Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date 8/14/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Invasion Part 1

Idols is the thirty-first episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the sky, drifting above, the sky is bright with a fresh blue and only little amounts of clouds floating by as the Helicarrier is seen, hovering around.

MCA Helicarrier
May 26, 10:58 EDT

Inside, the corridors are seen with several MCA Officers passing through. The scene continues panning to the left, phasing past the wall as darkness overcomes the view. This continues until the view pans into another room; the Director's Office. Inside, Drake and John are standing across from the Director's desk, which she is seated at. Agent Owens is also present in the room.

Director: So... where are we with the Xyrion situation?

Owens' eyes shift over to John who takes time to prepare himself before he gives his response.

John: So far, we've gathered evidence that the Xyrions have possession of advanced technology that, even I, can't completely understand. They appear to be genetically enhanced and use high amounts of a substance capable to rewriting the genetic structure of uh- Mutants. That, along with the fact that there were able to replicate DNA from Drake and grow it into a fairly unstable duplicate, further indicates that they are of high intellect and deeply skilled in biochemistry, well, at least the superiors in charge of this Xyrion movement are.

Director: And have we found any sightings, any sign of where these superiors could be located?

John: Not yet, I'm afraid. We only know that their scientific leader is holed up in their base back in Oregon.

The Director sighs as she rubs the bridge of her nose. She lowers her hand and turns to Owens.

Director: Owens...

Owens: Jake Lincoln is contained at the moment, so-to-speak. The device has not gone off and his control over it grows stronger the more he trains with it.

Director: Anything you want to add to that, Mr. Reed?

John: I gave him a scan, his vitals check out, nothing too out of the ordinary, despite his claims for experimentation. However, the device remains as highly advanced Xyrion technology that is almost impossible to decipher. It does seem to be powered by some sort of energy source, though further probing is not advised. It seems to defend its wearer to some extent.

Owens: On other and related note, Agent Seventy-Seven was relocated by Government Officials but we were able to procure information from our brief interrogation session. It was about the Xyrions.

Director: How and why would Agent Seventy-Seven know something about the Xyrions? He's a mercenary-for-hire.

Owens: According to him, they appeared while he was recruiting this doppelganger character that we have acquired. The taskforce had managed to force them to retreat, for the time being.

Director: I spoke with Agent Shawn earlier, he said there was no sign of any attempt to leave the base since the reconnaissance mission.

John: Maybe not above ground.

Director: Are you suggesting that they are using tunnels, Mr. Reed?

John: At this point, Director, anything's a possibility. The reconnaissance mission was back in January. It's been five months since then, they could have built some kind of passage from Oregon to someplace close to Tennessee in that amount of time. If they've left their base, we should consider moving in and checking the place out while they're gone.

Director: We've been considering it since the day we located their base, Mr. Reed. And it would have happened, if you two have not decided to draw us apart from our Government ties. Now, we have to operate within their territory with precision and caution, otherwise this operation and the whole dang MCA would get shut down altogether. (sigh) Drake, anything you want to add?

Drake: The Xyrions... they're making a move. Something big. We need to find out what it is and stop it before it happens.

Director: Any suggestions?

John: One. I had some Xyrion technology examined by a- mutual ally. If the examination is complete, we may have some idea of where the Xyrions are now or what they're planning.

Director: Mutual Ally?

John: Yeah...

Director: You sent official MCA property to an outsider and I'm only hearing about this now?

John: You're right. I should have consulted you but if Drake's right and he probably is, whatever they're planning is going to be big and we need to do whatever we can to get on top of it, Director.

Director: ...Alright. You know what you're doing, Mr. Reed. Just make sure it's dealt with. I'm sending Agent Owens with you, to make sure this mutual ally checks out. I don't want any compromises to our operation or to the MCA, understand?

John: Yes, Director.

The Director's eyes shift over to Drake who looks out at her.

Drake: Yeah.

Director: Good... Now get to work. Like you said, we need to get on top of this.

