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The Incomplete Omnitrix Pre-0.2 is a pirated version of the Omnitrix whose creator is unknown.


The Incomplete Omnitrix has a striking resemblance to the Original Ultimatrix. It has the shape of a gauntlet. The interface is either green, red or yellow, depending on the mode.


An unknown inventor stole the blueprints of Azmuth's Omnitrix and created a gauntlet like version using them. As Azmuth's was at the time incomplete, this version is not full as well.

Somehow, this Omnitrix got stored in a mansion which was visited by Evfnye Misx. He found the physical device and started using it.


The Incomplete Omnitrix is capable of doing most things the regular Omnitrix can do, with some exceptions. It cannot:

  • Repair DNA
  • Automatically scan DNA
  • Store more than 10 transformations at a time.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence


The modes of this Omnitrix are limited to Active mode and Recharge Mode. It is possible to access Scan Mode by hard-cracking it. This feature can be performed by an Encephalopod.

Known DNA samples

Transformation Name Species Home Planet
Strong Shell Fortean Fortmass
EyEgle Aviaquilan Aviaquila
Knightmare Arthuran Arthure II
Bind Limb Tensionsapien Tensilia
Dragonforce Dracontachian Dracontachia
KrakkIn Encephalopod Baltus
Boost Rider Arthrowheel Chelys
Attactus Spicaryophyll Opuntia
Water Bear Vedmedan Magmest
Hammershake Thoronian Scandia