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If Its Meant to Be (Part 2)
General Information
Original broadcast February 14, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 13
Overall episode number 33
Written by Ebomnitrix
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If It's Meant to Be... (Part 2) is the thirty third episode of E-10: Horizons.


After the aftermath of Lord Decibel and Punchinello's big blowout, Terence and May are overdue a long conversation about the Omnitrix. Meanwhile, Ethan settles his feelings for Alice once and for all!


Time For Action & TOWTW (Ep 33)

[Nikki flew towards May, as she freed her from the rope and caught her.]

Lord Decibel: No you don’t!

[Lord Decibel pressed a switch on his arm and blasted a sound wave at the two, throwing them into Maria and Alice and splitting their ropes. Maria and Alice screamed as they began falling toward the pool of acid. Meanwhile, Lodestar blasted Punchinello back and took notice of this.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: ALICE! MARIA!

[We cut to the girls screaming until they suddenly found themselves caught in a magnetic field. They took notice of this and stopped screaming as they looked down at Lodestar, who was holding the field steady. He gently sat them onto the ground and floated over to check on them.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Are you guys okay?

Alice: We’re fine.

Maria: But you kinda cut it a little close this time.

[Lodestar smiled, then looked down.]

Lord Decibel: No!

[Lord Decibel blasted a sound wave at Lodestar, who shielded himself and the girls from the attack with a forcefield.]

Lord Decibel: How dare you ruin my show again?! You stupid intruder!

[Nikki created an electrical orb and threw it at Lord Decibel as he went flying back onto the stage. Meanwhile, we cut to Punchinello, who ran back onstage and grabbed the Toolbox off the ground before punching a code into the sound system.]

Punchinello: They think this is over, oh-ho-ho, they’re wrong! I just activated the self destruct sequence. In one press of a button, I will blow us all to kingdom come!

Lord Decibel: No, you fool! You’ll kill us all!

Punchinello: I just said that! This was supposed to be our show! Ours! I spent months rotting in that jail cell and wasting my life away until you offered me freedom! I will not go back, and I will not be cast off as some reject! I must make this show good while I still can, and I WILL make sure it goes out with a bang!

[Before Punchinello could press the switch, the sound system began to overload. To his surprise, Terence jumped over and removed the Toolboxx from the system, aiming the overloaded device right at Punchinello’s face.]

Terence: This is for kidnapping my girlfriend you sick son of a-

[Terence sliced Punchinello’s flute-nose in half, creating an explosion that sent him flying across the auditorium into the wall before sliding to the ground.]

Lord Decibel: MY EQUIPMENT! You rat bast-

[Lord Decibel jumped into the air, preparing to pounce at Terence, but was interrupted as Lodestar created a magnetic bast, sending him flying toward the other side of the auditorium. Bass and Treble ran over to Lord Decibel, who was covered with blood.]

Bass and Treble: Master!

Treble: Are you okay?

Bass: Say something boss, anything!

Lord Decibel: [Looks up] I’m fine, but…

[We cut over to a screaming Punchinello.]

Punchinello: MY NOSE…. MY NOSE! YOU BLEW UP MY NOSE! I can’t breathe! MY NOSE!

[May looked at Terence in concern, who simply looked back at her and sighed. Lodestar powered down back into Ethan, then collapsed to the ground, starting to tear up. He began punching the floor of the auditorium in frustration as the others looked on with worried expressions.]

Ethan: I wanted to save them… I wanted to stop this… I didn’t want this to happen! Why couldn’t I stop it?!

[The group looked down while Hannibal wrapped an arm around Nikki. Alice began walking toward Ethan, but paused and looked away when Maria knelt down next to him and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. We zoom out from the auditorium until everything faded to black.]

OP 2:

Soul Searching (Ep 33)
E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa

[We cut outside the theater where police tape surrounded the building as cops were signaling people to move aside. Punchinello and Lord Decibel were being dragged into ambulances.]

Punchinello: MY NOSE! MY NOSE! Please, can somebody fix my nose?!

[Punchinello went in first, followed by Lord Decibel before the ambulance doors closed. Ethan sighed.]

Maria: Will they be okay?

Doctor: Mr. Decibel will be fine, but Mr. Ancieto will have to go through an intense amount of surgery before he can completely recover. It may take a while.

Terence: As long as he pays for his crimes, fine by me. [Walks away.]

Doctor: Mind if I ask what happened in there?

Ethan: Long story.

[We panned over to Terence checking up on May, who was sitting on a set of stairs with Alice.]

Terence: How’s she doing?

Alice: She’s doing better.

Terence: Do you mind if I sit with her?

[Alice smiled and stood up.]

Alice: Of course.

[Alice walked away and Terence sat down next to May.]

May: I just can’t believe they would go through all this trouble just to take a hit at you.

Terence: Yeah, well, I had it coming. It was going to happen to me eventually. But over a stupid competition? [Sigh]

May: So is this what you’ve all been keeping from me?

