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*The Infinity has the DNA of 1,000,912 alien forms (including [[Human]]) installed in a Data Bank, inside the Infinity itself.
*The Infinity has the DNA of 1,000,912 alien forms (including [[Human]]) installed in a Data Bank, inside the Infinity itself.
**Of those, 73 are currently unlocked and [[Bryce Bowman|Bryce]] has used and named 41.
**Of those, 75 are currently unlocked and [[Bryce Bowman|Bryce]] has used and named 41.
**<s>As of ''[[The Darkest Night: Part One]]'', Bryce has all forms unlocked, but this will change.</s>
**<s>As of ''[[The Darkest Night: Part One]]'', Bryce has all forms unlocked, but this will change.</s>
**As of ''[[The Darkest Night: Part Two]]'', Bryce has all forms previously used unlocked, and the Infinity will now randomly unlock new forms.
**As of ''[[The Darkest Night: Part Two]]'', Bryce has all forms previously used unlocked, and the Infinity will now randomly unlock new forms.

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The Infinity
Infinity Omnitrix
General Information
User Bryce Bowman
Creator Azmuth (BBO)
Type DNA Alteration Device
First Appearance Infinite Powers

The Infinity Omnimatrix, often referred to as the "Infinity" or "Omnitrix", is an Omnitrix used by Bryce Bowman in Bryce Bowman: Origins, and Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty.


The Infinity has had many different forms over time, but the current version resembles a sports watch, with the Omnitrix dial on the faceplate. Its band is black the faceplate is green.

These are not forms all seen in the series, just forms that I made up and enjoyed for a while.


  • Active Mode: The Infinity is fully charged and ready for usage. (Upwards of two hours)
  • Recharge Mode: The power reserves are depleted and the Infinity is charging. (Full Recharge Time = Three Hours)
  • Scan Mode: The Infinity is unlocking new DNA from a nearby source.
  • Recalibration Mode: The Infinity is either resetting the playlists or changing shape. (Sometimes both)
  • Radiation Detection Mode: The Infinity is sensing radiation nearby.
  • Map Display Mode: The Infinity is displaying a map of the area. (Must be previously scanned)
  • Self-Destruct Mode: The Infinity is charging an explosion to self-destruct. (Can be deactivated)
  • Sleep/Grounded mode: Th Infinity has been temporarily shut down. (Can be deactivated)
  • Shut Down Mode: The Infinity has been completely shut off, permanently.
  • Active Mode
  • Recharge Mode
  • DNA Sample Mode
  • Recalibration Mode
  • Radiation Detection Mode
  • Map Display Mode
  • Self Destruct Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Shut Down


  • The Infinity has the DNA of 1,000,912 alien forms (including Human) installed in a Data Bank, inside the Infinity itself.
  • The Infinity has three display options; full color hologram, black silhouette on a green background, or a full-color holographic wheel.
    • The default is the hologram.
  • The Infinity has a GPS installed.
  • The Infinity can alter the user's clothing to fit alien forms. (Usually doesn't)
  • The Infinity alters its size to suit the user.
  • The Infinity has Voice Command.
  • The Infinity has an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
  • The Infinity can show a database of all unlocked aliens.
  • The Infinity can create a holographic map.
  • The Infinity has two-way communications with Agents' badges, Azmuth, phones, and radios.
  • The Infinity has a built-in Universal Translator. (Undiscovered)
  • The Infinity can teleport through Azmuth's teleportation channel.
  • The Infinity can repair genetic damage. (Undiscovered)
  • The Infinity can access DNA Fusions. (Undiscovered)
  • The Infinity has an evolutionary feature. (Ultimizer)
  • The Infinity has a Disguise function that allows it to remain hidden.
    • Normally, it does this by adapting to the DNA of the default form.
      • This means that if a Pyronite put it on, it would change into a normal, wrist-worn accessory for Pyronites.
    • For Bryce, it appears as a black sports watch.
    • When transformed, it turns totally transparent, until accessed by the user.
    • It does this because its true form is really big and obnoxious.
  • The Infinity can alert the user of danger nearby.
    • It does this through sensors detecting changes in radiation levels, seismic activity, weather patterns, even mana (or magic).
    • It can also detect other Omnitrixes.
  • The Infinity can hack into any technology within a 10-mile radius. (Undiscovered)
  • The Infinity can create Null Void portals. (Undiscovered)
  • The Infinity talks in a robotic feminine voice.
  • Azmuth has installed a Playlist Builder function that creates a new playlist of 10 locked forms to unlock.
    • If ten samples of DNA are scanned, they are put into a new playlist.
  • When activated, the Infinity selects 10 transformations, randomly, to display at a time with a variety of abilities.
    • It does this to make the selection process faster and easier for the user.
    • This, however, has been turned off in BBDB, which will be explained later.
    • Instead, it can cycle through all unlocked forms in random order.
  • When the area where the Infinity symbol would appear (if it isn't visible) is touched, the DNA of that being may be sampled or unlocked if it has already been sampled.
    • Likewise, if the symbol is visible and is touched, the DNA may be sampled.
  • The Infinity has a Transformation Randomizer that forces the user to switch between forms randomly.
    • The advantage is that it maintains longer transformations.
  • The Infinity has a "Temporary Unlocking" system.
    • This allows the user to use a form, chosen by the Infinity, for a short amount of time or for a specific task.
    • That form will be locked once more when the transformation ends. 
  • The Infinity has a Master Control function.
    • This allows the user to switch forms with just a thought.
    • This means the user will stay transformed until s/he chooses to revert or has taken too much damage.
  • According to Bryce's page, the Infinity has a way of transferring any exercise that is performed by the alien forms to Bryce's body.
    • This does not mean that if Bryce were to use Hercules to lift a car that Bryce would gain exercise equivalent to that.
    • This does mean that Bryce would gain the level of exercise that Four Arms did, so he still has to push himself, even when using a strong alien.
  • The Infinity has a failsafe that will revert the user to the default form if s/he takes too much damage.
  • One of the Infinity's failsafes is to transform the user into a different form to help them quickly recover from massive damage.
  • The Infinity's true form is a gauntlet with the Potis Altiare attached to the faceplate.
    • This is what gives it it's power.
    • This allows it to power high-level features such as Master Control, Temporary Unlocking, Transformation Randomizer, the A.I., and the Ultimizer.
    • This also allows the user to stay transformed for upwards of two hours, dependent on the alien form.
      • Stronger alien forms, such as Spinosaur; Darkflame; and Ultimate/Galactica, take up more power.

