Ignneoux is a villain/hero from Tech 10: Ultimatrix unleashed.


Igneoux has the most mysterious past in the series. It is known that he was caught in the meteorite blast, and that at some point he left Earth and made a living as a bounty hunter. What his connection with Tech is and who he was formerly is unknown.


Igneoux, being a Metamentious, has the same powers as Rockoustic. He also carries tons of equipment, his signature ones being Metamentian Life Drainage Bombs and hiis silent hoverboard. He also has built a new suit, which is specially designed to adopt it's abilities to the weakness of it's foe. The new suit's default form is a full-body, red suit with green wiring and scanners.


Igneoux has same the basic features of a Metamentian. However, it is unknown what he looks like


because he never takes his armor off. His new suit is red with green wiring and has scanners and gadget ports on the outside.


Like all Metamentians, he can only throw a punch at the most when it comes to physical violence. Their brains are wired for it. However, he can do pretty much any attack non directly physical or not physical at all. His new suit overides the mental block while in use, however the energy used in maintining the suit's powers is enormous.

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