Terence: Uh huh.

May: I need to know everything, and I need to know now.

[Maria and the others walked up to the two.]

Maria: Fine, but we’ll have to do it somewhere else.

May: Okay.

[May walked away from the scene, as we zoom up to a nearby rooftop while thunder strikes from the sky, as the Forever Knight stands above watching them. We cut to from outside Ethan’s house to eventually cut inside to reveal they were talking about this in the living room.]

May: Alright, spill.

Terence: So, for the past what, almost two years?

Nikki (Firefly): Sounds about right.

Terence: We’ve been helping Ethan out on his missions, and around the time we hooked up, Ethan’s boss wanted to make us an official team for him. What was it called again?

Maria: The Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries. In other words…

May: G.L.E.E…

Where Does the Path End

Maria: It’s also why I was stationed here, because after a couple of… slip ups [clears throat], I was assigned to be Ethan’s bodyguard.

Terence: So there you have it. Ethan can transform into aliens, the six of us function as his team, and now we’ve awakened a bunch of angry alien gods for who knows what sinister plot they’ve got up their sleeve.

Alice: I wanted to tell you, May. For so long, I wanted to let you know.

May: And that’s why you shut us out. Me, Alexia and Cassie. What about us, huh?! What about us?!

Alice: May…

May: And what about your loved ones?! Don’t any of you worry about what they might think of all this?!

[Their eyes glanced off to the side.]

Terence: May!

May: And how did you think I would feel about this?! That I’d just be okay with you lying to me?! I’m very clearly not!

Ethan: May, calm down!

May: Shut up, Ethan!

[Ethan stood shocked and kept his mouth shut.]

May: You’ve been lying through your teeth this whole time!

Terence: Hey, I never lied to you about where I was!

May: No, you stretched the truth! You weren’t being honest with me. Ya know, I would’ve been able to keep this secret if you had just told me. That’s what boyfriends and girlfriends are for! [Turns to Alice] And that’s what best friends are for. [Looks down] But no. Instead you lied to me over and over like it was nothing.

Terence: It wasn’t easy to do! You think I liked having to lie to you about what I was doing?! I wanted to tell you, May, but I couldn’t. You have to believe me, I would never lie to you if I had the choice.

[Terence tried to put his arms around May’s shoulders but she dodged him.]

Terence: May…

May: [Looks up] I’ve had to see you get hurt time and time again. To see your arm broken, to see you injured. I won’t stand for it anymore, Terence! I won’t stand to see the person I loved get hurt anymore.

Terence: [Eyes widened.] Loved? Wait, as in past tense?

May: [Turns around] Sorry, Terence. I just can’t look at you the same anymore. We’re done.

[May walked out the door. The song ended.]

Terence: May! Wait!

[The door slammed in front of him. Terence looked down.]

Ethan: Terence...

After All This Time (Ep 33)

Terence: This is all your fault!

Ethan: My fault?!

Terence: Yeah! You and your stupid alien powers!

Maria: You’re the one who joined this operation to begin with. You had a choice!

Terence: Oh, like hell I did! I never wanted to go on these stupid missions to begin with! It was either go along with you or get hit in your crossfire! I can’t protect myself in these battles! How can I possibly protect the people I care about if I can’t even protect myself?

[There was a slight pause as Terence wiped his face and took a deep breath.]

Terence: I quit. I’m done with you, I’m done with this stupid GLEE club, and I’m done hurting the people around me. I’m going after May, maybe there’s something I can still salvage out of all this!

[Terence ran out the door.]

Ethan: Terence!

[The door slammed.]

Hannibal: I’m going too.

Ethan, Maria, Alice: What?!

Nikki: Are you crazy?!

Hannibal: No, Terence is right. I’m tired of making my Granny and my sister worry about me. I’m all they have left. I can’t keep doing this to them, and I can’t do this to my friends either. Remember when promised to never lie to each other again? Well, guess what? We broke that promise and we’re doing it to our other friends too. So why the hell are we making that same mistake again?

[The group hesitated, and Hannibal turned around with an angry look on his face, then headed outside. Nikki went after Hannibal as the door shut.]

Nikki: Hannibal, wait!

Alice: ...I guess I’m going too.

Ethan: Alice?!

Maria: This is ridiculous! I’m grabbing a drink. [Walks to the kitchen.]

Ethan: [Stops Alice] Wait, Alice! Why are you leaving?!

Alice: What? All my friends left.

Ethan: What about me?!

[Alice looked down, then turned around.]

Alice: I’m sorry, Ethan, it’s’s hard to call you a friend when you keep ruining things for people.

Ethan: But, Alice, you’re my best friend!

Alice: [Turns back] Am I?! Ethan, you lead me on for months and then moved right on to someone else! Look at all the stuff you’ve done these past few months and tell me if you think any of that is okay?!