John nods before turning and leaving the office, followed by Drake. Owens follows after them while the Director is seen, looking down at some papers on her desk. She then looks up at Owens as he leaves the office, her eyes shift away hesitantly, concern coming over her face. The scene then cuts to the Jumpjet soaring across the skies, the view then lowers and stops, showing a nearby city district in the distance, with the Jumpjet flying towards it.

May 26, 13:22 EDT

The scene then cuts to the city, showing off its several buildings including Murphy Tower, which it mostly focuses on. Inside the building, a laboratory can be seen, with several advanced-looking machinery around as well as several scientific instruments on various tables. Emmett is seen, checking on charts, while a piece of Xyrion technology is being scanned by a sensor, connected to a one of the complex machines in the lab. As Emmett continues checking the charts, a woman enters the room, followed by Drake, John, Kate and Agents Owens. The woman is somewhat short, wearing a long sleeve pink blouse, dark colored skirt, stockings and black high heels. Her hair is brown, tied back, and her eyes are green. The woman appears rather young, possibly a young adult.

Woman: Mr. Murphy, sir.

Emmett: Not now, Rebecca, I'm sort of in the middle of something.

Drake: It's going to have to wait.

Emmett turns around, seeing the five of them approach him, Drake and the others passing by Rebecca.

Rebecca: I told them you were busy but they insisted-

Emmett: Yeah, no, it's um- It's fine. I'll handle it from here.

Rebecca: Sir, there's something else. You have to attend to something urgent.

Emmett: I'll get to it later.

Rebecca: But sir-

Emmett: Rebecca, it's alright. Just, can I get some time?

Rebecca: (sigh) Alright, I'll um- come back later then.

She clears her throat and walks off, soon, leaving the laboratory. Emmett turns his attention from the door to them.

Emmett: So, what brings you guys here. And who's your friend?

Owens: I'm Agent Owens, with the Mutation Containment Agency. You have something of ours, Mr. Murphy.

Emmett: Right, so the MCA is involved now?

John: It's complicated. Look, we need the results for that stuff we sent you.

Emmett: I'm running a third scan now but I'll share with you what I have so far over lunch.

Owens: All we need are the results. We can do it here and now.

Emmett: I would love to but I haven't ate anything since breakfast and that was just a granola bar, really. If you want to check on the process, however, be my guest.

John: It's alright, Owens.

Owens looks at them for a moment before giving off a sigh. He gives a nod and Emmett smiles before, putting his arms around Drake and Kate, leading them out of the laboratory.

Emmett: I took Kate to this nice, little restaurant I know in the city. Good food, nice people, you remember?

Kate: Yeah, I liked it.

Emmett: It's the company that counts, to me. But, I think I'll take you guys somewhere more... trendy.

As they leave the laboratory, Owens turns, watching the Xyrion tech get scanned by the machine. The scene cuts over to a restaurant, somewhere in the city. It's a big place, with a sign above the red awnings which reads, "Zee G. Ulo's"

Zee G. Ulo's Restaurant
May 26, 14:19 EDT

Inside the restaurant, Emmett is seen seated with Drake, Kate and John at a table. The restaurant seems expensive, with plenty of other people dining there. There's a faint classical music being heard playing over the speakers of the restaurant. Emmett and Kate having plates in front of them, while John drinks from the water and Drake leans back in his chair, looking around the restaurant. Emmett is having a steak with mash potatoes and Kate is having a cheese-steak.

John, putting his water down: So, Emmett, about those results.

Emmett: Oh, right. (sigh) Look, I gotta tell you, this technology that you've sent me is just beyond anything I've seen before.

John: But were you able to find anything off of it?

Emmett: I was. But each piece of technology seems to have a different function from one another. One of them appears to be some type of armor, while the other could been an activation key of some sort. Like I told Kate, I'm not exactly a scientist but I'm able to put a few things together. Once the scans and final tests are done, I'll give you a copy of the final results so you and the MCA can figure it out.

Kate: You're not upset that we didn't tell you, right?

Emmett: No, it's understandable. Besides, my company makes resources which the MCA, along with everyone else, uses. If what we're doing is going to help you guys and stop these Mutants from hurting people then I'm fine with that.

