Illusion [I-Lu-Zhun] is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of an unknown species, but legends say his DNA Sample was gotten from a being that emerged from a dieing star.

His Omnitrix symbol is located on his upper chest.

Illusion Scan Small Edit
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Black Hole 51
DNA source Unknown
Body Ghost-Like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisiblity
Reversed Omnipotence



Not much is known about his personality.

Power and Abilities

Illusion has the ability to literally phase through objects, and become invisible. He also has the ability to fly.

A strange ability Illusion has is, as called by Ren, "Reversed Omnipotence", which can't be completely explained. He has the ability to form a celestial field around any person, or an entire area. Whatever's inside that field can either have their gender swapped, or their powers reversed. Even both can happen at Illusion's will, and things like this may happen:

  • Intangibility may become the ability to become extremely dense, also known as invulnerability.
  • Invisibility becomes Enhanced Visibility, people find you more popular and attractive, you become more noticed. (Yah, celebrities are the opposites of ghosts)
  • The ability to generate plants becomes the ability to be controlled by plants, or the ability to control animals.
  • The ability to fly becomes enhanced digging.
  • He may even reverse his own abilities, minus the Reversed Omnipotence ability.

This ability can be used to weaken stronger opponents, or strengthen weaker opponents. He may use this ability to turn brightest day to darkest night, and put nightmares into any being he chooses.


He possess reversed omnipotence, but he can still be hurt as a normal human does. If a field of reverse celestial energy isn't around him, he can still be overpowered easily if not using his intangibility or invisibility, a very hard weakness to exploit. This makes him one of the most feared aliens around.

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