Ethan: Hold on a second!

[Alice walked out the door, Ethan chased after her.]

Ethan: Alice! Wait! We can still talk about this!

[Ethan turned to hear Hannibal and Nikki arguing.]

Hannibal: And why should I?!

Nikki: Because you said you wanted to protect people!

Hannibal: And you think lying to the others and making them worry about me is the best way to do that?!

Nikki: No! But we have to! We don’t know how they’re going to react to if people found out both Ethan and I have powers! Heck, look at the effect it had on you!

Hannibal: Maybe you’re right, but I don’t want to watch people get hurt anymore because of this.

[Hannibal began walking down the stairs.]

Hannibal: I’ll see you later, E.

[Ethan ran down to see Hannibal, Terence and Alice leaving in other directions.]

Ethan: Hannibal! [Looks the other way] Terence! [Looks the other way] Alice!

[Ethan noticed Nikki walking down the stairs.]

Ethan: No, no, no! You’re leaving too?!

Nikki: Relax, I’m not leaving. I can’t as long as I have this. [Shows brace] Look, I’m just going to talk to Hannibal.

Ethan: Oh, alright… [Hesitates, looking down.]

Nikki: Don’t worry, we’ll fix all this, okay?

[Ethan smiled, showing a sign of relief. Nikki tapped her watch and transformed into her Firefly costume in an orange light. Nikki flew off into the sky as Ethan watched, with a sad expression on his face. The song shifted.]

Ideals and Truth (E-10 Cut, Episode 33)

[We zoom out from Ethan’s face as he turned around and walked back toward the house. Suddenly the scene was surrounded in a pink aura and we zoomed out from Ethan’s house, then we cut to the neighborhood until eventually the aura disappeared. We cut to see Charmcaster standing at the edge of a rooftop from miles away. Charmcaster’s eyes were glowing pink before slowly fading to normal.]

Charmcaster: Interesting; it appears that Ethan has just lost all of his friends. Aw, so sad. Too bad without his friends he won’t know what’s coming for him.

[The Forever Knight stepped out from the shadows and appeared behind Charmcaster.]

Forever Knight: And you won’t know what’s coming for you if you aren’t prepared properly.

[Charmcaster startled and turned around, with her right arm raised in the air and her palms covered in pink aura, and her left arm holding her spellbook.]

Charmcaster: How did you-?!

Forever Knight: At ease, I pose no threat to you. I’m just here to chat.

Charmcaster: [Puts her arms down] Oh. So who are you?

Forever Knight: My friends call me Ken, but you may call me the Forever Knight.

Charmcaster: Okay...?

Forever Knight: It appears we have a common enemy.

Charmcaster: The Wellington boy, that’s no surprise.

Forever Knight: Yes, he has a habit of getting in my way. Rumor has it that he took down your Uncle Hex about last year.

Charmcaster: It was all over the news.

Forever Knight: And now I’m assuming you are coming up with your own grand scheme to take him down for good.

Charmcaster: I tried to, but it didn’t work. I used my magic to try mentally destroying him, but it obviously didn’t turn out how I expected.

Forever Knight: I see. Well, instead of using your magic on him mentally, why don’t you see what you can do with his emotional state?

[Charmcaster’s eyes glowed pink and she took a look at Alice walking down a sidewalk.]

Charmcaster: That’s not a bad idea...

Let's Watch the Sunset - Episode 33

[The scene shifted to outside Hannibal’s house. We cut to inside Hannibal’s bedroom where he was laying in his bed and streaming Crunchyroll on his tablet. The door peeked open to reveal Granny Judith and Naomi checking up on him.]

Naomi: Hey, bro. How are you holding up?

Hannibal: I’m fine.

[They entered the room with Granny Judith holding a tray of cookies.]

Granny Judith: I made a fresh batch of Valentines Day cookies if you want any.

Hannibal: Nah, I’m still putting on a little holiday weight. But maybe later.

[Naomi tried to grab some but Granny Judith smacked Naomi’s hand.]

Naomi: OW! You didn’t say I couldn’t have any!

Granny Judith: These are to cheer up Hannibal.

Naomi: GRANNY!!!

Hannibal: [Chuckles] I guess I’ll have one.

[Hannibal walked over and grabbed a cookie. Nikki appeared from the right.]

Nikki: Hey, Hanny.

Granny Judith: I let her in if it’s quite alright.

Hannibal: Oh, yeah. Sure, that’s fine.

[Hannibal went back and sat down on his bed.]

Granny Judith: I’ll give you two some time alone.

[Naomi and Granny Judith left the bedroom and shut the door. Nikki walked over and sat next to Hannibal by his bed while Hannibal laid back down to watch Crunchyroll. The song ended.]

Nikki: Whatcha watching?

Hannibal: Black Clover. You know, for a series that gets so much crap online, it’s pretty good. I just wish Asta would stop yelling all the time.