Known Unlocked Forms

Alien Forms

  1. Everglade
  2. XLR8
  3. Diamondhead
  4. Water Hazard
  5. Big Chill
  6. Shocksquatch
  7. Feedback
  8. Tomahawk
  9. Equinox
  10. Darkflame
  11. Humungousaur
  12. Upgrade
  13. Wolfsbane
  14. Ghostfreak
  15. Jetray
  16. Psychophagus
  17. Spit Ball
  18. Overflow
  19. Clockwise
  20. Atomix
  21. Buzzshock
  22. Aerosaur
  23. Jury Rigg
  24. Hercules
  25. Frankenstrike
  26. Grey Matter
  27. Whiplash
  28. Rockslide
  29. Goop
  30. Echo Echo
  31. Fasttrack
  32. Heatblast
  33. Gutrot
  34. Eatle
  35. Spinosaur
  36. Galactica
  37. Graviton
  38. Armodrillo
  39. Technopath
  40. FlameOgre
  41. Blyzzard
  42. AmpFibian
  43. Rath
  44. Spidermonkey
  45. Lodestone
  46. Cannonbolt
  47. Brainstorm
  48. Chromastone
  49. Bolt
  50. Wildvine
  51. Powerhouse
  52. Geochelone Aero form
  53. Geysersheld form
  54. Gourmand form
  55. Rhinosapiens form
  56. Incursean form
  57. Lepidopterran form
  58. Magmonmian form
  59. Merlinisapien form
  60. Nano chip form
  61. Nemuina form
  62. Opticoid form
  63. Orthopterran form
  64. Petramorph form
  65. Piscciss Volan form
  66. Polar Manzardill form
  67. Prypiatosian-A form
  68. Prypiatosian-B form
  69. Seaquake
  70. Segmentasapien form
  71. Spheroid form
  72. Splixon form
  73. To'kustar form
  74. Vladat form
  75. Vulpimancer form

Ultimate Forms

  1. Ultimate Humungousaur
  2. Ultimate Big Chill
  3. Ultimate Everglade
  4. Ultimate Galactica
  5. Ultimate Diamondhead
  6. Ultimate Echo Echo



  • When the Infinity Evolves, the symbol appears and remains there.
    • However, the colors of the eyes of the Evolved aliens do not change.
    • This appearance of the Infinity is a glitch caused by the Infinity having to focus all it's energy on starting and maintaining the Ultimate form.
  • While the Infinity will "mistransform", it is never an accident.
    • Azmuth programmed the A.I. to select an alien form that it feels is better suited for the situation than the alien selected.
    • If one is not needed, it will give the user the selected alien
    • If one is not available, the Infinity can temporarily unlock a form for the user to become, re-locking that form once the transformation has ended.
  • Azmuth built the Infinity specifically to be handled roughly, such as Bryce slamming the dial down or twisting the dial a little too hard.
    • He did this based on "prior experience" that he claims to have.
  • The Infinity badge/symbol must be visible for Bryce to use the "Quick Change" feature, to Evolve/Ultimize, or access the Voice Command.
    • It will generally do this on its own.
  • It is revealed on Ghostfreak's page that the Infinity stores DNA within itself as well as being able to wirelessly connect to the Codon Stream on Primus to access DNA that has been removed from the Infinity itself.
  • Despite Death Dragon removing himself from the Infinity, the Darkflame DNA still remains available.
    • This is because Azmuth had already gathered the DNA sample from Death Dragon when he was young and used it in the Infinity, prior to Death Dragon being trapped in it.
  • According to events in Bryce Bowman: Omnistorm, the Infinity's power reserves are greatly depleted when teleporting across Universes.
    • This also affected Cortana, temporarily shutting her down.
  • While the Infinity was Bryce's only piece of equipment throughout the first three Seasons, it is the least used piece of equipment in Season Four.
  • According to the Bracarios page, Darkflame was made as a less powerful version of Death Dragon by the Infinity, to make the form more usable.
  • According to Bowman 10,000, the Infinity was destroyed in his past, and Azmuth built him a new one.
  • The Infinity's sound effects are the same as the Alien Force Omnitrix, aside from the "time out" sound, which is the same as the Original Series.
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