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In your Dreams
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 25/3/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Oussama 15

In your dreams is the sixth episode of Ahmad 15.


Camera reveals Ahmad as Four Arms Jumping with anger. Camera then show Him punching Vilgax in his Ship

Four Arms Version

Finn 10: Fusion

Vilgax: Stop! (bleeding with injures)

Fourarms: No Vilgax! This is Final!

Camera shows Oussama's face. Sounds of Screams then takes place and blood drops splash on Oussama's Face.

Fourarms (Timing Out, on screen): Done! (reverts to Ahmad) I killed him.

Oussama: Come on, tommorrow is last day of School. (leaves with Ahmad)

Theme Song!

Morning, Oussama and Ahmad are at school.

Oussama: Finally! Last Day of School!

Ahmad: I can't wait. Lets the Grades.

They sit in two seats in first row.

Presenter: And the first ranked student having 99.99 % is.... (opens Paper) Ahmad Saati!

Spotlight is around Ahmad.

Journalist: Congratulations!

Later, Ahmad and Oussama are returning home.

Oussama: Ahmad... Do you know the date of Today?

Ahmad: It is 15 6 2012... My--

Oussama: Yes! Your Birthday!

People crowd around them havin party clothes and a Giant Cake is brought by Ahmad's Mother.

Everybody (singing): Happy Birthday To You! Chat cha Cha! Happy Birthday to you...

Cut to another scene, Zs'Skayr arrived. Ahmad went Heatblast and Zs'Skayr was killed of Heatblast's Light.

Cut to another Scene, Skulker with Dr. Vicktor attacked! Ahmad Transformed to Teleportal and sent them to the Null Void.

Cut to another scene, Oussama came running.

Oussama: Ahmad wake up!

Ahmad: Wake Up? I am!

Suddenly, another Oussama came stopping the other. The Oussamas Start Fighting!

Ahmad: Stop! Ok! This Is a dream! Let me enjoy it!

Oussama: This is Different! Wake Up!

Ahmad wakes up in his bed. Walks to the Calender and reads its still 25/3/2012.

Ahmad: Even in my dreams!



  • Ahmad
  • Oussama #1 (dream)
  • Oussama #2 (dream)


Aliens Used[]


  • All that happens in this episode is a dream.