[Nikki smiled and stood up looking at the ceiling.]

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 8)

Nikki: Let me ask you something. What would you do if life was like an anime?

Hannibal: I’d be an awesome martial arts warrior trying to master his ki to become the strongest there is.

Nikki: But what if he had to protect people?

Hannibal: Well, that’s what happens most of the time. Sometimes you’ve gotta protect the people you love to make sure no one suffers.

Nikki: But what if that hero stopped being a hero? What then?

[Hannibal sat up and put his tablet down, sighing.]

Hannibal: I had a feeling you wanted to talk about this.

Nikki: Hannibal, I know you want to protect your family, but what are you going to protect if you’re locking yourself in your room watching anime all day?

Hannibal: I get what you’re saying, but… I can’t let my devices keep hurting people.

Nikki: Come again?

Hannibal: Nikki, I need to level with you. I didn’t quit because I wanted people to stop worrying about me. I quit because those guys… they turned my device into a weapon.

Nikki: Hanny…

Hannibal: You saw that sonic speaker! It had me thinking, what’s the point of creating technology if all it’s going to do is hurt the people around me? I’m supposed to be an artist, I’m supposed to create things that make me and the other people around me happy, not the opposite. How can I call myself a good inventor if all I can create is a weapon? I just… I can’t do this anymore…

Nikki: Hannibal, let me tell you two things. One, you are the one who built a lightsaber into that thing.

Hannibal: Nikki!

Nikki: But two, you built that device to help other artists. You wanted to give people the tools they needed to create other passion projects. Punchinello used it in a way somebody shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that can come from your Toolboxx. You have the power to change it into something else. That Toolboxx is going to help people more than you realize. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can always build something even better.

Hannibal: Yeah…

Nikki: Just don’t give up on your dream. You wanted to create cartoons and build great crafts, right? Every creator has their ups and downs, so don’t let something like this define who you are, okay?

Hannibal: Okay. Thanks for helping me back into shape, baby.

Nikki: No problem.

[Somebody knocked on the door.]

Hannibal: You can come in.

[Ethan walked into the room. The song ended.]

Ethan: Hey, uh, Granny Judith let me in. I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

Hannibal: I’m doing fine. But uh, I’m not ready to come back to the team just yet.

Ethan: Say no more, nobody’s forcing you to do anything. But I do want to ask if you wanna go a couple rounds.

[Ethan held out a Warrior Fighters C cartridge.]

Hannibal: Is that the new Warrior Fighters C game?! Quest for Kakapo?!

Ethan: You know it.

Nikki Talks (Episode 32, Nikki's Theme)

Hannibal: You just got my full attention. Give me.

[Ethan handed Hannibal a joycon. While he set up his Nintendo Switch, Nikki sat up and walked toward the door.]

Nikki: I’ll leave you two to it.

[The scene shifted to later downstairs as Ethan went down into the kitchen. He saw Nikki was eating something off of Granny Judith’s tray. The song ended.]

Ethan: Hey, Nikki, whatcha doing?

Nikki: Nothing!

Ethan: [Smirked] You were eating one of Granny Judith’s cookies, weren’t you?

Nikki: I was hungry. Anyway, how’s Hannibal?

Ethan: Good. He decided to get some rest.

Nikki: I can’t blame him, we’re all a little emotionally exhausted after today.

Ethan: Tell me about it. Although, I can’t shake the feeling like this is all my fault.

Nikki: No, it’s not, Ethan.

Just Between Us

Ethan: Nikki, I drove everybody away. Everybody left because of my powers and what I did. I dragged everyone into this team and didn’t even ask them what they wanted to do. Plus I created those monsters we’re fighting; Punchinello, Lord Decibel, Hex, all of them. All of this is my fault. Sometimes I wish I didn’t even have these powers. Maybe everybody would be better off.

Nikki: Snap out of it, Ethan. You’re starting to talk like a crazy person!

Ethan: But, Nikki...

Nikki: Ethan, you didn’t create anybody, they did. They did this to themselves. None of that was your fault. Plus, you, me, the others, we all signed up for this. We all knew the consequences of what we were getting ourselves into. It’s just that some of us have taken it harder than others. If anybody can understand what you’ve been going through, it’s me. When I became Firefly a few months ago, I didn’t know what to think. But then I saw all the good I was doing and all those people I was saving. Sure, I’ve had my ups and downs, but it’s like what I told Hannibal; you can’t let other people define who you are. We both decided to become heroes, and it’s up to us to do the right thing, even if sometimes it might look like the wrong thing to everyone else. I mean, I apologized for the first Punchinello attack, right?

Ethan: Yeah, you did. But I don’t mind hearing it again.

[Nikki punched Ethan’s shoulder.]

Ethan: Ow!

[The two laughed.]

Ethan: Thanks, Nikki.

