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The prototype logo of the new series, Infinite Adventure Time

Episode Guide[]

Season 1[]

1.You Die, We Mourn . - Tragically, Jake dies, leaving Finn on his own. But when he finds a strange device and a few helpers, will he save the world from extinction, again!

2.Kick Fresh Turkey Butt - The gang meet up with Marceline, and celebrate a very meaty Thanksgiving.

3.Queen-Napping. - The Ice King is back stealing female royalty, but this time, someone higher in the Ooo ranks!

4.Da Mayor of Elmore - Gumball is arrested on suspicion of stealing PB's solid gold bars, leaving the others against the Evil Alliance. But as a hero of Elmore, recieves a distress call from Finn, Gumball finds a way out.

5.To'Kustar Trubble - Finn is puzzled as his AdventureTrix playlist is updated.

6.I Hate Upchuck Norris - Finn meets up with Upchuck Norris, but instantly they get into a dispute, leading to a death!

7.The Audit of Ooo - Ooo goes bankrupt, leading to a big audit.But heroes and villians team up to protect their majestic wonderland.

8.The Regular Time of Adventure - Special. Regular Show stars arrive in Ooo after changing dimensions for a night. Marceline warns the group of Darwin and BMO coming to attack Rigby and Mordecai, so our heroes fight back!

9.Marceline and Her Monstrous Parents - Marceline and Finn start dating, making PB very agitated. But when Finn meets Marceline's 1200-year old parents, he thinks twice about who he loves and likes!

10.Shooting HOoops - Darwin and BMO take on Finn and Gumball in a basketball game. PB and Penny watch a movie. The Ice King is watching a Queen in labour. So when Finn and Gumball win the game, can they realise what evil they were missing?

11.Infinite Adventure Time with Fionna and Gummi - A gender-swapped version of the pilot.

12.You Die, We Mourn: The Musical! - The team decide to have a musical of the pilot.

New Episodes air each week from February 3 2012. Reruns air the day after.