Kate gives a soft smile before returning to her cheese steak.

Drake, turning his attention to the group: Once we get those results, we might just be able to stop them. Once and for all.

Just as Drake says that, some commotion can be heard from behind them. Everyone at the table turns their attention to it, seeing a man enter the restaurant with several people taking pictures of him and trying to get close to him. They are prevented from doing so by body guards, muscular and dressed in black with obvious earpieces. The man is wearing a black blazer over a white shirt with an unbuttoned collar; his pants are black as well as his shoes. His hair is long, curly and brown and his eyes are hazel. He smiles as the people surround him, chuckling to himself. As the gang looks out at him, John grabs the back of his chair and leans in with awe.

John: Oh man, it's him...

Drake: Who? You know him?

John, turning to Drake: Know him? (turns back) That's Warren Stegate, like one of the best, if not the best, inventors in the world. He's my hero...

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the restaurant with Warren waving to his apparent fans. However, he keeps his hand down a moment later, as if trying to contain himself.

Warren Stegate: Thank you, thank you. I acknowledge that many of you, amazing people, are interested in my work. For that, I can only say, thank you but also, thank me. I mean, if not for my brilliance, where would we be now? (laughs)

Kate: Seems kinda self-centered to me. 

John, as if not hearing a word Kate said: I have to meet him.

John gets up from the table and just walks towards Warren. The body guards around Warren start shoo-ing the people away as Warren approaches the counter. The employee at the counter looks at Warren, in slight surprise.

Warren: I placed an order, you know the name.

The employee nods in a stunned manner before snapping out of it and moving further into the kitchen. As Warren stands by the counter, he turns to see his body guards failing to keep back to the amount of people. John carefully makes his way to the counter.

John: Mr. Stegate?

Warren: Huh? (noticing John) Oh hey kid, what do you want, hm? Autograph? I'll sign your jacket.

John: Yeah, well- I mean, that'd be great but I just wanted to tell you that, well, I'm a huge fan of your work. You inspired me to pick up science in the first place.

Warren searches his blazer as John talks.

Warren, checking: Uh huh.

John: My dad, he uh- picked up one of your books on his way from work when I was younger, "The Theory of Phenomenal Minds". I read every page, like ten times over everyday as a kid. When you mention how quantum mechanics can be harnessed through mass imagination, I always imagined harnessing energy sequences like that through a zero-point module. Of course, that's scientifically challenging but definitely not impossible for someone like you, sir.

Warren looks up at John, as if taken aback.

Warren: You sure know your stuff, uh-

John: John. John Reed. I'm an inventor.

Warren: I'm sure you are.

Warren stares at John until the employee behind the counter places a brown bag, with the restaurant's logo on the side, on top of the counter.

Warren, turning to the counter, grabbing his bag: I'd love to talk more but I have some work to attend to. However, (turning back to John) I will be at the tech convention later today, displaying a revolutionary project to the public. You should come, I would- appreciate it, John.

Warren smiles and winks at John before turning and walking out of the restaurant, followed by his guards who eventually notice him. John then stands there, in awe, watching the doors close. John then turns back and returns to his seat, looking amazed.

John: I can't believe that just happened...

Kate: You uh... wanna talk about it? Before now, I didn't even know you had a hero.

John: Well, yeah. He's this scientist I looked up to when I was younger. Back then, he was eccentric, willing to test out the impossible. Everything he was, everything he did was inspiring to me, so much so that I actually wanted to take up science. It's all I ever really studied. I guess I never brought him up because I haven't really heard anything from him since then.

Emmett: Stegate hit a wall. He was progressing in the tech field but ever since the Incident, his business hasn't really been the same. Now it's coming back with some revolutionary breakthrough at the tech expo.

Drake: Expo?

Emmett: A convention or exhibit where they show off technology from different companies as well as independent individuals. It's mainly for big companies though, since not everyone can get a ticket to Philadelphia these days. If you guys want to go, I'm sure I can get you in.

Drake: We should probably focus on the Xyrions right now.

