The Infinity
Infinity Omnitrix.png
General Information
User Bryce Bowman
Creator Azmuth (BBO)
Type DNA Alteration Device
First Appearance Infinite Powers

The Infinity Omnimatrix, often referred to as the "Infinity" or "Omnitrix", is an Omnitrix used by Bryce Bowman in Bryce Bowman: Origins, and Bryce Bowman: Devil's Bounty.


The Infinity has had many different forms over time, but the current version resembles a sports watch, with the Omnitrix dial on the faceplate. Its band is black the faceplate is green.

These are not forms all seen in the series, just forms that I made up and enjoyed for a while.


Active Mode is the Infinity's default mode - the Infinity can be used and nothing is wrong. Transformations last for an average of one-and-a-half to two hours. However, the user can revert back to human anytime they want. Quickchange transformations will reduce the usage time, as will activating the Ultimizer. The absolute maximum time the user can be transformed varies between each form.

Recharge Mode's main purpose in earlier prototypes of the Infinity was to keep it from damaging the user by staying transformed for too long, however Azmuth patched that issue out of the new one, so now it is more based on power usage. It's deactivated automatically, once the Infinity is recharged. When the user is in alien form and the Infinity is about to time out, the symbol will beep and flash red for a few seconds before covering its user in red light. If the user reverts by their own volition, they will revert straight away in a flash of green light instead.

The Infinity senses DNA nearby that can either be scanned and sampled as a new transformation or DNA that is already within the Omnitrix's databank, but is not currently unlocked. The Omnitrix will usually lock all other modes until the new DNA is cataloged. When in close range of the new DNA, the Omnitrix will send out hundreds of small nanites that appear as beams of yellow light which take in scans as well as blood and tissue samples to analyze and form a new entry in the DNA bank.

When the Infinity enters recalibration mode, it locks. Usually not for a very long time, but it can still be a hindrance. The main purpose of recalibration mode is for the Infinity to automatically update its own software to make improvements or patch bugs or even repair physical damage. It is also used to reset playlists. Sometimes, when making major repairs or updates, the Infinity will change its appearance. Although it might not be apparent if the disguise function is working properly.

Quite simply, the Infinity is displaying a pre-loaded or scanned map for the user to look over. This can also be used while tracking another Omnitrix to pinpoint exactly where it is.

The Infinity begins pulsing red light quickly, and in short bursts while beeping in while with the pulsing light. It is detecting something nearby that could be potentially harmful to either the user or by-standers. The Infinity will beep continuously until acknowledged by Bryce.


