. Drake then attempts to get up, breathing heavily. He looks around cautiously as the sound a quick paws against the stonework are heard, circling around him rapidly. Drake then yells out and slams his ice-mace arm into the ground underneath him, sending out a charge of electricity which spreads out around him, knocking Shadow Hound back into a wall, stunned. Drake then gets up and looks over at the fallen Shadow Hound, struggling to get up. He then grunts and storms over to him.

Shadow Hound: You...

Drake, approaching him: No.

Shadow Hound, trying to finish: You-

Drake: NO!

Drake slams his ice-mace across Shadow Hound's head. He then gets down on one knee and strikes him again with his regular arm.

Drake: YOU tried to take things from me! You and her and- and him. You did! Not me!

Shadow Hound: You...


Drake hits Shadow Hound again with his fist then once again, and again. The doors to the Magic Shop then open as Psyche emerges from within. She turns and sees Drake beating on Shadow Hound.

Psyche: No...

Voice, from within the shop: Please, you need to get back inside.

Psyche: He's hurting him. I have to do something.

Voice, from within the shop: It's not safe. Please!

Psyche, ignoring the voice, runs out from within the shop. John turns his head, seeing Psyche approaching Drake.

John: Hey, wait! Don't- (realizing) Wait a minute, that's-

Psyche then stops before Drake and throws his arms out. A red glare fills her eyes and she twirls her fingers around. Her energy then overcomes Drake's arm, preventing him from throwing another punch. Drake then turns back and sees Psyche manipulated energy around him.

Drake: ...Psyche.

Psyche yells as she throws Drake away from Shadow Hound. He flies across the street and hits the side of the news van before dropping the street. Psyche then becomes engulfed in energy which fires out from her hands and spreads across the area.

Shadow Hound, getting up: Psyche, no. Don't! It's not-

Psyche, ignoring Shadow Hound as well, releases a blast of energy down the street. Drake then, seeing the massive blast coming, gets up and tackles both Kate and John out of the street, just narrowly missing the blast. The energy then continues down the street, hitting a market at the end of the street and blowing it up completely. Drake turns back to Psyche and sees her energy diminishing. She then drops to her knees and falls unconscious before laying upon the street. The street is a silent for a moment.

John: ...Whoa.

Shadow Hound then gets up and moves over to Psyche.

Shadow Hound: Are you alright? Psyche, answer me. Answer me!

Voice: Enough.

Shadow Hound looks up and sees a figure emerging from the entrance of the Magic Shop.

Figure: She needs healing.

Drake gets up, along with John who helps Kate up.

Drake, approaching the Figure: Who are you?

The figure turns to Drake and steps into the dim lit street, showing himself to be a man in late 40's dressed in a brown frock coat, over a blue shirt with a navy blue waistcoat. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He also has a long mustaches and a goatee.

Figure: My name is Blaine Winters and I am here to save this child. Your help would be most helpful.

Both Drake and Shadow Hound: Help? Don't you know who that is?

Drake and Shadow Hound look at each other with stares filled with hate.

Blaine: I have a sense of an idea. Now we don't have much time to waste before her life force drains even more than it already has.

Blaine walks into the street and carries her in his arms. He turns back and enters the Magic Shop. Shadow Hound then snarls at Drake before entering the shop as well. Drake turns to Kate and John before turning back to the shop.

Drake: Hey! Hey, we're not done here!

Drake chases after them, moving in through the entrance of the shop. He stops at the entrance and looks around, surprised.

Drake, to himself: What?

The view shows the shop, neatly kept with an active fireplace, a uniquely designed rug at the center of the room, a counter in the back with a cash register on top and a rocking chair by the fireplace. Blaine has Psyche resting against the rug while Shadow Hound is gathering supplies behind the counter. Drake walks ahead, slowly, looking around, confused. His ice-mace deactivates, returning his arm to normal again.

Blaine, examining Psyche, to Drake: You must be wondering how an abandoned shop wound up to be not abandoned after all?

Drake: Yes.

Blaine: I suppose you want an answer.

Drake, turning to Blaine: Psyche- she changes things with her mind, makes you see things that aren't there. It was a trick.

Blaine: An illusion, yes. You're good.

Shadow Hound: He's far from good... He murdered my master.

Drake: I didn't do it, Shadow Hound, but even if I did... he deserved it.

Shadow Hound looks as though he is about to pounce towards Drake but Blaine rises from the floor, extending his arms out as if to separate the two of them.

Blaine: Not in the shop! My shop, my rules. You want to get rowdy take it outside, you want to save this poor girl, you remain silent until spoken to.

Kate and John then enter, looking around.

John: Dude, I thought you said this place was abandoned.

Drake: ...It was. (looking down at Psyche) What's wrong with her?

Blaine: Her life force is draining from her body due to the destabilization of her abilities.

John: I don't know about that life force stuff but this could explain the energy signatures we picked up. If her powers are to manipulate energy and they are growing unstable, we could be looking at a powerful explosion waiting to happen.

Kate: How powerful exactly?

Blaine: Extremely powerful, I assume.

Shadow Hound: Well, Blaine, is she stabilized?

Blaine: I'm afraid not. My healing does not seem to have the effect it once had.

John: Healing? Does she need a medic? Because I'm a nurse, part-time.

Blaine: Thank you for your offer, child, but I have this situation under control.

John: How? You're just- (looks down) Oh...

Drake looks down along with Kate and sees Blaine's hands glowing a bright yellow over Psyche's body, transferring some form of energy into her.

Drake, turning to Blaine: You're a Mutant.

Blaine: I have abilities, yes, if that's what you mean.

John: And you're using them to heal her wounds.

Blaine: They're far greater than just regular injuries, child. Her life force is depleting and her soul is growing unstable. My abilities help hold them together but her condition has become far too destabilized to maintain any longer.

Shadow Hound: What can we do, Blaine? There must be a way to save her...

Drake: Since when did you care about her? You two were always fighting with each other.

Shadow Hound: When you have no one else and you travel for so long together, the bitterness becomes overshadowed by other feelings. I would not consider myself preferably close to her but she is all that I have left.

Drake looks at Shadow Hound before looking towards the ground. He then looks away.

Shadow Hound, turning back to Blaine: So, is there any other way to save her?

Blaine: There is only one thing we can do now. We must travel within her mind.

John: ...Sorry, what?

Blaine: No outside force can help her. The only way to restore this girl and her abilities is from within. By saving her soul, her body will become maintained.

Drake: I don't understand. How can we travel inside her mind?

Blaine: My abilities aren't just for healing, they'll allow me to pass your sub-consciousness within her own. There, you will be able to interact with her soul and restore order to her being.

Shadow Hound: Then I will volunteer myself, of course. To save her.

Blaine: I'm sorry, Shadow Hound, but you can not partake in this.

Shadow Hound: Why not?!

Blaine: Your mind, while superior than others like your kind, is not like her own. Only minds similar to her own can enter her.

Drake: ...Then I'll go.

John: Drake-

Drake: No, John. I'll go. She needs help and I can save her.

