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NSEEN_ADVENTURES "Ben 10 Omniverse : The Unseen Adventures Series".

His species is only mentioned  in the series;  we never see Ben's alien hero form.

He may have some appearences or / maybe mentions maybe in Ben 10 the collaborative comic.


Illuminadroid has the appearence of a large bulky, shiny robot. This machine-like appearence is in fact a powerful enviroment / containment suit with free floating limbs.

 His  true form lies inside the containment suit; its is organic and jelly-like substance.

it  is one of a large, flexible, luminescant Jelly, organic Goo like alien;

which is in fact a part of a floating planet or sun, that their species lives on. Description coming soon..  water breathing , submersable, floatable, Illuminadroid has some limited resistance to water and cold, and darkness and space, lack of oxygen isn't a worry, strong, increadibly hardy, mechanisms for movement, repeat blasts ...... details needed. limited hover ability



Illuminadroid is a Solar energy based alien, he absorbs light and uses it to form his body, as well as his attacks and lasers.

, laser, energy beams, light based, more details coming soon, solar shields, etc., orb attacks, and super strength.


  • They live on one of the most dangerous planets in the Universe.
  • They are immune to solar radiation.
  • They are a gentle race, but many species avoid them, galvans are known to socalise with them.
  • They are great inventors, they invented the containment suit their species wears.
  • They love to party, especially disco's.
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