John: Well, we still have some time, right, Emmett?

Emmett: Uh... yeah. It's going to take a while for the results to come through, probably the rest of the day. Besides, I'm going to stop by there, anyways. Not only to keep up my appearance as Emmett Murphy but to grab some things that may help identity what exactly this Xyrion tech really does.

Drake: Okay... I'll call Owens then. Let him know where we'll be there.

Emmett: Oh sure. And I'll pay for the meal. Unless, one of you would like to split the check.

Kate: No offense, Emmett, but you're the billionaire.

Emmett: Touche. I'll be back.

Emmett gets up, adjusts his suit, pushes the chair into the table and approaches the counter, leaving Kate and John at the table, by themselves.

Kate: So... it's been a while since you've asked me.

John, looking over to Kate: ...Asked you what?

Kate: Since you've asked me out.

John: Oh! Uh, yeah. It's just things have been so busy lately with Jake and the Xyrions and-

Kate: John, it's alright. You don't have to explain anything to me. I was there, remember?

John: Yeah, you're right. (sigh)

Kate: Look, maybe going on a date wasn't the right call, after all. We could just call it off if you want to-

John: No! (lowering his voice) I mean, um- no, let's not jump to any conclusions yet. It's like you said, we can still make this work.

Kate: I know what I said, John, it's just- when's it going to happen?

John: Hey, what about the tech convention? That seems like the perfect place for a first date, right? I mean, I'm not totally sure. I haven't done this before. (pause) (sigh) Or maybe not... I know you're not into the whole science thing as much as me or the next guy.

Kate: Hey, it's fine. If seeing this inventor guy and being at this expo is what you want to do then I shouldn't stop you from doing that. Besides, I might be able to cover this event for Central News anyways.

She gets up, grabbing her satchel, hanging on the edge of the chair.

John, getting up after her: Great! Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Kate: Don't worry, John. There aren't any doubts in my mind.

She flashes him a smile as she heads to the door, with John walking by her. As they exit the restaurant, Drake turns, seeing them.

Drake: So we're really going to this expo-thing?

Kate: Oh, we're definitely going now.

Drake: Okay but what am I going to do?

John: You could check out the pinnacle of the latest technology being presented at the-

John catches Drake's glare.

John: ...Or not.

Kate: I've got something in mind.

Drake gives her a look as the scene cuts over to an elaborate-looking building somewhere in the city, sometime later. The sky remains mostly the same, albeit a tad bit dimmer. There are several cars and people surrounding the facility. There's a somewhat large sign in front of the facility, reading "Letscher Convention Center".

Letscher Convention Center
May 26, 17:18 EDT

Inside the facility, there are several people as well as various booths, displays and stands showing off advanced technology, machines and gadgets. Among the people is Emmett and John followed by Kate and Drake, who is dressed in his Alter-Ego disguise. He tugs at his shirt collar while making his way through the crowd of people.

Kate: Wow, I've never been to an event like this before. There's so many things happening here. 

Drake, looking around: Yeah, there's too many people...

John: It's a convention, Drake. There's bound to be tons of people.

Drake: I just didn't think so many people would want to look at these types of things.

John: Well, there are other types of conventions. Like comic conventions, for example. You can dress up like your favorite character, check out the latest news for your favorite show or game and meet some interesting people along the way.

Drake: Dressing up in a disguise, hunting for information and working with people who dress up in costumes? Who would want to do something like that?

Emmett: Alright, I'll leave you guys here while I take care of somethings involving that tech you've sent me. You'll be fine, right?

Drake: We can handle it from here, Emmett.

Kate: Thanks for getting us in and for checking out those- whatever they are, for us.

Emmett: You're welcome. I'll be back later, if you need anything, just call.

Emmett turns and heads off elsewhere, leaving the three of them among the others. They move into an opening and check out the displays. One of which shows off a farming device with a sign behind it reading "Automatic Agriculture Assistant". Another showing off a case of blue microchips on a podium, with a small banner above it, reading, "Nanotechnology Advancement by Dr. Sigurenza". Kate and John then find themselves facing a large display, covered by a cloth, towards the back of the hall. There's a ramp leading to a platform, cased with metallic railings, in front of the display. As the two of them come around, someone can be seen working on something underneath the cloth. He pulls himself out from underneath the cloth, grunting, and throws the screwdriver in his hand on the floor. He strokes his hair and takes a deep breath.