Shadow Hound: Why save her? What madness is this? You are our enemy!

John: Although this might sound crazy, I agree with the mutated mutt. Shouldn't we be fighting these guys instead of helping them?

Drake: It's like you said John, if we don't help her, she can explode. That explosion can hurt a lot of people in the area. Besides, I tried saving her before and I failed. This is my chance to set things straight between us.

Blaine: You can partake. I sense your mind is compatible enough.

Shadow Hound: Why can't you go instead?

Blaine: While my abilities extend to a far reach, even I have my limits. Besides, if I were to travel within her mind, I would become lost within her consciousness without anyone to anchor me to this reality. I can only anchor the minds of others.

Drake: Then let's stop talking about it and do this. I am going in there.

Kate: Well, I'm going too.

John: Kate-

Kate: I have to go.

Drake: Kate, don't. I don't know what could happen. I actually don't know what's happening right now. Life force and souls, this is new to me. I don't know what we're getting ourselves into but if I can save her and everyone in this city then I will take that chance but it's a chance I can't have you take.

Kate: I don't know what we're getting into either, Drake. This is new for all of us but you didn't exactly win her heart over the first time around, okay? I was there too. If we have a chance, we have a chance together. You and I.

Drake looks at her then lets out a sigh.

Drake: Okay. Okay, fine. (turns to John) John-

John: I'll keep an eye out in the real world, working my real world science to figure this out. I don't know how this is gonna work out but just be safe in there, alright? She's a crazy one... who knows what's in that head of hers?

Drake nods. He turns to face Blaine.

Blaine: Are you ready?

Drake turns to Kate who nods. He turns back to Blaine.

Drake: We're ready.

The scene cuts to a moment later where Drake and Kate are seen laying on the rug next to Psyche with Blaine Winters in the middle, between the three of them. Shadow Hound is propped on top of the counter, watching, while John is checking his tablet while sitting in the rocking chair.

Blaine: Open your minds, let yourself go. It will be like moving through a tunnel and finding yourself in a new space. She will be in there somewhere but you will have to search for her. No matter what you see in there, do not let it overcome you otherwise this will have been in vain. You must allow her to overcome what is keeping her back and that is for you to find out. Good luck, children. Save this lost girl. I believe that you can.

Blaine then opens his eyes, which roll back until they are completely white. His eyes are then overcome by a glaring yellow energy. He then extends his arms out and twirls his fingers around as energy overcomes his hands as well. He then points his hands downwards and his energy reaches down, encasing the heads to Drake, Kate and Psyche. Blaine then stands there, energy emitting from his hands as the atmosphere starts to calm.

Blaine, eyes still glowing and energy still emitting from his hands: It is done. Their minds have now passed over into hers. Now... we wait.

John: Great...

John rocks in the chair, creaking noises let out with every rock. Shadow Hound's ears twitch and he sharply turns to John, snarling. John looks straight at Shadow Hound before stopping his chair in mid-rock.

John: (sighs) Who thought this was a good idea again?

The view then shows Drake's face as he remains there, laying against the rug. The scene then zooms into his face, transitioning into a bright, grey, void-like space. Drake sits up and breaths heavily. He looks around, seeing nothing.

Drake: Kate? ...Kate!

His voice echoes across the void-like space. Kate then sits up as well, appearing from the cloud-like floor next to him. She looks alarmed, looking around. Drake holds her and helps her up.

Drake: It's okay, It's alright. We're in. How are you feeling?

Kate: Bizarre.

Drake, looking around: Yeah, I think I have that same feeling...

Kate: Where are we?

Drake: I don't know. Doesn't look like anywhere. Just- nothing. Maybe we're too late.

Kate: No. Even if we're late, there's always something to find.

Drake: Something from work.

Kate: From Dad's work, actually. Something he would tell me to help when it came to journalism.

Drake: Okay, let's see if we can find something. Come on.

Drake and Kate walk along, through the void-like space.

Drake: Do you remember what Blaine said?

Kate: Something about- We have find her somewhere here, saving herself within her own mind would save her body.

Drake gives Kate a look.

Kate: I know, I know. It sounds a bit ridiculous but we live in a world where Mutants run around and our best chance for survival is a teenager in a hood who jumps across rooftops picking fights with his weapon arms.

Drake: Weapon arms?

Kate: I don't know. What do you call them again?

Drake: Forms... And I guess you have a point. Back when it was just the city I had to look after, I thought this was it. There was nothing else out there. Then these guys show up. Psyche and Shadow Hound, they actually give me something to look for. People like me, Mutants that can talk and act on their own, use their powers for their own purposes. But it turns out, they weren't like me at all. They were criminals, monsters, real bad guys. No closer than becoming the creatures people are afraid of.

Kate: Now we have a jumping guy, a fast guy and a guy who can turn into a beast among other ones.

Drake: Yeah, the world keeps getting more and more... bizarre.

Kate looks over at him. He looks at her nonchalant and she smiles. Drake then walks into a wall of some sort that ripples upon impact. He places his hands against the wall, creating a liquid-like effect, allowing them to see what's on the other side but in a blurred view.

Kate: This must be it.

Drake: I think I can-

Drake presses against the wall until he phases right through it.

Kate: Drake?

Kate presses against the wall as well but she phases through it as well. Kate then falls onto the ground. She reaches her hand out and grabs the grass in her hand, fresh and green. She looks up and sees that she's in a small garden by someone's yard. Kate gets up from the ground and looks around, seeing a whole neighborhood. Drake stands by the street, looking around as well.

Kate: Where... Where are we?

Drake: I don't know... it looks like home.

Kate: Home?

Drake: From what I remember. Houses were... like this. Everything just felt- right.

Kate: Well, we're in her mind, right? This must be one of her memories... from before the Incident.

Drake turns to her. He looks as though he's about to say something but is interrupted by a female voice from off-screen.

Voice: Faith! Come inside, please, it's getting late.

Drake turns his head again to see a young child moving out from the back of the house that they are standing in front of, carrying a book in her hands. She's wearing a pink dress with no sleeves, purple pants and pink shoes. Her hair is black and her eyes are hazel. She climbs up the stairs and enters the house. Drake walks over by Kate who is watching the house as well.

Drake: Who's Faith?

Kate: ...You don't think it's her, right?

Drake: ...Come on, let's go and find out.

The scene cuts to the inside of the house. The door is then seen opening as Drake and Kate enter the house. Drake walks in, looking forwards, while Kate closes the door behind him, looking around from the door. As she continues, she looks down, seeing a yellow umbrella by the door as well as two pairs of shoes belonging to adults. She looks up from the floor, seeing pictures along the wall of a family. The family consists of the girl from earlier, a man wearing a white shirt, brown pants and glasses, he has black hair, styled short and choppy, with brown eyes, and a woman wearing a blue shirt and black pants, she also has black hair and brown eyes. Kate turns from the pictures, looking ahead. She sees Drake standing to the side while he watches the family from the pictures sitting at a table, ready to eat a meal. Kate stands by him, watching them as well, with a hint of disbelief.

Kate: This is... so unreal. It's like we're actually there.

