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The Infinimatrix is the successor to the Omnitrix, created by Azmuth.


The Infinimatrix, in it's collapsed form, looks much similar to the Omnitrix, but with a different design, mostly grey, with a white line running down the middle, and a black faceplate housing the core inside. However, in it's un-collapsed form, a screen extends, which is used for selecting aliens. It closes around Ben's arm, as the original Ultimatrix did.


  • Master Control; all aliens are unlocked from the beginning.
  • Stabilized transformations; no limiter.
  • Ultimate forms
  • Infinite forms; a new evolutionary form that hyper-evolves alien forms beyond Ultimate, giving them near infinite power, as the expense of consuming a lot of the device's power. Unlike normal/ultimate forms, Infinite forms have a limiter.


The Infinimatrix is used by pressing the button near the right end of the device, which pops out the screen, containing 6 alien forms on the display at a time. When one is tapped, the faceplate will move upwards, and the core will pop out, allowing Ben to transform into the selected alien.

Ultimate Forms

Ultimate forms are used the same way as Ben used to transform into them back in Ultimate Alien, usually by slamming the Omnitrix emblem on the alien again. Ultimate forms have 4 points stemming from the emblem

Infinite Forms

Infinite forms are used by Ben turning the alien's Omnitrix dial 90 degrees while in an ultimate form, popping out the core, and slamming it in, transforming into the Infinite form. Infinite forms always have 12 points stemming from the emblem.

Light Codes

  • Green; active mode
  • Red; out of energy (Only seen if an Infinite form times out)
  • Blue; scan mode
  • Green, current time; Clock mode
  • Orange, pulsing, timer in middle of emblem; Self destruct mode


The Infinimatrix was a top secret project. Azmuth first had the idea to create it when he modified Albedo's recreated Ultimatrix to turn him into an 11 year old Ben copy. Azmuth had complimented the device, calling it "clever", also noticing it could run forever, before putting it back on Albedo.

Shortly after that episode, Azmuth began to construct the Infinimatrix in secret, no one knew about it except for him. Azmuth used a recreated Ultimatrix core, similar to the one Albedo had stolen from him back in the end of Alien Force. This meant that the Infinimatrix would be able to use Ultimate forms. Azmuth had previously stated an evolutionary function was "begging for trouble", however his opinion has changed on it, and thus it was implemented.

Azmuth's main goal while building the Infinimatrix was to stabilize transformations, effectively making the limiter redundant. Azmuth ended up taking the Ultimatrix from Albedo, shortly after it was disabled in the events of "Malgax Attacks", to study it.

Studying the Ultimatrix allowed him to achieve his goal of making the limiter redundant. At this point, the Infinimatrix, fitting it's name, could now run forever. Azmuth, curious, removed the Polymorphic Crystal from the Ultimatrix, reverting it into it's original form. At this point, the Infinimatrix looked just like the current Omnitrix, with a small design overhaul.

Azmuth decided to attempt to use the Polymorphic Crystal inside the Infinimatrix, as a test. He inserted it, and surprisingly, it worked. The Infinimatrix transformed slightly, gaining a collapsable gauntlet design, with a screen. Unbeknownst to Azmuth, however, this also unlocked a new feature exclusive to the Infinimatrix; Infinite forms.

By the time of Ben's 18th birthday, the Infinimatrix was completed, so it was presented to Ben inside a cylindrical container, with the master control unlocked. Ben removed the Omnitrix, returning it to Azmuth, and put on the Infinimatrix.