John: Dr. Stegate?

Stegate turns around, facing Kate and John.

Warren Stegate: Ah, John, was it? I'm glad you made it.

John: Really?

Warren Stegate: Of course. An admirer of my good work and talent is always welcome.

Kate stands there as John looks onwards at Warren with a not so well hidden glee. He then turns to look at Kate, noticing her.

John: Oh um, this is my friend, Kate Wilson. She's with Central News.

Kate: Doctor.

Warren Stegate: A pleasure, of course. You must be wondering what's behind this cloak.

Kate: Is it your display?

Warren Stegate: I can see why you're friends. (chuckle) Yes, it's my display. Although I am having a few issues, so unfortunately I won't be giving you the full demonstration but... hopefully, enough to successfully make a comeback.

Woman, over speakers: Dr. Siguenza's demonstration is now over. If interested, please head over to the next display for Dr. Stegate's demonstration.

Warren Stegate: Speaking of which, it's showtime. We'll talk afterwards, I'd love to hear more from an independent inventor such as yourself, John.

Warren then turns, proceeding up the ramp and onto the platform.

John, softly, to himself: So cool... (smiles)

Kate keeps to herself, wrapping her arms around herself. The view then cuts over to the platform where a group of people start to form around the platform.

Warren Stegate: Ladies and gentlemen... first off, it's been quite a while since I've done any of this as I'm sure some of you must know but, I am Dr. Warren Stegate; praised inventor, renowed genius and, well, a quite anomalous person, I must admit. I'm from a world where technology was on the verge of advancement. Where people would dream of flying cars and robot sidekicks. Unfortunately, it seems like that world may never come. Or should I say, seemed. Our focus here today is to save the world. Well, in order to save the world, we need to reshape it. With this, my latest and possibly greatest invention... I will bring about a new world order for everyone. I'm talking power, like no one has ever seen before. So without further delay, I would like to present...

Warren moves from the platform to the cloak, pulling at it until it falls from the top of the display, revealing it to everyone else. John looks out, blown away as he looks at the revealed invention. It appears to be an advanced-looking generator docked into the display's platform. Connected to it, are a pair of gloves with curcuitry within them.

Warren Stegate, turning back to the auidence: The Solar Shade. With this machine, right here, one could harness a potential amount of energy that appears limitless. Allow me to present a demonstration.

Warren takes the gloves from their stand and places them over his hands. He then activates the generator by pulling down a large, red lever. The generator then starts up, surges sparkling across it as it travels through the cords and into the gloves, as if powering them up. Energy then starts to manifest from the gloves, which Warren rolls into some type of sphere by waving his hands around it, as if crumbling it into a ball. He then holds the energy sphere within his hand and shows it to the auidence. Murmurs can be heard as Warren reforms the energy back into the gloves. He then shuts down the generator and turns back to the people.

Warren Stegate: With this power, the world can finally change for the better. A step out of the dark and one into the light, don't you think?

Claps and cheer are shortly heard from the people around the platform, bringing out a wide smile from Warren as he chuckles to himself. Drake is then seen in the auidence, watching uneasily. The scene then cuts to Warren stepping down from the platform as the people around the platform start to head to the next exhibit.

John: Dr. Stegate, I have to say that demonstration was incredible.

Warren Stegate: Thank you, thank you. It's like I always say, adulation will get you everywhere.

John: How were you able to energy like that? Surely that power for that generator must be enormous.

Warren Stegate: A great scientist may reveal his secrets but a great inventor keeps the real instructions in his pocket.

John: "The Build of a Lifetime"! That's like my favorite book from you.

Warren Stegate: Mine as well. Finally, somone with good taste as well as intellect.

Kate: So, Dr. Stegate, this new invention of yours is very interesting. How exactly is this going to change the world?