  • The Infinity has the DNA of 1,000,912 alien forms (including Human) installed in a Data Bank inside the Infinity itself and acts as a wireless receiver to the Codon Stream on Primus.
  • The Infinity can store samples of species that do not contain DNA, such as energy beings.
  • The Infinity has three display options; full color hologram, black silhouette on a green background, or a full-color holographic wheel.
    • The default is the hologram.
  • The Infinity has a GPS. 
  • The Infinity can alter the user's clothing to fit alien forms.
  • The Infinity can create devices and other appendages to make the transformations more usable or more safe for others
    • Such as NRG's containment suit or Goop's Anti-Gravity microchips.
  • The Infinity alters its size to suit the user.
  • The Infinity has Voice Command.
    • It is seen mostly responding to questions Bryce asks it.
  • The Infinity has an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    • This A.I. is advanced enough to form its own decisions, often deviating from Bryce's selected alien form to one it thinks is more suited for the task at hand.
    • It can also project a holographic image of itself, see Cortana.
    • Being based on Cortana, the Infinity's A.I. is voiced by Jen Taylor
  • The Infinity can show a database of all unlocked aliens.
  • The Infinity can create holographic maps of previously explored locations
    • So, it probably has s solid map of Charlotte and it is known it has a map of Primus and Galvan Prime.
  • The Infinity can utilize most communication channels including the Agency's comms channel, Azmuth's personal channel, cell phones, and any form of radio, like police and fire dispatch. 
  • The Infinity has a built-in Universal Translator.
    • It works on most languages, but some don't translate properly into English, like Sixsix's, so it chooses not to.
  • The Infinity has a teleportation system that can utilize Azmuth's personal channel.
  • The Infinity can repair genetic damage.
  • The Infinity can access DNA Fusions.
  • The Infinity has an evolutionary feature, creating the ultimate combat-based version of the transformations.
  • The Infinity has a Disguise function that allows it to remain hidden.
    • Normally, it does this by adapting to the DNA of the default form.
      • This means that if a Pyronite put it on, it would change into a normal, wrist-worn accessory for Pyronites.
      • It also takes into account the user's personality, and what it thinks they might like.
    • For Bryce, it appears as a black sports watch.
    • When transformed, it turns totally transparent, until accessed by the user.
    • It does this because its true form is really big and obnoxious.
  • The Infinity can alert the user of danger nearby.
    • It does this through sensors detecting changes in radiation levels, seismic activity, weather patterns, even mana (or magic).
    • It can also detect other Omnitrixes.
  • The Infinity can hack into nearby technology. 
    • This is something Cortana did a lot in Season Four, but Bryce didn't know how to do that beforehand. 
  • The Infinity can create Null Void portals. 
  • The Infinity can project a hologram of binoculars for the user .
  • The Infinity can analyze local flora and detect if they're harmful to the user .
  • Azmuth has installed a Playlist Builder function that creates a new playlist of 10 locked forms to unlock.
    • If ten samples of DNA are scanned, they are put into a new playlist.
    • The user can also edit these playlists by moving transformations between them and even locking them. 
    • Although, Bryce does not know how to do this yet.
  • When activated, the Infinity selects 10 transformations, randomly, to display at a time with a variety of abilities.
    • It does this to make the selection process faster and easier for the user.
    • This, however, has been turned off in BBDB, which will be explained later.
    • Instead, it can cycle through all unlocked forms in random order.
    • It can also be set to display one random playlist.
  • When the Infinity symbol is touched, whether it is visible or not, the DNA sample of that being's species may be unlocked or sampled if it isn't already in the Codon Stream.
  • The Infinity has a Transformation Randomizer that forces the user to switch between forms randomly.
    • The advantage is that it maintains longer transformations.
    • When the Infinity is about to switch transformations, it gives the user a small mental warning of which alien to expect next.
  • The Infinity has a failsafe to transform the user into an alien in an emergency. This can also manifest as unlocking a transformation the user doesn't have access to in order to save his/her life.
    • This allows the user to use a form, chosen by the Infinity, for a short amount of time or for a specific task.
    • That form will be locked once more when the transformation ends.
    • See Darkness in the Air.
  • The Infinity has a Master Control function.
    • This allows the user to switch forms with just a thought.
    • This unlocks the full power potential of the Potis Altiare, allowing the user to  stay transformed until s/he chooses to revert or has taken too much damage.
  • According to Bryce's page, the Infinity has a way of transferring any exercise that is performed by the alien forms to Bryce's body.
    • This does not mean that if Bryce were to use Hercules to lift a car that Bryce would gain exercise equivalent to Bryce lifting a car, but that Bryce would gain the level of exercise that Hercules did, so he still has to push himself, even when using a strong alien.
  • The Infinity has a failsafe that will revert the user to the default form if s/he takes too much damage.
  • One of the Infinity's failsafes is to transform the user into a different form to help them quickly recover from massive damage.
  • The Infinity's true form is a gauntlet with the Potis Altiare attached to the faceplate.
    • This is what gives it it's power.
    • This allows it to power high-level features such as Master Control, Temporary Unlocking, Transformation Randomizer, the A.I., and the Ultimizer.
    • This also allows the user to stay transformed for upwards of two hours, dependent on the alien form.
      • Stronger alien forms, such as Spinosaur; Darkflame; and Ultimate/Galactica, take up more power.
    • This also allows the user to transform into species that may be considered feral while still maintaining decent control over them.
      • This has only really been shown with Spinosaur, but there will be more transformations like this in Devil's Bounty.

