The Imaginatrix is a DNA alteration gadget that can transform its user into any living thing that can ever be imagined. It is possibly the most powerful object in the Omniverse.

It is free-to-Use.



  • By accessing the inbuilt Adaptive Genetical Probability Sequencer (AGPS), the Imaginatrix can rewrite the user’s form and transform them into one of an infinite amount of different transformations.
  • The Imaginatrix has a holographic interface, where a holographic half-circle is shown, with it having the faces of different species, which is activated and scrolls through the aliens by the user touching the half circle and scrolling left or right, akin to a touch screen. Touching the faceplate will select that alien species and extend the master activator.
  • The selection is finalised when the master activator is pressed in or slammed.


  • The Imaginatrix mainly allows the user to morph themselves into an infinite variety of transformations.
  • The Imaginatrix has all transformations automatically unlocked.
  • The Imaginatrix reverts its user to their original species after it has exerted its charge. It will be recharged after a random amount of time.
  • Selections of popular transformations can be created.
  • The Imaginatrix has a search function that can search for names & powers.
  • The Imaginatrix can alter its size to fit the user.
  • The Imaginatrix protects the user from some negative effects.
  • The Imaginatrix has an alien randomiser mode.
  • The Imaginatrix can add extra features to transformations in order to make them more safe/stable
  • The Imaginatrix has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The Imaginatrix has a fail-safe that kicks in in the event that the user’s life is in jeopardy. This feature turns the user into the needed species to survive.

List of Transformations

A list of transformations that the wearer of the Imaginatrix can use is completely unnecessary because of the fact that the Imaginatrix has access to every transformation that can be imagined, with no limits to how powerful or mundane they can be.

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