Drake: Well, we're not. This is in her mind, like you said.

Kate: I know, it's just- I never expected a memory to be so detailed. Especially something from before the Incident.

Kate turns to a silent Drake watching the family.

Kate: You don't seem taken aback by any of this.

Drake, without taking his eyes off the family: ...Blaine said we needed to find Psyche in her mind, so this has to be connected to her somehow. I'm just... looking out for her.

Kate turns back to the family who seemed to have engaged in conversation. The girl from earlier is seated at the table, reading the book that was in her hands. She is seated across from the man and the woman from the picture, presumingly her mother and father. The mother looks over at the girl.

Faith's Mother: Did you wash your hands before sitting at the table, Faith?

Faith, without looking up from the book: Yes, Mom.

Faith's Mother: Well, you still got that book on you. Don't you think you should put it away? Otherwise you're never gonna eat your food.

Faith looks up from her book and over at her mother.

Faith: But it's a fun book, Mom. It's about a magical princess who finds a lovely kingdom in a far away land but the land is in the sky and the rock people, they-

Faith's Mother: I know, I know. I've read you the story many times for bed but there's a time and a place, Faith, and now it's time for Dinner.

Faith: (pouts) Okay...

Faith closes the book and places it next to her plate.

Faith's Father: So how was your day today, sweetie?

Faith: It was nice, we learned a bunch of stuff today and the guy that sits behind me in English bought his dog to school.

Faith's Father: Wow, sounds exciting.

Faith, turning to the Mother: Hey, can I get a dog, Mom?

Faith's Mother: Maybe, we'll consider it when you've ate your dinner, young lady.

Faith starts to eat her food. The Mother then smiles softly, a sense of weariness is written on her face. The father turns to the mother, his smile vanishing.

Faith's Father, softly: Are you alright?

Faith's Mother: Hm? Yes, um- Do you mind if we- I just have to tell you something.

Faith's Father: Um, yeah. Of course.

The parents get up from the table as Faith continues eating her food. Drake watches as the parents move to the kitchen.

Kate: What do you think they're talking about?

Drake: Stay here, I'll find out.

As Drake goes to the kitchen, Kate looks worried.

Kate: Wait, does that work? Can she remember a conversation she didn't hear?

At this point, Drake has already reached the kitchen and Kate is basically talking to herself. Kate, realizing this, sighs and turns to the girl who stops eating to turn to the kitchen where the parents' conversation is faintly heard. She puts her fork down and grabs her book, opening up to the book where she left off at and continues reading. Kate walks over to her and squats down, watching her read with a smile. The scene then cuts to the kitchen where Drake watches the parents talk.

Faith's Mother: I'm fine. I really am.

Faith's Father: So what's the problem? What happened?

Faith's Mother: He called again. Asked if we wanted to see him because something happened at work. It's just been on my head all day.

Faith's Father: He's not here anymore, okay? Don't let it get to you. If you want to see him, go. I'm not holding you back but if you don't, then don't.

Faith's Mother: I know what I want. It's for her. It always is. Faith doesn't know or, at least, doesn't remember him. And I don't know if that's something I want her to bear. You've been enough for her. I want you to know that.

The two of them then hug each other. Drake looks away, thinking. The scene returns to Kate, reading the book with Faith. Drake walks over to them from the kitchen.

Kate, turning to him: So? What did they talk about?

Drake: I'm not really sure. And I don't know if we're any closer to finding Psyche in here or not.

Kate: We'll find her, Drake.

Drake gives Kate a nod and looks around the house. A moment later, the place shakes slightly. Faith looks around, lowering her book. The lights then starts to flicker.

Drake: What's happening?

Kate: ...I remember this. The place was shaking, lights flickering, people worrying and then the sky-

Her sentence trails off as she turns to Drake. Drake turns to the window and pulls the curtain back. He looks out the window and sees the sky ripples as a wave of energy phases through the clouds above them, making them darker.

Kate, seeing the sky through the window: It's the Incident, Drake. It's happening again.

The wave then overcomes them, the electricity blacking out completely. A yell is heard followed by a scream.

Faith, through the darkness: Mom?! Dad?!

Drake's figure can be seen looking around through the darkness. The sounds of rapid breathing is heard. Drake turns and sees a shuttering Kate, her arms wrapped around herself. Drake puts her hands on her shoulders, alarming her.

Drake, in a reassuring tone: Hey, it's alright. It's going to be okay. This? This isn't real, Kate. This is just a memory, okay?  You're going to be okay. Breathe.

Kate then starts to breath calmly, looking at Drake through the dark.

Faith, through the darkness: Mom! Dad!

Kate looks away from Drake, looking around through the dark.

Kate: I- I can't see her.

Drake: Let me try something.

Drake steps back from Kate. A mechanical noise is heard as he activates one of his forms through the dark. A glow then starts to emit from the darkness, lightning the room. Kate looks away from the light and turns back when she's ready, seeing that Drake has activating his blade-form.

Kate: I didn't think that would work.

Drake: Same. Now let's find that girl. She's the closest thing we have to finding Psyche right now.

Drake and Kate then progress through the darkness using the light emitting from Drake's blade form to light the way. As they progress, a red light appearing through the darkness following by soft breathing. Drake raises his arm, shining light over the area, revealing the red lights to be emitting from Faith's hands as she stands in front of the kitchen entrance. She then turns, raising her hands to block the light.

Faith: Who- Who are you?

Her eyes have now changed to a green color. Drake looks over at Kate who looks at him as well. They turn back to look at the girl.

Drake: We're here to help you...

Faith looks at the two of them but before she gets the chance to say anything and a loud noise is heard as if something had collapsed. The house shutters as well. This catches each of their attention, including Faith's.

Faith: Mom?! Dad! ...Where are you?

Faith makes her way into the kitchen where she sees a large hole in the wall. She steps through the hole and into the yard, looking around. There are slash marks across the side of the house and a tree seems to have fallen as well. Faith's Mother is then seen laying against the ground, her outfit ripped slightly. She struggles to get up.

Faith, going to her: Mom! Are you okay?

Faith's Mother: Faith... You need to get out of here.

Faith: No... Not without you. And where's dad?

Faith's Mother: Faith, please. There isn't much time, you-

A growl is heard in the close distance. Faith's breathing starts to shake and she looks around. Faith's Mother looks right at her and holds the side of her face with her hands.

Faith's Mother: Faith, look at me. Look at me.

Faith looks at her. She looks scared.

Faith's Mother: I need you to go, find someplace safe. Please. I love you.

Faith cries as her mother holds her. A roar is then heard, ending the moment, as a figure emerges from behind the house. Faith and her mother looks at the figure, a Mutant with stone-like skin, shards protruding from its body and shredded pieces of clothing, a white shirt and brown pants, still clinging to its bod. The Mutant roars out and approaches them. Faith and her mother try to move away but the mother's injured leg makes it difficult for her and she is ultimately grabbed by the Mutant. Faith stops and turns to see her mother being dragged by the Mutant.

Faith: Mom! No!

Faith's Mother, being dragged away: Run, Faith! Run!