Known Unlocked Transformations

Regular Transformations

First Playlist

  1. Everglade
  2. XLR8
  3. Diamondhead
  4. Water Hazard
  5. Big Chill
  6. Shocksquatch
  7. Feedback
  8. Tomahawk
  9. Equinox
  10. Darkflame

Second Playlist

  1. Humungousaur
  2. Upgrade
  3. Spit Ball
  4. Overflow
  5. Clockwise
  6. Atomix
  7. Ghostfreak
  8. Jetray
  9. Aerosaur
  10. Jury Rigg

Scanned Transformations

  1. Wolfsbane
  2. Psychophagus
  3. Buzzshock
  4. Hercules
  5. Frankenstrike

Third Playlist

  1. Grey Matter
  2. Whiplash
  3. Rockslide
  4. Goop
  5. Echo Echo
  6. Fasttrack
  7. Heatblast
  8. Gutrot
  9. Eatle
  10. Spinosaur

Unaffiliated Transformations

  1. Galactica
  2. Graviton
  3. Armodrillo
  4. Technopath
  5. FlameOgre
  6. Blyzzard
  7. Stinkfly
  8. Rath
  9. AmpFibian
  10. Spidermonkey
  11. Lodestone
  12. Cannonbolt
  13. Brainstorm
  14. Chromastone
  15. Bolt
  16. Wildvine
  17. Powerhouse
  18. Terraspin
  19. Shellhead
  20. Upchuck
  21. Stampede
  22. Kersmack
  23. Lavazoid
  24. Invisilizard
  25. Nanomech
  26. Comadose
  27. Eye Guy
  28. Crashhopper
  29. Cementomb
  30. Ripjaws
  31. Arctiguana
  32. Megaton
  33. NRG
  34. Dominator
  35. Alloy
  36. Spitter
  37. Ditto
  38. Skyscraper
  39. Blood Count
  40. Wildmutt

Ultimate Transformations

  1. Ultimate Humungousaur
  2. Ultimate Big Chill
  3. Ultimate Everglade
  4. Ultimate Galactica
  5. Ultimate Diamondhead
  6. Ultimate Echo Echo



  • When the Infinity Evolves, the symbol appears and remains there.
    • However, the colors of the eyes of the Evolved aliens do not change.
    • This appearance of the Infinity is caused by the Infinity having to focus all it's energy on starting and maintaining the Ultimate form.
  • While the Infinity will "mistransform", it is never an accident.
    • Azmuth programmed the A.I. to select an alien form that it feels is better suited for the situation than the alien selected.
    • If one is not needed, it will give the user the selected alien
    • If one is not available, the Infinity can temporarily unlock a form for the user to become, re-locking that form once the transformation has ended.
  • Azmuth built the Infinity specifically to be handled roughly, such as Bryce slamming the dial down or twisting the dial a little too hard.
    • He did this based on "prior experience" that he claims to have.
  • The Infinity badge/symbol must be visible for Bryce to use the "Quick Change" feature, to Evolve/Ultimize, or access the Voice Command.
    • It will generally do this on its own, preemptively.
  • It is revealed on Ghostfreak's page that the Infinity stores DNA within itself as well as being able to wirelessly connect to the Codon Stream on Primus to access DNA that has been removed from the Infinity itself.
  • Despite Death Dragon removing himself from the Infinity, the Darkflame DNA still remains available.
    • This is because Azmuth had already gathered the DNA sample from Death Dragon when he was young and used it in the Infinity, prior to Death Dragon being trapped in it.
  • While the Infinity was Bryce's only piece of equipment throughout the first three Seasons, it is the least used piece of equipment in Season Four.
  • According to the Bracarios page, Darkflame is the Infinity's attempt to recreate a normal Bracarios out of Death Dragon's DNA, which has been genetically, scientifically, and cosmically altered.
  • According to Bowman 10,000, the Infinity was destroyed in his past, and Azmuth built him a new one.
    • This should not happen to Bryce's Infinity, as the future he saw in Bowman 10,000 (Episode) is no longer his future.
  • The Infinity's sound effects are the same as the Alien Force Omnitrix, aside from the "time out" sound, which is the same as the Original Series Omnitrix.
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