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Imad and Pearl as 2 angels

Special Chapter: ending of Imad 10 Series

Imad 10 - Epilogue - Final Destiny
Danny grew up to be an elite plumber who rose to the rank of magister,and used both his training and the Ultimatrix to save entire worlds.As for Jennifer,she became one of the genius head scientists of Cerebrax VII and shared some technology with her other homeworld Earth. Paradox was never killed since the events of the story never occured. As for the happy couple,here is the story: Imad and Pearl lived happily together for billions of years,and they could have extended their lifespans with their reality warping powers to become immortal.Kronin offered our 2 heroes the chance of becoming immortal cosmic beings like himself,who would do their best to try and preserve time and space,he offered them to become omniscient.However,both Imad and Pearl declined the offer,saying that they have accomp

Jennifer and Daniel

Jennifer and Daniel all grown-up

lished everything they could have ever imagined in their lifes: They found friends,adventure and true love:in other words,they found each other,and they were blessed with 2 children from the heavens above.They said that it's not a matter of how long you live,but how you live that matters,saying also that nothing could make them any happier than they were.Kronin,smiled and told them that he was proud of them,for they have learned everything important there is to learn,and that accepting their fates is the sign of ultimate wisdom and modesty. Imad and Pearl said farewell to all their friends and family before sharing a final passionate kiss and fading away from this universe and moving on to a higher plane.

Imad and Pearl ascend to a higher plane, one becoming an angel of justice, the other an angel of light and love.

Jennifer "Jenny" H. Became an upstart responsible young woman and followed her mother's (Pearl) footsteps as a head scientist on Cerebrax VII and provided Earth with some tech.
Daniel "Danny" H. : Even though he remained a trouble maker, Daniel acquired maturity and responsibility from experience and became a high ranking magister within the plumbers. His father told him that he had a bad experience with the plumbers, but reminded him that Plumbers are still Peacekeepers and the choice of joining them was Daniel's to make.