Nikki: No problem. Hey, do you mind if I ask what happened between you and Alice?

Ethan: Alice left.

Nikki: Well, I saw that, but why did she leave?

Ethan: Alice said she didn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve been trying to talk to her about my feelings and I’ve kept asking her about how she feels, but she keeps pushing me away. I guess she doesn’t care about me anymore.

Nikki: Can you blame her? You’ve been dating Maria.

Ethan: That’s only because she blocked me out before I could explain myself.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Ethan: She saw me and Maria hanging out and thought we were dating. I tried to explain that we weren’t, but yeah… look at how that turned out. So, Maria and I went out, and while things are great, it’s not the same as when I first fell for Alice. Who knows, maybe Alice never liked me in the first place.

Nikki: Ethan, Alice has liked you all this time. She’s been waiting all year for you to do something ever since you two kissed! She’s been miserable these last few months because you’ve been busy going off and hanging out with some other girl.

Ethan: But her assumption!

Nikki: I know! But during Christmas she even cried and told me she made a mistake, and guess what? Now you’ve made one too. Alice still cares about you, Ethan, so go fix this!

Ethan: She doesn’t want anything to do with me!

Nikki: Doesn’t she? You need to fix this Ethan, and you better do it soon before you lose her for good.

[Ethan hesitantly nodded. The song ended. We cut to Ethan’s house where he arrived back inside with a depressed look on his face. Meanwhile, Maria was washing dishes.]

Maria: Hey, Ethan! How’d it go?

Ethan: Well, I fixed things with Hannibal, although he still wants some time away from the team. [Jumps on the couch] But man, I’m emotionally exhausted.

Maria: I contacted Lieutenant Steel about the situation. He’s going to go over some things with us tomorrow about what to do.

Ethan: Oh, that’s… fun…

[Maria sat by the couch next to Ethan.]

Maria: Don’t be like that. I’m sure we’ll be able to set everything straight.

Ethan: Will we? Alice told me she wanted nothing to do with me.

Maria: Oh, I see.

Ethan: I just don’t think there’s any way I can fix this.

[There was a long pause between the two. Maria looked at Ethan’s depressed look while he rubbed his eyebrows.]

Let's Take A Moment (Ep 33)

Maria: [Sigh] Go to her Ethan.

Ethan: What?!

Maria: Go to her and settle all this.

Ethan: But you heard me, I-

Maria: Ethan, I know about you and Alice. You two used to be the closest of friends and spent all this time having feelings for each other. But you’ve never done anything about it, and I think my interference has caused a rift between you. I’ve seen how you’ve been reacting to her distance the last few months, including tonight.

Ethan: Yeah, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you.

Maria: Regardless, I think you feel something more for her than you do for me. And if you two are going to make up, then you need to prove it to her.

[Ethan shook as he began to tear up.]

Ethan: But what if I can’t… I’m…

Maria: You’ll be fine, Ethan.

[Ethan turned to her, and Maria smacked him on the shoulder.]

Maria: Now man up and go to Alice. Show her how much you care about her.

Ethan: But what about you? I can’t just leave you here.

Maria: I’ll be fine. Now go.

[Ethan wiped away his tears and stood up.]

Ethan: Okay!

[Ethan ran towards the door, and turned around, looking back at Maria.]

Ethan: Are you sure?

[Maria nodded, then Ethan smiled back and left the house. Meanwhile, Maria turned back around and began to tear up as she wiped her face.]

Maria: Dammit!

[The song ended. We cut to outside Alice’s apartment as Ethan stood at the entrance, holding a bouquet of flowers behind him.]

Ethan: God, I’m so nervous. What do I do… what do I say… [Deep breath] Deep breaths Ethan, you got this! If you can deal with using 10 aliens, you can definitely deal with… whatever’s about to happen. Alright, let’s do this!

[Ethan rung the doorbell as he inhaled. After a brief moment, Alice opened the door.]

Alice: What do you want?

Then the Ortus - (E-10 Cut)

Ethan: [Exhale] Maria and I broke up.

Alice: Okay? And that’s supposed to change anything?

Ethan: No, but I came here to tell you something. If I haven’t said this before, I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry for how I’ve treated you these last few months. I didn’t realize I was putting you through this emotional torture and I’m here to make it up to you.

[Ethan handed her the bouquet of flowers.]

Ethan: I got your favorite, Cherry Blossoms...

Alice: And what? You think you can just fix this all in one night?!

Ethan: No! I realize it’ll take some time, but I-

Alice: Look, Ethan. You can’t just end things off with Maria and expect us to make up. I’m sorry, but I’m not yours to keep.

[Alice began to tear up.]

Alice: I’ve had people telling me what to do all my life, I don’t want something like this just... decided for me. I get to have a choice in this; not you, me. I don’t want to suffer anymore. So please stop this, Ethan. Please…

[Ethan stepped back, looking down.]

