Imnitrix is a weapon created by Space Create Technologies (SCT) and was modified by Kostya

It has same aliens as was in the omnitrix



it was first aqured by Kostya when he was 8

When he turned 9 he modified the watch to be more useful and work able

The clone of Kostya whos name is unknown haves the copy of the watch

Friend of kostya who named Sasha haved the copy but was aqured by the clone of Kostya

Imnitrix haves 4 buttons,first named Reset which used for reseting if Imnitrix broke it also doesnt delete aliens,Start is a button for starting the Imnitrix,Mode is a button used for fighting when Imnitrix is reloading,and Light is used for turn in to alien

Imnitrix first haved the Blue symbol but Kostya when first aqured the symbol was green

Once Imnitrix broke and all buttons didnt worked but the Azmuth the creator of Omnitrix  fixed by upgrading it

Inmitrix Concept

This is concept art from 2017 that was the old version

Inmitrix 2

Imnitrix 2.0 Kind looks like Ben 10:AF Omnitrix

The concept showed the Imnitrix from different angles front and right

Also concepts inspired from the Omnitrix from Ben 10 Omniverse

Imnitrix 2.0 is a new version of the watch Imnitrix

Kostya uses this watch for saving the world as he doed with the old version

From that version clone still use the old Imnitrix

This watch was inspired from the AF Omnitrix

Also this watch didn't have concepts

From that version the watch haves ring

Also from that version the watch is round instead of blocky

This version is also named Ultimate Imnitrix as like the AF Omnitrix does

This version haves hologram instead of pictures of aliens

This watch now haves the AF aliens

This watch is will be still used for new series

Thats all of the information of Imnitrix it haves only 2 version so im gonna still show you the 3.0 when i found new watches

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