Faith then looks away and runs as the Mutant roars are heard. Faith continues running through the street, tears running down her face. Drake and Kate are seen making their way to the front of the house.

Drake: Come on, we can't lose her!

They chase after her, running down the street. However, the further they progress, the more the street starts to break away. Soon, Faith fades into the edges of the void as well as the rest of the neighborhood, leaving Drake and Kate in this blank space once again. They look around at the newly formed void which, momentarily, takes the appearance of another place, a boarded-up camp with several other people, survivors. There are tents, logs, tables with food being rationed to those waiting for it, and people armed, paroling around the perimeter.

Kate: This must be another memory... (seeing something) Look! (points)

Drake looks in the direction Kate is pointing and sees a crying Faith, sitting by herself. They stand there for a short moment, watching her, before Kate steps forwards, as if to go to her, only to stop herself and step back where she originally was.

Drake, noticing: There's nothing we can do except what we came here to do.

Kate: After all she's been through, Drake, she must be devastated. And even if this is Psyche or not, she's still a little girl. It feels awful just standing here, not doing anything about it.

Drake: It's not real, Kate... None of this is.

Kate, turning to Drake: You don't seem so surprised at all by any of this. It's like you've done this before or something.

Drake: I did do this before... something like this. When I remember the past, it's almost like this; I'm watching myself do these things that I don't remember doing. I only know it's me because people say my name when talking to him. But it's not all the same here. Here, it feels more real but it's still not there... it never is. The only real difference is this time, it's in her head... (looks at her) not mines.

Drake turns back to watch Faith while Kate continues looking at him before finally turning back to look at her as well. A man in a black coat wearing a top hat approaches her. He kneels down and looks at her. He appears like an adult within their 30's or 40's, he has black, neatly-kept hair and brown eyes.

Man: Are you alright, little girl? I noticed you sitting here all by yourself and crying as well.

Faith: No... I'm not alright...

Man: Do you need something? Can I help?

Faith: I just want my family back...

Man: How long have you been here for?

Faith: Months...

Man: (sighs) I'm terribly sorry this happened to you. You seem like such a sweet girl and this world is often cruel to sweet girls. I can't offer you much for your happiness but I do own a caravan. A small group of us travel between communities such as this one to provide entertainment to any survivors. I know it's not as important as supplies but each day seems like a dark one, everyone should have something to lighten it up a bit. You seem like just the type of person I need to help with the show, there's just something special about you, I can feel it. But the choice is entirely yours. I can take you away from here, somewhere else, anywhere else or you could stay with us, be apart of the family.

Faith looks up at the man, interested.

Man: Like I said, your choice entirely but you would have to make your choice soon. We aren't staying for long and the next time we visit here might not be so soon...

Faith looks away, thinking before she turns back to the man and nods.

Faith: Yes... I'd like to join you, please.

Man: Very good choice, little girl. We have a few minutes to spare before the rest of the group is ready to leave but let's get you all settled in before hand, eh? Oh, where are my manners? I am The Oh-Mazing Oscar! But only those special-enough know my true name, Oscar Albus.

Faith: Oh-mazing? Don't you mean Ah-mazing?

Oscar: Well Amazing Oscar doesn't have a good ring to it besides that fits better with Alex or Alan. And there aren't a lot of O-words in my dictionary, I'm afraid.

Faith: I learned some in school. Uh, what about Official?

Oscar: Yes, that could work.

Faith: Ominous?

Oscar: Yes, I like that one. That's very good.

Faith: Obnoxious?

Oscar: Alright, alright. Enough of that.

They chuckle for a bit and start to walk away together.

Oscar: What's your name, by the way?

Faith: Faith.

Oscar: Lovely name. Well, Faith, let's make you a star.

Kate taps Drake with her elbow. He looks over and she points with her head in the direction they're going.

Kate: Come on, let's go.

Kate walks ahead. Drake follows after but stops upon hearing a distorted and rather ghostly voice.

Voice: I don't want to go.

Drake turns his head and sees a open tent flap, showing a bright light emitting from inside.

Voice: I don't want to go!

Drake looks at the tent for a minute.

Kate: Drake? ...Drake!

Drake snaps out of his little trance and looks over at Kate.

Kate: Are you alright?

Drake: Yeah, let's see where they're going...

Drake walks ahead of Kate who follows after him. The scene focuses on the tent, moving closer as the view starts toe enter through the light. The scene then finds itself on the other side of an identical tent in a different community.

9 Years Ago

A young Drake is seen standing by his mother as they walk through the community.

Leia: Come on, Drake, let's go meet the other people.

Young Drake: I don't want to go.

Leia: Why not? What's wrong?

Young Drake: I want to be with you. I don't like this place.

Leia: Hey, remember what we talked about? This is our home now, so you should start feeling comfortable around here, okay?

Drake nods slightly.

Leia: Good, now I need to take care some adult stuff for us, okay? Just try and fit in. If you want do it for you, do it for me.

Young Drake: Okay...

Leia: That's my baby.

She holds the side of his face and smiles. She then gets up and walks off, leaving Drake on his own. Drake turns and looks at all the other survivors, tending to their own business. Drake walks along, exploring the rest of the community. He finds himself in the back of Sanctuary, towards the theater, where armed men are moving out of. As the men move out, Drake looks inside and makes his way in, looking around cautiously at the old-looking theater. There are other survivors sitting against the wall in the theater's dim lobby, as well as more armed men, preparing their weapons at the counter. Drake walks past through all that and finds himself by a set of escalators. He climbs up one of them and gets the second floor of the theater. The faint sound of the men talking downstairs is heard. Drake continues moving along. He sees an open door and walks through, entering a theater, with rows of seats and a wide screen before him. A child emerges from one of the rows, wearing blue overalls over a white shirt. He has ginger hair and blue eyes.

Boy: Hello.

Young Drake: ...Hi.

Boy: You're new. I haven't seen you before.

Young Drake: Yeah, I- I just got here. I'm Drake.

Boy: Lenny.

Young Drake: Look, I was just looking around. I didn't come to bother anyone. I could go if-

Lenny: No, it's fine. Really. There aren't too many kids around here and they usually like staying out of the theater.

Young Drake: Why?

Lenny: It's where all the grown ups go to do all their planning and stuff... when they want to attack the uh- the things out there.

Young Drake: Yeah, I saw...

Lenny: A lot of sick people stay in the theater too. They need the space outside for more survivors. Theater is the best place to take care of them.

Young Drake: So what are you doing here?

Lenny: I'm just here. I guess it's like a place I can go to to get away. After what happened, everything just changed and- I lost a lot of people. My friends, my family. I don't have anyone else.

Young Drake: Well, now you've got me.

Lenny: You're not gonna leave, right? Like the others?

Young Drake: I didn't want to stay here but this is my home now. I guess it's okay if I started to make some friends... (looking away) maybe some family too.