Ethan: Okay. I don’t want to see you suffer again either.

Alice: What?

Ethan: I saw Charmcaster kill you a few months ago because I never did anything about this. I came here to correct my mistakes, but if this mistake is too far gone to fix, then I’d rather you’d be happy… even if it’s without me.

[Ethan turned around with his eyes shut.]

Ethan: But that won’t change the way I feel about you…

Alice: [Looks up] Ethan…

[Suddenly, a pink aura glowed from above them.]

Ethan: No, it’s okay, I get it. I’ll just go.

Alice: No Ethan, look!

[The song shifted. A pink blast went flying towards the two. Alice jumped forward and tackled Ethan to the ground. The blast created a minor explosion, and as the fog cleared, it was revealed that Alice was trapped in a pink orb.]

Against the Gods (Commerical)

Alice: Hey! What’s going on?!

[Ethan looked up to see Charmcaster was holding her in the orb.]

Ethan: Charmcaster!

Charmcaster: Ah, hello Ethan, so glad we had another chance to chat! Unfortunately, I have to cut this short and kill your friend. Don’t worry, my other friend will keep you occupied.

Ethan: What?!

[A shadowy figure jumped down, then sat up and revealed himself.]

Forever Knight: Hello, Wellington...

Ethan: Forever Knight!

Trial Through Alien and Armor! (Ep 33)

Forever Knight: Surprised to see me?

Ethan: How…?

Charmcaster: Okay, gotta go! See you later, Ethy!

Alice: Ethan!

[Charmcaster flew off with Alice. Ethan took notice of this and jumped off the stairway. Ethan slammed down on the Omnitrix, and spun around in a circle as he had transformed into XLR8 in mid-air.]

XLR8: XLR8!!!

[XLR8 touched the ground and ran after Charmcaster and Alice. As we cut to XLR8 running after them, he noticed the Forever Knight was flying beside him on his jetpack.]

XLR8: Aw, what?! How are you able to catch up to me so easily?!

Forever Knight: You’re not going very fast for someone who wants to save his girlfriend’s life.

[The Forever Knight blasted an energy mace at XLR8, he dodged.]

XLR8: It’s complicated! And how did you survive the Teotls thingy anyway?!

Forever Knight: Like you, they assumed I was dead…

[We flashback to the Forever Knight waking up to see the place was empty.]

Forever Knight: When Tezca shot me with that electrical blast, you all assumed I was dead when really apparently I had been out for days.

[The flashback showed the Forever Knight noticing all the empty dead bodies on the ground. The Forever Knight clenched his fist and ran out of the cave.]

Forever Knight (Narration): I woke up to notice they had killed all of the Esotericans and had managed to escape.

[We cut to the Forever Knight inside his submarine only to find no traces of alien life.]

Forever Knight (Narration): So I went back to our submarine to try and track them but found nothing.

[The flashback ended.]

Forever Knight: But since you’re the one who let them escape, I thought it would be easier to put my focus on taking my revenge against you.

[The Forever Knight threw a bomb at XLR8, and it stuck him into an orange pile of goo.]


[XLR8 tripped over and was unable to move.]

XLR8: Really?! You know you’re the one who awoke them in the first place!

Forever Knight: That maybe. But it was only because the Esotericans were going to awaken them anyway! So I carried out my mission as planned to obliterate them at all costs! But you stood in the way!

XLR8: That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard!

[XLR8 was covered in blue lightning, he used his lightning to break free from the sticky goop and continued on his way. The Forever Knight followed him and kept dropping sticky bombs at XLR8. XLR8 dodged the blasts from left to right.]

Forever Knight: So I might as well return the favor and stand in the way as Charmcaster kills your beloved!

XLR8: [Jumps] Not if I have anything to say about it!

[XLR8’s claws began charging with electricity, he used this to stab his jetpack, then XLR8 began grabbing wires as he ripped out as many as he could.]

Forever Knight: What are you doing?!

XLR8: Standing in your way of standing in the way! That’s all!

[Electricity surrounded Forever Knights jetpack and XLR8 jumped off.]

XLR8: See ya later little birdy! Because this speedy tweety's got a girl to save!

[XLR8 ran off as the Forever Knight flew into the air in circles.]

Forever Knight: This isn’t over yet, E-10!

[Forever Knight disappeared into the sky as a white star “blinked into the sky.” The song shifted.]

MBT, My First Love at Horizon and the Omni-Splicing Savior! (Ep 33)

[We cut back to XLR8, as he caught up to Charmcaster and Alice.]

XLR8: Finally I caught up to them!

[Alice took notice of XLR8.]

Alice: XLR8!

Charmcaster: Ugh! That useless knight, he was supposed to be my distraction!

[Charmcaster dropped pebbles from the sky and they formed into bats, as they fired pink energy beams at XLR8. XLR8 sprung into the air, and kicked each bat in his path. Each kick destroyed the bats as XLR8 continued to use them to climb towards Charmcaster one by one.]

