This Page is not made for a Specific Person, but for all noobs who wish to make a good episode. Made by User:Ahmad15. Read Carefully.

Stuff You need to know

Making Pages

When You're making a new page, Go Here. Write the Episode's Name (Copy-Pasted) in the Dialogue Format's Box. And click the button.



In the Episode You are making, Remove the Heading, (Keep the Puzzle Thingy) and Write "(EPISODE NAME) is the (EPISODE NUMBER) episode in (SERIES)'s (SEASON NUMBER) Season." replacingthe things in Paranthesis.


Click the Puzzle Thingy. Replace the Things in Paranthesis.

Character Lines

In the Plot Section, You could use the Following:


Replace the thing between only Two Paranthesis. Write the Action in Present Tense.

Other Actions

You could simply write long Action in a Paragraph Format if not Surrounded by Words.


In the Character Section, In bulleted Text write the good Guys' Names. Then add a Title: "Villians". Then start a Bulleted List of Villians and one for Aliens.


Write a Summary

Grammar & Spelling

This is Quick and Easy. Capitalize the First Letters and add a point at the End. Word can do this for you if made it there. If it is Underlined with a Green or Red Line click it and choose what you mean.

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