The view then pans away towards a light coming from the projector booth, the scene then starts to fade into the light until the entire scene is nothing but a white void. Now, in the present again, Drake and Kate are seen moving through the void as the new memory starts to appear around them. They then stop walking and find themselves outside of a large tent within another community, different from Sanctuary and the one Faith was staying at. It's dark, night time. A light emits from within the tent as well as noises of people talking to one another. Drake and Kate look at each other but facing the tent once again and moving inside. As they push the tent flaps to the side, a group of people gathered around Oscar Albus are seen. Oscar looks a little older than before.

Oscar Albus: Ladies and Gentlemen, for my final trick of the show, I will now make a person- a volunteer, if you will, disappear... but then reappear, right before our very eyes. Now, would anyone like to enter the realm of the unknown? Anyone? Anyone at all?

The crowd seems either very hesitant, not interested or very neutral.

Oscar Albus, working them up: How about your, sir? Or perhaps you ma'am? Or even a future magician in the works?

A man weakly raises his hand.

Oscar Albus: (pointing at him) You there, excellent! Come along, my good sir, and we shall blow the minds of everyone here... away.

A man gets up from the crowd and approaches the back of the tent, standing next to Oscar.

Oscar Albus: Now for this next trick, I will need a little help. For not even I, at the height of my magical power, can not perform this event alone. Everyone, I would like to bring about my lovely assistant, Faith!

Faith emerges from behind the curtains set up in the back, dressed in a black dress with grey stockings and tall black boots. She seems slightly taller and older-looking, like a teenager rather than a child. She waves at the crowd who claps moderately for her.

Oscar Albus: Now Faith, would you please bring about... (turns to the audience, dramatically) the locker!

Faith bows and moves to the side of the tent, pulling a large wooden cabinet into view. Drake and Kate continue watching the show from behind the crowd. Oscar is seen opening the cabinet. He claps his hands together, rubs them around and as he separates them, a cane appears between his hands. A few claps are heard from the audience. He grabs the end of his cane and taps the inside of the cabinet.

Oscar Albus, tapping: As you can see, there are no strings, no panels, nothing but a regular cabinet. But that's not why he call it the locker. We lock the cabinet completely. No way in, no way out.

Oscar removes the cane from inside the cabinet and slams it against the ground, the end of it it still firmly in his hand.

Oscar Albus: The only way to emerge from this chamber is through the power of realms beyond our understanding. Now, good sir, would you please enter the locker.

The man, wearing a dark blue jacket over a green shirt, with black hair, a buzz cut actually, and brown eyes, enters "the locker". Faith closes the door behind him and grabs a metal chain from the floor, wrapping it around the cabinet. She then locks it with a golden key before handing it to Oscar.

Oscar Albus: Now, this key is the only way to get into the chamber, but we won't be using this to get him out of there. (putting the key inside his coat pocket) No, no. I will only use words that will wrap reality itself and make our good volunteer vanish and appear somewhere else. Now these are dangerous words so be careful when saying them...

Oscar turns to the cabinet and wiggles the fingers on his free hand at the cabinet while circling his cane around with his other hand. Faith moves behind the cabinet, out of sight.

Oscar Albus: Abracadabra!

Some of the audience members snicker while some others cough.

Oscar Albus: And now we check to see how our friend is doing.

Oscar removes the key from his coat and unlocks the chain lock, letting the chain drop the floor again. He then opens the door and the man inside is no longer there.

Oscar Albus: Tada!

The audience claps.

Oscar Albus: Although I should probably bring him back. Yes? It's more difficult the other way around but let's give it a try.

Oscar closes the door.

Oscar Albus, closing his eyes and raising his cane in the air: Presto Chango!

He opens his eyes and turns back to "the locker", he opens the door and Faith is in there.

Oscar Albus: Well, that can't be right. (scratches his head with the cane)

A few chuckles are heard from the audience.

Oscar Albus, turning to the audience: Let's fix this once and for all.

Oscar closes the door and places his cane down at the side. He closes his eyes and waves both hands around.

Oscar Albus: Abra-ca... dabra!

He opens his eyes and hurries to the door. He grabs the handle and opens it, revealing the volunteer inside. He steps out and the audience claps.

Oscar Albus: But where, oh where, is my lovely assistant? Have you seen her? Has anyone seen her? Perhaps, she's not up here at all. Maybe she was with you the whole time. Faith?

A short moment passes and Faith emerges from the crowd, the audience claps once more, some even cheering. Faith steps out from the audience and stands with Oscar, the both of them bow before the audience.

Oscar Albus: Thank you, thank you all. You have been a wonderful audience.

The claps continue until they are interrupted by the a jump-cut to a later scene where the tent is being taken down by some of the armed men. Drake watches the people return to their tents as Kate approaches him.

Kate: Hey, (Drake turns to her) I found them over by their trailer.

Drake: Okay, let's go.

Drake and Kate walk over to a truck of some sorts with a medium-sized space in the back, parked not too far away from the tent, close to the community gates. The scene cuts to the inside of the truck, where the door opens and both Drake and Kate enter. They see Faith sitting at the side, by a dresser, looking through a deck of playing cards.

Kate: So she was a magician's assistant.

Drake: Well, we found her. Now what?

Kate: I'm not entirely sure... This is new to me too, y'know.

Drake is about to say something but stops himself. Kate sighs and turns back to Faith.

Kate: At least, she's fine now. Joining this family and having a new life must have been a good chance for her. She seems... contempt.

Drake looks around.

Drake: You said family.

Kate: Yeah, I meant the group of people she's traveling with the- the ones Oscar talked about before in the other memory.

Drake: I know but... if she's apart of new family, where are they?

Kate looks around. The door opens again and Oscar enters. Faith is startled slightly and puts the deck of cards away.

Oscar Albus: They're putting the tent away. Soon, we'll be out of here. Next show is in a few hours.

Faith: Can't we give it a break? We've been doing shows all week.

Oscar Albus: A break? Do you know how much we've been making lately? Huh? Not enough, that's how much. It's like people don't even think currency exists anymore. How else are we supposed to survive out here?

Faith: It's just- I'm tired, Oscar.

Oscar Albus: You don't think I'm tired. We all have to work, Faith. You really want a break? Huh? If you wanted a break, you could have gotten off like the rest of them. Those good-for-nothing traitors. Jasmine, Pietro... They left me, they left you, without a second thought. Is that what this is? You having second thoughts over there?

Faith looks down, as if ashamed.

Oscar Albus: Well tough luck, kid. No, we're not taking any breaks. You're gonna work for me until I say so. We've been doing this for years, Faith. We're not about to stop now especially you, you ungrateful little scamp. I fed you, protected you, taught you every trick I know. And you want to leave me like the others. Remember the last time you tried thinking on your own?

Faith nods silently.

Oscar Albus: That's what I thought... Now go bring the locker in. I'm getting some shut eye.

Faith: But, it's too heavy for me. Last time, it- it fell on me.

Oscar Albus: You think I care? I lift it every other time. You think I ask much from you? You just stand there, I do all the work around here. What do you do? Huh? Nothing! Now you upset me or disappoint me again, and I'll make you disappear... forever. You understand me?

Faith nods and gets up from her seat, moving towards the door. Before she can leave, Oscar puts his hand on her shoulder.