XLR8: You can’t escape from my incredibly fast reflexes!

Charmcaster: Perhaps not.

[Charmcaster flew lower and levitated her and Alice above a rooftop. XLR8 ran up to the rooftop, then changed back into Ethan in a green light.]

Ethan: Charmcaster please, don’t do this! I’m sorry I put your uncle in prison. But you have to understand, he was hurting people.

Charmcaster: Hurting people? I could care less about that. Do you really think Hex or I care about what happens to those people down there? All my uncle cares about is making himself more powerful.

Ethan: Then what about you?

Charmcaster: You want to know what I care about? That’s funny coming from you. All you care about is hurting people, and right now I care about is getting my revenge.

Ethan: Oh really?! You think I want to hurt people? I’d never want to do that to anyone.

Charmcaster: Then why did you hurt your friend “Alice”?

[Ethan hesitates.]

Charmcaster: Oh yeah, I’ve been watching, you got some nerve after watching herself commit suicide.

Ethan: You did that to her!

Charmcaster: Oh, really? Are you sure about that?

Ethan: Hurting Alice the way I did was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

[Alice’s eyes widened.]

Ethan: That’s why I’ve been afraid to tell her about my feelings. Because if I said anything, I was afraid I was going to hurt her again, so that’s why I kept my mouth shut.

Charmcaster: And how do you feel about her, Ethan?

Ethan: I love her.

[Alice gasped.]

Ethan: Alice is the first person who’s ever shown me what it’s like to be cared about. Sometimes hearing it from a family member is one thing, but when it comes from someone else, and they actually show you how they feel, it tangles me up in knots and makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Maybe I was afraid to admit to those feelings to her before, maybe I was scared if I’d actually embrace them that maybe I’d lose her too. I lose the people I care about all the time, that’s what happened before I became a hero. But now, I can’t lose her, not after how much she’s been there for me, not after everything we’ve been through.

[Alice teared up and smiled.]

Charmcaster: Oh, bleh! Your sob story is seriously making me want to vomit.

Ethan: You’ve got to stop this Charmcaster. I’m sure your uncle doesn’t want to see his own niece fall into the same position he’s in. If you really care about him, then please, don’t do this!

Charmcaster: No, I won’t fall for your tricks. You hurt my uncle and locked him away in that prison. You’re the only one who hurts here, E-10! Now it’s time I showed you what my pain feels like!

[Charmcaster began tightening Alice’s orb.]

Alice: Ethan!

[Ethan selected Ghoulseye from the Omnitrix and slammed down.]

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arms in the air as a pink exoskeleton surrounded them. Chains wrapped around his arms, and Ethan striked a pose as the rest of his armor formed around his torso and head. We zoom out from a cloak forming around Ethan as he finished transforming into Ghoulseye.]

Ghoulseye: Hahahaha!

[GHOULSEYE OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Ghoulseye. A white light surrounded Ghoulseye’s body. Ghoulseye’s bent over as armor formed around his body. He spun around as his cloak turned into yellow energy. Ghoulseye turned into the front as his face changed. We zoom out as Ghoulseye unleashed a monstrous roar while striking a pose. A white light blinded the screen.]

Charmcaster: No, not that transformation again!

[Ghoulseye charged towards Charmcaster as she fired spells left and right. Ghoulseye phased through them. Ghoulseye grabbed onto Charmcaster’s head as her eyes glowed green.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: You think you could pull the same shit you did 6 months ago and get away with it! I’m getting sick and tired of this rerun! So perhaps it’s time I watched something new instead!

[Ghoulseye went inside her body and possessed her. He used this to free Alice from the orb. Charmcaster’s body began to glow white. Meanwhile, Ghoulseye freed himself from Charmcaster’s body as she grabbed a hold of herself.]

Charmcaster: No! This isn’t over! I will have my revenge, and when I do, you’ll all be sorry!!!

[The white light blinded the screen and in a flash, there was a trail of smoke coming from where she originally was, revealing she disappeared.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Wow, she really is Hex’s niece.

[The Omnitrix beeped and Ethan transformed back in a red light. Alice looked up at Ethan with shock. The song ended.]

Ethan: Don’t worry, I just used her magic to transport her to another dimension. Hopefully, that’ll keep her contained long enough.

Alice: Ethan…

Ethan: As soon as the watch recharges I’ll take you home. I know you want nothing to do with me so-

[Ethan turned around and Alice reached out.]

Alice: No, that’s not it. I… It’s just… I…

[Ethan turned back to Alice.]

