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The Omnitrix
Infinite Omnitrix (OS).png
General Information
User Bryce Bowman
Creator Azmuth
Type DNA Alteration
Similar Technology Omnitrix
Infinity Omnimatrix
Omnitrix MIII
Prototype Omnitrix
First Appearance Teleproblem

The Infinite Omnitrix, commonly referred to as the Omnitrix or Infinity, is the Omnitrix used by Bryce Bowman in the series Omni-School


Azmuth built the Omnitrix for the new students at the Omni-School to use.


The Omnitrix resembles the Omnitrix in Ben 10: Omniverse, but with a few minor color changes.


  • Active mode: The Infinity is fully charged and ready for usage. 
  • Recharge mode: The power reserves are depleted and the Infinity is charging. (Time: 1min-2hours)
  • Scan mode: The Infinity is aquiring new DNA. 
  • Recalibration mode: The Infinity is either resetting the playlists or changing shape. (sometimes both)
  • Radiation mode: The Infinity is sensing radiation nearby.
  • Self Destruct/Danger Mode: The Infinty is either alerting the user of nearby danger or charging an explosion to self destruct.(can be deactivated)
  • Sleep/Grounded mode: The Infinity has been temporarily shut down. (can be deactivated)
  • Map Display mode: The Infinity is displaying a map of the area.
  • Shut Down mode: The Infinity has been completely shut off permanently.
  • Hacker mode: The Omnitrix is hacking nearby technology.


  • The Omnitrix has access to over 60 alien forms.
  • The Omnitrix has three display options; full color hologram, black silhouette on a green background, or a full color hologram wheel. The default is the hologram.
  • Works as a GPS
  • The Omnitrix can alter clothing to fit alien forms(usually doesn't)
  • The Omnitrix alters size to fit user.
  • The Omnitrix has Voice Command
  • The Omnitrix has an AI(Artificial Intelligence), this AI can function much like Cortana
  • The Omnitrix can show a database of all unlocked aliens
  • The Omnitrix can create a hologram map
  • The Omnitrix has two-way comms with Plumbers' badges, Azmuth, phones, and radios
  • The Omnitrix has a built-in Universal Translator
  • The Omnitrix can teleport through Azmuths' teleportation channel
  • The Omnitrix can repair genetic damage
  • The Omnitrix can access DNA Fusions (undiscovered)
  • The Omnitrix has an evolutionary feature(Ultimizer)
  • The Omnitrix can disguise itself as an accessory, based on the person it's on, on Bryce it's a black watch.
  • The Omnitrix can alert user of danger nearby
  • The Omnitrix can hack into any technology within a 10 mile radius.
  • The Omnitrix can create Null Void portals.
  • The Omnitrix has an additional evolutionary feature(Unlimiter)
  • The Omnitrix talks in a robotic feminine voice.
  • The Omnitrix has playlists of ten aliens.
    • Azmuth has intalled a Playlist Builder function that creates a new playlist of 10 locked forms to unlock.
    • If ten samples of DNA are scanned, they are put into a new playlist.
  • When the area where the Omnitrix symbol would appear is touched, the DNA of that being may be sampled.
  • The Omnitrix has a Transformation Randomizer that forces the user to switch between forms randomly.
    • The advantage is that it maintains longer transformations.

Unlocked Forms

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Aerosaur
  3. AmpFibian
  4. Armodrillo
  5. Atomix
  6. Big Chill
  7. Brainstorm
  8. Brixx
  9. Buzzshock
  10. Cannonbolt
  11. Chromastone
  12. Clockwise
  13. Comadose
  14. Crashhopper
  15. Demonface
  16. Diamondhead
  17. Ditto
  18. Rockslide
  19. Eatle
  20. Echo Echo
  21. Everglade
  22. Eye Guy
  23. Fasttrack
  24. Fatman
  25. Feedback
  26. FlameOgre
  27. Four Arms
  28. Frankenstrike
  29. Galactica
  30. Ghostfreak
  31. Goop
  32. Graviton
  33. Grey Matter
  34. Gutrot
  35. Heatblast
  36. Humungousaur
  37. Invisilizard
  38. Jetray
  39. Jury Rigg
  40. Kersmack
  41. Lodestone
  42. Megaton
  43. Molestache
  44. Nanomech
  45. NRG
  46. Psychophagus
  47. Rath
  48. Ripjaw
  49. Shocksquatch
  50. Skyscraper
  51. Spidermonkey
  52. Spit Ball
  53. Spinosaur
  54. Snakepit
  55. Stinkfly
  56. Terraspin
  57. Tomahawk
  58. Unitaur
  59. Upchuck
  60. Upgrade
  61. Walkin' Fish
  62. Water Hazard
  63. Whampire
  64. Whiplash
  65. Wildmutt
  66. Wildvine
  67. Wolfsbane
  68. XLR8

Ultimate Forms

  1. Ultimate Absolute Zero
  2. Ultimate Big Chill
  3. Ultimate Cannonbolt
  4. Ultimate Echo Echo
  5. Ultimate Everglade
  6. Ultimate Graviton
  7. Ultimate Humungousaur
  8. Ultimate Skyscraper
  9. Ultimate Spidermonkey
  10. Ultimate Wildmutt