The Imniutrix is a Omnitrix, Made by Azmuth. And a few Galvanic Mechamorphs helped him with the Code.

It is in the series: Ben 10: Imnualien.

(Picture will come later)


It has 4 Colours.

Green: Green means when it can be used and nothing is wrong. Green is also sometimes used if a alien is found near.

Yellow: Scaninng mode, Scans any new alien near, then adds it into the Imniutrix. Yellow will also be used if any transformation is turned into its Imni form.

Red: Means that the Imniutrix is timed out. If any radiation is detected, the Imniutrix will also flash red. If SDM mode is activated, it will also turn red.

Blue: It means that if any Updates are recived, To update it, the user will need to spin it 2x left.


All aliens of the Prototype Omnitrix, Ultimatrix, and Omnitrix. Including these:

Whup: A beast-like thing, It is a exxactunam from the planet Rohn. He can roar, is very strong, and howls.

Imni forms of the aliens that have ultimate forms in UA. They are 2x as strong.

Khentucky: A chicken-like form, Can fly, is strong, and can stand upright, Has powerfull arms, Like a opposite of Kickin' Hawk. it is a Chitun from the planet Hewc.

Arut: Large Iguana like thing, Can spit fire, And can produce lava. Also, is immune to water/fire/lava, It is a Iken from the planet Urmaene

Guram: Large Humanoid that resembles Humungousaur, But has red skin, a small Shell, and is more muscular.

Alinu: Heavy, so it can squish stuff, Also, can jump high. And can fire blasts.

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