The Infinity Matrix is an upgraded version of the Ultimatrix that is given to Ben by Azmuth in Ben 10: Aliens Unleashed. It contains the DNA of every being in the universe, and is the Omnitrix's most powerful form, not needing to recharge and allowing rapid chains of transformation.


It's purpose is to help Ben defend the unverse against the all new and improved villans also for Ben to have just little bit of fun Ben is all about beating baddies but with that much power on his wrist you must have just a little bit of fun



  • infinity mode

Where Ben can go beyond his ultimate forms he can also go hyper Chromastone,Omega Humungousaur etc

  • Infimatrix overload

If the infinity matrix is timed out and Ben cant access his forms he can create a huge infimatrix overload meanig using all the powers of the aliens to create one huge bomb

  • Ultimate mode

Where Ben can go ultimate

Creators of the Infinity Matrix

Aliens Contained

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