Oscar Albus: Na-ah-ah. Before you get going, let me remind you who's in charge here.

Faith: No... please, don't. I'll behave, just- don't.

Oscar Albus: Say the magic word.

Faith: Please. Please!

Oscar chuckles. He then shows that he has his cane in his hand and swipes it at Faith's leg, causing her to fall. She continues swinging, chuckling with each swing.

Faith, sobbing: Please, stop... Please!

Oscar continues while Drake and Kate watch. Drake seems taken aback while Kate is covering her mouth, clearly surprised. As Oscar continues swinging his cane at Faith, upon on really hard strike, something about his essence changes and her eyes blare with a red energy. As Oscar comes down for another swing, Faith looks up, raises his arm and red energy blasts from his hand, throwing Oscar across the caravan. He looks up, obviously taken off guard and starts to look worried, if not scared, as Faith's shadow overcomes him. The view shows her approaching him, red energy coming off her hands and eyes.

Faith: You won't hurt me again. No one will ever hurt me ever again!

Faith surrounds Oscar in energy and throws him across the caravan again, he knocks into some equipment, dropping to the floor. Faith smiles in a wicked manner before coming to her senses and looking at her hands, worried.

Faith: What's... happening to me?

A knock is then heard at the door.

Man, outside of the door: Mr. Albus, are you okay? You're ready to head off now. Mr. Albus? (knocks again)

Faith looks around, panicking. She then turns, seeing another door and approaches it, running out from that end of the caravan. The scene then cuts to a moment later, with Faith running away from the community with armed men looking around, while some help Oscar out of the vehicle. Faith then hides behind a tree, heavily breathing.

Faith: I have to get out here... I have to get away from here.

Faith then gets up and continues running away. Drake starts to run after her but then stops and turns, seeing Kate stand there, looking down. Drake approaches Kate.

Drake: Kate, what's wrong?

Kate: What's wrong? Drake, did you- did you not see what just happened?

Drake: I did...

Kate: So I need a moment to progress this.

Drake: We don't have a moment, Kate. People are in danger. Remember why we're here. Is to help her and help everyone else in the area. We can't do that by holding onto the past, her past. Sometimes we have to move on and see where that takes us... for better or worse.

Kate looks at him then nods a moment later.

Drake: Okay, let's find her and try to figure this out before a lot of people get hurt. Drake and Kate then head up the beaten up road through the night. A mist then starts to appear, blocking their view of the now distant Faith. More trees start to appear in their way as they move forwards through the fog.

Kate: Faith? ...Faith?

The fog then starts to pass as they seem to have emerged from a forest by a road. There is a diner across the street from them with a parking lot containing a pick-up truck and a small car. Faith is then seen exiting the diner in somewhat of a hurry. A young-looking man in a red jacket steps out after her. He appears to be a teenager as well. He has brown hair, long, a stubble and brown eyes.

Teenager: Hey, come on, where you going?

Faith: Away from you.

Teenager: I thought we were just getting to know each other.

Faith: What? So you can turn your back on me and hurt me later on? I don't think so, jerk.

Teenager: Jerk? You know who you're talking to?

Faith: Don't know, don't care.

Teenager: Tommy Wheaton's the name. Remember it because my daddy owns this whole town. You mess with me and we'll have guys coming after you every street. Psyche! (chuckles)

Faith: What?

Tommy: It means I was kidding, duh.

Faith: Well, even if they do go looking for me, don't they have those creatures to look out for?

Tommy: Creatures? Everyone calls 'em Mutants now. Where have you been livin'?

Faith: I move a lot...

Tommy: Well so do I. How about I show you some of my moves?

Faith, pushing him away: Back off, you dolt!

Tommy: Seriously? And what are you gonna do, huh? I'm just trying to start something with you, make you part of something. So what if I was looking at those other chicks at the counter? At least we can share a moment before we both move on, get what I saying?

Tommy tries holding her but Faith keeps pushing him away. Her eyes then flare up with a bright red energy and she surrounds him with her energy, forcing him to drop onto the ground in pain.

Tommy: ARGH!

Faith: You won't touch me ever again!

Tommy: Okay, okay, please! Let go of me! ACK!

Faith then raises him into the air, his jacket starting to come off. One of his boots even drops onto the ground. Faith gains a twisted smile on her face as she raises his in the air and he yells out. A few more guys then emerge from the diner. One of them shouts at Psyche who looks down, alarmed. She then drops Tommy who hits the ground, groaning.

Faith: Look, I'm sorry, he just- he was touching me and I asked him to stop.

She announces them, energy manipulating from her hands still. They back away. She turns and sees the people inside the diner looking out at her, gawking and talking amongst themselves. Psyche then backs up, looking worried as everyone else stares at her.

Faith: Stop it. Stop staring at me... Leave me alone!

As she yells out, her energy spread out, shattering the windows of the diner and scaring everyone inside. Faith then gasps as she looks at the damages her powers caused. A truck is then heard approaching with sounds of men shouting. Faith, scared, grabs Tommy's red jacket and runs off as the truck approaches. She then enters the forest, running past Drake and Kate.

Drake, starting to run after her: Come on, Kate.

Kate follows after him. The scene focuses on Faith, still running through the forest. She then trips and tumbles down the side, finding herself in a ditch of some sort. Once she sits up, she holds the jacket in her hands and starts to cry to herself. Something in the ground shifts around, catching her attention.

Faith: Hello? ...Is someone there?

A eerie-voice is heard throughout the forest, like an awakening hiss. As Faith starts to get up, glaring eyes appear behind her as a figure approaches her. Before Faith can react, she then knocked forwards into the ground. She looks up, seeing a Mutant Bear, approaching her. It roars out with its extended jaw. The Mutant has multiple limbs and multiple eyes as well. It then runs over and slashes at Faith who tries her best to avoid its attacks. It rips up a little of her dress as she backs away from the bear. She then tries to run but the Mutant grabs the end of her dress with its claws, pulling her towards it. Faith, worried, pushes away from the Mutant who knocks her down to the ground, shredding more of her dress away. Faith looks up, crawling away from the approaching bear.

Faith: No... please, no. Stop, please, stop, please just stop!

The bear continues regardless of what she says, ready to strike her again. Faith's eyes then snap to a blaring red again. She then throws her arms forwards, releasing a powerful blast of energy from her hands as it almost possesses her entirely. She lets out a yell as her energy surrounds the Mutant Bear and raises him through the air, tossing it against a tree. The impact is so hard, a snapping noise is heard and the Mutant's body drops the ground, lifeless. Faith then drops to her knees as the energy diminishes. She breaths heavily as he watches the Mutant Bear remain where it is. A moment later a rustling noise is heard, catching her attention. Scared, she gets up, grabbing the jacket and putting it on. A figure can be seen rising from the ground through the dark.

Faith: Who's there? I know someone's there, show yourself. I'm not afraid anymore... I will hurt you. For the last time, who's there?!

There is no response but the sound of a ragged breathing, soon stabilizing. The figure in the dark approaches slowly.

