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Infinite Humungousaur
Infinite Humungousaur.png
General Information
Species Twice evolved Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino
Body Large dinosaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced strength, shooting rockets
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance To This Day
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Ultimate Humungousaur (ultimate form)

Humungousaur (regular form)

Predator/Prey Tyrannopede

Infinite Humungousaur is the Infinite form of Humungousaur in Ben 10: Ultimate Power.


His body seems to be based off of Malware's fourth form, having a very similar design. Although, his physical appearance is somewhat based off of Humungousaur.

Powers and Abilities

Infinite Humungousaur's abilities are similar to his ultimate form, in some ways. He can't grow anymore, and he is unable to fire rockets from his hands. But, this is an advantage, because he can now fire rockets from his back.

Also, he can redirect any missiles fired at him, sending them back at the one who fired. If the target is moving, the missiles will become heat seeking.

More info will come soon, I will not reveal much due to spoilers.




Ben 10: Ultimate Power

Season Two

  • To This Day (first appearance)


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  • Out of all the things Ahmad has made for me, this is my favorite.
  • He is the first BTUP alien to appear with its evolutionary line and its user.
    • Okay, it doesn't matter that it was with Albedo...
  • He is the second BTUP Infinite alien to have a gallery, the first being Infinite Cannonbolt.