Itsuka no Tegami - (Official, E-10 Cut, Ep 33)

Alice: This is all my fault. I never gave you the chance to fully explain yourself. I should’ve listened, I should’ve kept both my eyes and ears open. I-

Ethan: No, you have nothing to be sorry for. All of this is on me. I should’ve confessed to you sooner. I should have never told you to wait. I… I never wanted to hurt you. My eyes and ears should’ve been the ones that had been open. I should’ve been the one who was paying attention to what you wanted, and your feelings. I... I really need to pay attention more… Which is what I’m going to do. For now on, I’m going to pay more attention to what everybody wants so I’m not just wrapped around about my own ideals.

[Alice smiled.]

Ethan: And, now I know how much I made you go through, and I don’t want you to suffer anymore. So, if you don’t want anything to do with me, I’ll be on my way soon, okay?

Alice: Of course I want something to do with you! Ethan, you aren’t the only one who’s had someone emphasize how much they’ve cared about someone else. I’ve had the same situation happen to me until you came along. Sure I’ve been in some relationships, but nobody has cared about me quite like you did. Do you really think after everything we’ve been through that I’m willing to just blow all that away over something this stupid?

Ethan: Well, to be fair, I’m an anxious freak of nature, so…

Alice: You’re an even more dumbass than I thought! Of course I love you, you idiot!

[Alice teared up and Ethan’s eyes sparkled. Alice began to cry then Ethan stuttered and raised up his arms trying to calm her down.]

Ethan: Wait, Alice, there’s no need to cry about this?!

Alice: You had me wait 9 months just to open up your feelings and put me through hell!

[Ethan hugged Alice.]

Ethan: I’m sorry, Alice. I’ll never do that to you again.

[Alice began punching his chest.]

Alice: You better not! Why did you make me wait so long to tell me!

[Ethan cried as Alice stopped punching.]

Ethan: Didn’t you hear me? I was scared you wouldn’t return your feelings! Do you know how crushed I would’ve felt if I found out you didn’t care about me. [Sniffs] Love is a two way street, ya’know?

Alice: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner either.

Ethan: [Sniffs] We were both being idiots, Alice.

Alice: And I promise [Sniff] I won’t do that to you either.

Ethan: And I’ll do my best to make sure I take care of you properly.

Alice: Good, because this is right where I want to be.

Ethan: We are done being idiots. But Alice, are you sure? I wanna be sure you have a choice in all this. I know your mom never gave you a choice, so I’m giving you one now. Do you want to officially…

Alice: Yes!

Ethan: But I didn’t finish!

Alice: I said “yes!”, you idiot!

[Alice cried on Ethan’s shoulder as the two hugged each other tight. Ethan teared up as he hugged back, they let go for a brief moment.]

Ethan: I love you, Alice.

Alice: I love you too, Ethan.

[The two leaned closer and kissed each other on the lips as we zoomed out from them and moved up into the full moon.]

Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

Episode 34 preview

[We shifted through scenes at Lieutenant Steel arriving inside Ethan's house, as Ethan, Alice and Maria looked in confusion. The scene shifted to Ethan and Maria standing next to each other on a balcony in a hotel. The view was mountains covered in snow for miles. Lieutenant Steel arrived with a group of agents as he made orders. We cut to where the Lieutenant Steel sent the squad down the mountain at night. The next scene showed Four Arms punching down the entrance to inside a mansion. Suddenly, a trial of blue smoke appeared in the area.]


Major Events

  • May ends her relationship with Terence.
  • Terence leaves the group and Hannibal takes a break.
  • The Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries is disbanded.
  • Maria ends her relationship with Ethan.
  • Ethan confesses his feelings to Alice and the two begin their relationship.


  • The fight against Punchinello and Lord Decibel in Super-Villain Team Up! continues onward into the episode.
  • Ethan and Hannibal's favorite fighting game, Warrior Fighters C is once again referenced in the episode.
  • Nikki refers to how she reacted toward Ethan when she first got her powers and the Punchinello situation in Nikki and the Starcatcher! and The Show Must Go On!.
  • Ethan references to Alice's death in the Okey, Dokey! Literature Club timeline when he regrets not saying anything before.
  • The Forever Knight reveals what happened to him after being blasted by the Teotls in Rising from Horizons.



Aliens Used


  • Hannibal jokes around with the audience reaction to how most people would react to Black Clover.
  • Itsuka no Tegami by LiSA is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Ideals and Truth
    • Then The Ortus


  • This episode serves as the series first Valentines Day special.
  • The title of this episode is named after the song "If It's Meant to Be" by Florida Georgia Line.
  • When Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki split up from the group, it is a reference to when the Scooby-Doo gang split up both in Mystery Incorporated and The Mystery Begins.
  • Warrior Fighters C: Quest for Kakapo, is a sequel game to the original Warrior Fighters C. The sequel is named after writer, Kakapokid5.
  • When writer Ebomnitrix wrote the final scene, he admits he had a hard time writing this scene without cringing.
  • When Ethan and Alice confess their feelings to each other at the final scene, Ebomnitrix based this on when Ross and Rachael finally confessed their feelings to each other in the final episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
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