Brandon 10 - Infection
Infected is the 15th episode of the show, Brandon 10


An experiment to cure diseases then goes wrong and transforms into a powerful disease with alien samples. The Disease attacks a city and citizens become infected. Entering the city for a new movie, Brandon 10 notices citizens getting carried to hospitals, paralized on the ground or walking around like a zombie. When a diseased zombie man comes toward him, Brandon turns into Four Arms and takes him to the labs. When runed under a scan, Brandon creates a digital universe for the disease. Storing the small deminsion in a vacum, Brandon zaps all the infected citizens with his device and all the citizens wait up and fell slightly better. Transporting to the disease deminsion, Brandon plans to defeat the disease on the inside. Transforming into Freezefire, Brandon attempts to defeat it as it is in a visual form but then fails. Captured in the disease, Brandon manges to turn into Upgrade and turn the virtual disease into a reality to make it visual to the human eye. The Disease now reveleaed attempts to attack Brandon but he transforms into Cannonbolt and attacks the Disease from all around and destorys it and captures the remains in sample tubes so they can not be released to mankind again. But it is shown a small glob slithers off of the tube and out of the lab.


  • Brandon 10
  • Scientists
  • Alien Samples(Slightly)
  • Citizens
  • Infected Citizens
  • Amublence

Aliens Used


  • The Disease
  • Infected Zombie Citizens


  • This is Cannonbolt's 1st Apperance
  • The Disease resembles the plant membrane from Camp Fear
  • A small Disease glob escapes the lab meaning the Disease might return once again
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