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It's Been a Long, Dangerous Battle!

Infinite Adventure Time is currently on hiatus for a while. You will have to wait until it returns from its break to see any new episodes. Sorry about that.

Infinite Adventure Time: With Finn and Gumball is a brand new and exclusive Ben 10 Fan Fiction by Kristopher and Rob following the story of the wielder of the AdventureTrix, his Osmosian sidekick, his Anodite girlfriend, and a dangerously smart Helper!


Finn the Human and Gumball Waterson are now starting high school. Finn (15) and Gumball (15 in 8 weeks (Season 2)) are about to find out why the world is filled with crime. Gumball and his class went on a field trip to the Land of Ooo, but a few students get left behind. Soon, Penny (14) and Gumball (14) meet up with Princess Bubblegum (15) and Finn and Jake (30). But something tragic happens when Jake dies. So the rest decide to join forces and save the Land of Ooo. But they must beware of the Evil Alliance formed by, Darwin (15), the Ice King (600) and BMO (16,Game years). Marceline (1,000), Tobias (15), LSP (23) and Wasami (15) are recurring characters.

Cast and Characters


  • Finn the Human - The 15 year old wielder of the AdventureTrix/GeneRatrix.
  • PB - Finn's 15 year old lover and an Anodite.
  • Penny Fitzgerald - The super smart helper with the ability of Brains. She is Gumball's Lover.


  • Darwin Watterson - The leader of the evil alliance.
  • The Ice King - The evil king who now steals queens and princesses.
  • BMO - An evil video game player.

Recurring/Supporting Characters

  • Marceline - The Vampire who was born in Ooo in the year 1012.
  • Tobias - The Elmore imbecile with the childish sister, Rachel.
  • LSP - The Princess of the Lumpy people of Lumpy Space.
  • Wasami - The demonic high school partygoer who has a small crush on Darwin.

Alien Heroes

Original Aliens









9. Rayge!

10.Boiling Magma!

Additional Aliens





5. Ice Bolt!


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Season 1

1.You Die, We Mourn.

2.Kick Fresh Turkey Butt.

3. Queen-Napping.

4.Da Mayor of Elmore

5. To'Kustar Trubble

6.I Hate Upchuck Norris

7. The Audit of Ooo

8. The Regular Time of Adventure!(Starring Mordecai, Rigby and Benson) - Special

9. Marceline and Her Monstrous Parents.

10.Shooting HOoops

11. Infinite Adventure Time with Fiona and Gummi.

12.You Die, We Mourn: The Musical!

Season 2

1.Sweet 15! No Thank You!


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