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Imad 10 - Sociopath Seven

The Sociopath Seven, A powerful legion of mastermind evil scientists.

Seventh Menace is an extra special Chapter in Imad 10. It is the seventh Chronologically. It features the Sociopath Seven. It happens after Chaos was defeated, and after the events of Duty's call directly.

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Seven sinister persons are watching Imad through a spy camera defeating an energy monster (Which was revealed to be created by one of them as a part of their plan to weaken him) . Imad is then immediately called upon by Pearl to Cerebrax VII, where Bio-Tox, the bioloical weapons expert of the Seven is Commiting crimes to steal a piece of technology. Imad fails to stop him because of his weakened state, but is saved from death by Pearl before Bio-Tox swears revenge on Imad for seriously injuring him. Pearl takes Imad to the the medical center to help him recover faster from his injuries. While Imad is healing, he begins a conversation with Pearl, telling her that he misses seeing her because of his and her busy schedules and about how he left the Plumbers. Pearl reveals also to her friend a few secrets of her past, about how she was shunned by other kids back when she was little because of their jealousy of her superior intelligence, and how this affected negatively her love relationships later, with boys being intimated by her high intellect and breaking up with her. Imad tells her in return of his past and how he had to deal with jerks all the times, and tells her that whoever she'll end up with will be a very lucky man. Both of them deepen their bonds with each other.

However a call from Ringa Morr is heard from Xylene, Imad and Pearl (in a battle robot) go there to face Echo-Wave and Cryo-Flame, the latter injecting Imad with a poison from Bio-Tox. While the heroes gain an early upper hand, the poison starts to act and causes them defeat, Pearl tries to save Imad, only to make Echo-Wave angrier. However they were lucky as the two teleported away having stolen what they wanted. Pearl detects an unknown poison in Imad's body and goes with him on Galvan Prime to remove it.

On Galavan Prime, Azmuth orders Imad to protect the center of science, much to Pearl's disagreement because she puts Imad's safety first. However, Imad says that he has no choice but to help Azmuth so the latter would help him. They face Drain-Ergy, Cyber-Fiend and Ray-Wave, who despite losing at first, take advantage of the poison acting in Imad's body again to win. Pearl prevents Ray-Wave from killing Imad, just before the villains teleport away and Imad faints.

Imad wakes up in a bio tank in front of Azmuth, Xylene and Pearl, with Azmuth apologizing, because if Pearl and Xylene hadn't brought their friend here in time, especially at the rate his heart has been pumping the poison infected blood due to fighting, Imad would have died. The 4 determine that the Sociopath Seven are building a space-time machine, and they'll need a power source suitable for it found only on Galvan-B.

On Galvan-B, all Seven members of the villain league arrived, with Fallen-Star, their leader, wanting to become a god, making her way to the energy core, and Imad fighting off the others with Pearl and Xylene. After some encouragement from Pearl, Imad uses Ultimate Masquerade and is fully able to resist the power tmptation, and defeat the 6 villains.

However Imad is too late to stop Fallen-Star from gaining great power. He is forced to unlock a bigger part of his power and endure strong pain. When both are evenly matched, Pearl telepathically suggest to Imad a plan. Imad deliberately tells Fallen-Star that she can boost her power to win, the later quickly thinking of Cyber-Fiend. She blackmails Imad by threatning Pearl to reactivate his powers (Xylene had escaped just as Pearl told her) , and the latter improved the efficiency of the space-time machine. However, the machine explodes creating a space time anomaly, since as Pearl predicted, the component stolen from her planet wasn't perfect and couldn't handle too much efficiency, and will cause in cojunction with the energy core a rift. The rift was at the verge of destroying everything, but Imad got the Sociopath Seven to a Galvan High Security Prison and Pearl to saftey at her home by Warping at the given locations. He then created protection around himself, got into the rift and destroyed it before escaping through a stable rift of his creation.

Pearl invites Imad to rest at her house after this long adventure, and drops some sensual connotations. Imad feels happy to spend some alone quality time with his friend at last.

Aftermath Offscreen[]

In the end of the Chapter "Seventh Menace", Seventh Chapter chronologically, Pearl invites Imad to stay for the Night at her house to rest. Offscreen, they chat for a while before beginning a small game of truth or dare, which, because of the 2 character's natural attraction to each other, takes a few sensual turns, making the two finally end up together in bed in a one night stand which kept some traces of romance. Imad and Pearl admitted they both enjoyed each other's company in Bed, but were still too shy to admit their feelings, especially since this was the first time they felt something towards someone of a different species. They came to an agreement that this was just a wild moment and that they were still just close friends despite everything. However, they mutually agreed to repeat the experience once in a while if the other doesn't mind, as "Friends with Benefits" . However, they were still very close to each other and genuinely cared for each other, despite not showing very much their true feelings.