Figure: You'll have to forgive me. I'm not the man I once was... (cough)

Faith: Who are you?

Figure: I... I don't really remember. That's funny, isn't it? I don't remember who I am. How did that happen?

Faith: Well, leave me alone. I'm not messing around.

Figure: I know. I saw what you did. You killed it. That bear, that creature... that being. It was living and now... it's not. You are a powerful force indeed. These- what do you call them?

Faith: People call them... Mutants.

Figure: Yes, Mutants. These Mutants, there are a lot of them. I can almost sense them. You and are, we're just like them. Powerful forces to be reckoned with. Together, we can change the world, make them see us for who we are. Then no one will bother us or tell us what to do...

Faith: Why do you care about me?

Figure: There's something special about you and I need that on my side. The side of those that are meant to rule this place. We were given these abilities in the blast, the explosion gave us these powers, now we use them. This is what, no... who we are meant to be.

Faith: Well, we're just creatures, things that should feared. They have people who capture things like us, the MCA.

Figure: Yes... They're against us but they should be afraid. We are powerful and together, they are no match for us. Join me, child, together- all of this would be ours. You wanted to know who I was? I am the ruler of our new world order. Soon, everything will change and I will spark that change.

The figure steps into the moonlight, the man is revealed to be Ryden.

Ryden (Flashback): I am Ryden Kurtzman.

Faith then smiles as Drake and Kate reach her. They look ahead with surprise as they see Ryden standing before them.

Drake: No... He can't be here.

Kate: It's just a memory, Drake. He's not- He's not really there.

Drake: Yeah, okay, you're right. He's not there. He's not there...

Ryden (Flashback): Oh but I am. Did you really think you can get rid of me, Drake?

Drake looks even more surprised at Ryden now. Thunder is then heard as the forest shifts into a dark red environment. Ryden stands before a smiling Faith who turns to face them, now appearing as a smiling Psyche.

Drake: You can't be here. You're dead, Ryden.

Ryden: Yes, I know. But it's like they say, I live on in the memories of others. (sniffs the air) And it smells like you've been thinking about me a lot recently.

Kate: He's just trying to get in your head, Drake. He's not real.

Ryden: You're still with this Human girl? This thing? You could have joined us, Drake. You could have been one of us! You had your chance, now it's time for you to see what happens when you mess with me.

Ryden then grows larger as his lower half morphs with the ground, itself. His upper half, becomes more corrupt and appears more monstrous. He also appears as a red, fiery-like being than his usual appearance. Ryden then throws his fist at Drake and Kate who jump out of the way as it slams against the ground. Drake rolls against the ground, coming to his feet. He then activates his ax-forms and runs forwards the base of Ryden. Drake then leaps forwards and stretches his arm out, chopping at Ryden's lower half. The cut then heals instantly. Drake is surprised as Ryden slams his fist against him, causing Drake to slam against the ground. Ryden laughs.

Ryden: Did you really think you could defeat me, Drake? You're nothing, nothing but a child. I am king of all things! Me! (laughs)

Drake charges forwards again but Psyche turns to him, angered. She then grabs Drake using her energy, forcing him to freeze with a slight pain as he is pressed against the ground.

Ryden: That's right, Drake. Kneel before your king. In the end, they always kneel...

Drake struggles but is easily overcome by Psyche's power. Kate goes over to him and turns to Psyche.

Kate: Please, stop. You're hurting him.

Psyche, slightly distorted: No one will take him away from me! I need him...

Ryden: Still spending your time with this pathetic Human girl, huh, Drake? If it wasn't for her, we could have been something, we could have been a family but you hurt us... now I'll hurt her.

Ryden clutches his fist and the ground throws Kate through the air. She lands on her side and groans softly. Drake struggles to turn to her as he continues his attempts to escape, angered.

Psyche, looking down at Kate, to Ryden: Ryden, she's not important to you. Just leave her and-

Ryden: Leave her? Do you understand what she has done to us? She should be destroyed like the others. Only through their destruction, we we find Mutant salvation!

Psyche, softly: Yes, Ryden...

Ryden raises his hands, sculpting the ground around Kate. It then rises around her as if to crush her. Drake continues his struggles but his escape seems impossible. He looks up at Psyche hovering by the large Ryden, red energy coming off of her body.

Drake: You have to help her. Please.

Psyche, distorted: I do what Ryden pleases!

Drake: No, you don't. Please! You have to help her.

Psyche, distorted: You don't know me!

Drake: I do... I think I always did. You don't want to be told what to do, you don't want to be apart of some army or some organization. You're misunderstood and did things you're not proud of. And the only thing you really want in life is to be accepted.... to be apart of something, a family. I know you think Ryden was the one keeping your powers together, your life together but that's not true. He's holding you back and you're letting him get away with it because you're afraid of being lost- of being left without anyone. I know how that feels, I know how it all feels. I know... but this isn't about me or him, it's about you and this is your mind. You have the power to control your own life, not him! We've both let him take over our lives, now we have to let him go. Faith, please... help her.

Psyche looks down, thoughtfully, taken aback and surprised. Ryden continues manipulating the ground around Kate, it's about to cave in on her. Psyche then looks down at her hands and closes her eyes, the energy starting to reside back inside of her. The energy surrounded Drake then dissipates and Drake goes to help Kate. Ryden then turns to look at her, furious.

Ryden: What are you doing?! You dare disobey me? I am your king, Psyche!

Psyche, turning to Ryden: My name is Faith! And I'm tired of you trying to take advantage of me, Ryden. You're nothing but a monster, feeding off of me just like the others, my father, Oscar, Tommy... Drake's right. You are holding me back. Now it's time for me to let you go.

Ryden: NO!

Ryden reaches for Psyche who expands her arms out, releasing a massive wave of energy which seemingly destroys Ryden. Drake then holds Kate, pulling her out from the ground trap. They both then look up at Psyche as they all fade into the bright, white void once again. The scene then zooms out from the blank eyeball of Blaine Winters as energy comes off of his hands, surrounding the bodies of Drake, Kate and Psyche. John and Shadow Hound stand ready as the energy comes to and stop. Blaine's eyes then roll back, showing his pupil and iris again. He looks down at the three on the rug.

Shadow Hound: Well?

John: Yeah, are they okay?

Blaine: They were able to restore her, I only hope it was not too late...

The three of them remain there, laying on the ground. Drake then gasps, rising from the floor.

John: Drake, you're okay. (turning to Kate) Kate? Is she-

Drake turns to Kate and goes to her. John approaches.

Drake: Kate? Kate?!

John: Come on... Wake up, please.

A moment passes by until Kate's eyes become wide open as she lifts up from the floor, gasping for air. As she breaths, Drake holds her steadily while John breaths out in relief, smiling afterwards.

Drake: You're okay. You're okay.

Psyche awakens as well. Shadow Hound approaching her. Drake and Kate look at each other before Drake gives her a slight nod and moves to help Psyche up. John gets down on a knee and looks at Kate.

John: Hey, are you alright?

Kate: Yeah, I'm fine... now.

They share a look with one another.

