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When I got offered to work in a labaratory, I was so happy, I was falling head over heels on fluffy clouds. Plus, I like the pay.

–Ikuluk to Kuluki, Alien Stands for Love

Ikuluk is an Arachnachimp from the planet Arachna in FAO.


Ikuluk looks like a color-reversed Kuluki. In her human form, Luisel, Ikuluk wears a blue shirt with ruffles, a green skirt, and a purple jacket. She has blue hair, green eyes and no shoes.

Ikuluk's human form (Luisel)

Being Kuluki's negative, Ikuluk is often very happy and dislikes Eivod. She is very nice and bubbly in personality. She has a crush on Kuluki.


Ikuluk just wants to have fun, so when Nekam offered a job at her labaratory, Ikuluk was falling head over heels on puffly clouds. She was that grateful. Plus, she liked the pay.


Ikuluk doesn't really have any goals, except for gaining Kuluki's "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE"...


  • The u-Pod
  • Alien Stands for Love