John: I was worried about you. It looked like really weren't breathing there.

Kate: I'm sure it was just a moment after Drake woke up, John.

John: No. I mean, that was bad as it was but I meant the whole time. Just sitting there, seeing you... and Drake just laying there motionless. Y'know I studied nursing so I can help people. I took up research in Nanogenes so I can help those who were mutated but here, I just didn't know how to help if I even could help. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I don't know what I would do if something happened to you. Both of you, I mean...

Kate: Yeah, yeah, I- I get it. (sighs)

They share a hug before John helps Kate to her feet. They look over and see Psyche on her feet as well, standing by Drake and Shadow Hound.

Shadow Hound: How are you feeling?

Psyche: Better, just- I just need to rest for a moment.

Blaine: And rest you should. The battle is over and you all have won.

Shadow Hound: Not just yet. If she's restored then we don't need them anymore.

Drake turns to Shadow Hound, glaring at him as his hands form into fists. Psyche puts her hand out, in front of Shadow Hound.

Psyche: Wait-

Shadow Hound: Wait? He's responsible for the fall of my master. Our master!

Psyche: Ryden may have fallen but he was never my master.

Shadow Hound: Why do you speak badly upon him? What did they do to you?

Psyche: They made me see my true self. (looking down) Something I haven't seen in a long time...

She looks up from the ground over at Drake.

Psyche: Why did you try to save me? You always seem to be... doing that.

Drake: No one is beyond redemption, Faith. Not even you. When I was talking to you about the need for a family, about not doing what others tell you to do and being misunderstood... I was talking about you but, I was thinking about me. You were right, back in the city, you did understand me and now, I understand you. But you're not a lost cause... you're something special.

She smiles softly.

Psyche, sarcastic: You must say that to all the girls.

Drake: What girls?

Psyche: (scoffs) Nevermind. Thank you... for your help. I guess you're not as bad as I thought. (looking over at Kate and John) All of you. (turning to Shadow Hound) Come on, you big oaf.

Blaine: Leaving already?

Psyche: Well, I'm feeling better now and it's about time we starting moving again.

Kate: What will you do now?

Psyche: I dunno. You don't have to worry about us though, just not expect us to come around with warm welcomes. I appreciate the help... nothing more, nothing less.

Drake: If you say so...

Blaine: You can always stay here.

Psyche: We would- I would. You seem... kind. But if I'm going to move on, I have to start doing things on my own or at least with this guy around (points thumb at Shadow Hound, who snarls in response).

Blaine: If you need anything, any of you, you know where to find me.

Psyche nods then turns to Drake.

Drake: Take care of yourself.

Psyche: I will.

Both Psyche and Shadow Hound then leave the premise, leaving Drake, Kate and John with Blaine.

John, turning to Blaine: So how exactly do you Mutant abilities work? I might be able to work something up for you.

Blaine puts his hand on John's shoulder and talks to him as he moves him towards the door.

Blaine: No need, child. My abilities go beyond your understanding.

John: I work with machines, I think I know a lot.

Blaine: There's nothing to the world than just machines, you know.

They all step outside and stand in front of the shop.

Kate: So what exactly are you preferring to?

Blaine: Would you believe me if I said something of... mystical origin?

John chuckles to himself. Kate nudges him with her elbow.

John: What? There's no such thing as mystical powers. They're caused through mutations.

Blaine: Maybe... Maybe you're right or perhaps, Maybe not. You can only see if you look.

Blaine then waves his hands around before him as he backs through the doors of his shop.

Drake: Wait, I-

Drake opens the door the shop and they all look surprised. The inside of the shop appears how it first did, appearing abandoned without a sign of life. Drake steps away, the door closing on its own. He turns to Kate and John who look at him.

John: It must be Psyche's illusions or something like that.

Drake: Yeah, right. Come on, let's go back to the van. Maybe they'll let us back in before they call us back.

John: Seriously? You want to head back up there already? But we just came out here.

Drake: I don't know about you, John, but this was enough of a break for me.

Drake and John head off as Kate keeps looking up at the sign for the shop.

John, off-screen: Kate?

Kate: Yeah, coming!

Kate turns back and rushes over to the news van as they enter. The engine then starts up and the van backs out of the alley. The view panning to the left until the dumpster is in view, showing the black cat again, watching them leave. The scene then fades to the outside of the city. The news van seen driving away, past a bayou of some kind, with mutated-looking plants. A rustling sound is then heard as leaves are pushed aside. A figure, hiding itself within the bushes, is seen looking at the van leaving.

Figure: Vigilante...

His voice is raspy, and hissing. It also fresh but only deep. The figure is only partially seen through the darkness. He is humanoid but his skin appears warped on one side of him. He has no clothing from what can be seen of him. His hair is of a dark color and his eyes are brown/blue.

Figure: I... AM... Vigilante...


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and Kate restore balance to Psyche's inner self
  • Psyche and Shadow Hound become neutrals to Drake and his friends

Minor Events

  • Drake learns to emit light from his Stone Slicer form


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Faith/Psyche
  • Shadow Hound
  • Blaine Winters (First Appearance)
  • Young/Teenage Faith (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia (Flashback)
  • Lenny (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Oscar Albus (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Faith's Mother (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Faith's Father (First Appearance) (Flashback)


  • Ryden (Flashback/Psychological)
  • Psyche (Temporarily)
  • Shadow Hound (Temporarily)
  • Faith's Father (Mutated) (Flashback)

Forms Used

  • Electro-Icer
  • Stone Slicer
  • Acidic Thrones


  • When Oscar says Amazing fits better with someone called Alex or Alan, this was an allusion towards Amazing Alex, a game by Rovio, and Amazing Alan, a magician from Ben 10.
  • When the mental image of Ryden says, "In the end, they will always kneel." This is a reference to Loki's speech, during his scene in Stuttgart, in the film, The Avengers.


  • Like the last episode, Owens did not make an appearance in this because it most likely would have changed the preferred tone of the episode. The lack of Owens in this episode, as well as the MCA in general, is a call-back to Second Thoughts in hopes of achieving a similar tone as this is considered a sequel to that episode.
  • This is Psyche and Shadow Hound's first appearance in the second season of the series.
    • Technically, this is Ryden's first appearance in the second season as well but this was still a flashback/mental image of Ryden, himself.
  • This episode is more focused on Psyche as a character as well as to establish her backstory.
  • Originally, Psyche's powers were to awaken from the Incident which would occur right after escaping from Oscar Albus. However, that was changed in the final version.
  • Originally, Blaine Winters was supposed to operate outside of the city in a village but that was also changed in the final version. With Blaine helping Psyche within the city, the episode focused on the threat of Psyche's powers becoming unstable potentially harming those within the city although a similar situation probably would have occurred if the episode was set outside of the city district.
  • Psyche's coat was going to be given to her from one of the magic show members who had left as a way of remembering them or perhaps as a gift however this was changed to leave the impression that both Psyche and Oscar felt abandoned.
  • This is the second time where flashbacks were shown of characters other than Drake; the first being for Owens in Aftershock and the second being for Psyche in this episode.
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