Warren Stegate: Well, I figured it'd be quite obvious, Ms. Wilson. With the ability to manipulate energy like this, (scoff) imagine the possibilities. One could power a city district, no- scratch that- multiple city districts, if not all of them. Another could use this power to charge devices and machines capable of dealing with Mutant threats. The possibilities, and you can quote me on this, are endless when it comes to this machine.

Kate: Even the bad ones?

Warren Stegate: Such as?

Kate: Well, you say the possibilities are endless for the use of this power but what if this power gets into the wrong hands, Doctor. I've came face-to-face with people with powers and not all of them use them for helping others.

Warren Stegate: That's the burden of an inventor. You discover and even create something with good intentions but others wouldn't see that, they would see it as a weapon and they would use it against the creators and the thinkers and even the innocents. Although, in my mind, they are all one of the same. My dear, this device has the same capabilities of being used for wrong as the next but I intend of using this machine to help in any way it could.

Kate: ...I see.

Warren Stegate: Now, if you don't mind, I would like to borrow your friend, John, here.

John: Me?

Warren Stegate: Yes, you. As I mentioned before, my generator is suffering from some technical issues and I could use a fellow genius to help me attend to it.

John: But why me? Not that I mind, because I don't, sir. It's just- there's tons of scientists and inventors here

Warren Stegate: Yes but there's only one you. I trust you, I have this sense where I can just tell someone is trustworthy and that someone is you, John. Now, would you like to help a praised inventor, renowed genius and a quite anomolous person?

John: Well, of course, I'm just- I'm with my friends here and-

John turns to Kate, with a pleading expression. She meets his gaze and sighs.

Kate: No, it's alright. You can spend some time with Dr. Stegate. I'll just- catch up with the other inventors for my report.

John: Are you sure? I don't want to-

Kate: It's fine, John. Just do what you need to do.

John smiles before turning back to Dr. Stegate and the two make their way onto the platform again. Kate stands there, watching John go off. Kate's neutral face begins to stoop down to a soft frown as he turns away. As she walks, Drake walks along side her.

Drake: Hey.

Kate is unreponsive.

Drake: Kate?

Kate, turning to Drake: Hm? Oh hey, Drake.

Drake: What's wrong?

Kate: Nothing, it's fine.

Drake: Oh, well, where's John?

Kate: He went with Dr. Stegate to work on his machine, the energy thing. So now, I'm going to do what I came here for and get what I can on these other exhibits by annoying the scientists during their coffee break. Speaking of which, did you get anything?

Drake: I don't know why you still think I can do work like you do.

Kate: It's your alter-ego.

Drake: Yeah, but it was your idea.

Kate: I guess, that's a good point.

A soft crackling noise is then heard as the two continue walking around the hall. Drake turns his attention to the noise, seeing a light blinking in and out. He squints at it as the blinking becomes more erratic. Electrical sparks then emmitt from the light, connecting to close by machinery and lights.

Drake: Kate, get back!

The electrical surge then amplifies, as a wave of electricity blasts out of the light, creating a black-out throughout the entire hall. Drake and Kate look around through the dark as several murmurs are heard from the people attending the expo.

Drake: Are you okay?

Kate: Yeah... this isn't exactly my first power outage.

Several sparks then come up around one display in particular. The scientist by it can be seen through light from the sparks, making his way away from the display. Drake looks over, seeing a glowing figure running from the display and ducking into a doorway. Drake then gets up and goes after him.

Kate: Drake? Drake! (sigh) Seriously? Twice already?

The scene cuts to a dark hallway where the glowing figure can be seen escaping with a small metallic device in hand. The figure appears in a humanoid shape with no distinct facial details. His entire body is glowing a dim yellow-orange color. As the figure continues escaping, he stops in place when a voice echoes through the hallway.

Drake, unseen: Hey!

The figure turns around, seeing Drake through the glow coming off of him. The figure "eyes" him cautiously.

Drake: I don't who or what you are but you're going to return that.

The figure then looks away from Drake.

Drake: I'm talking to you.

As Drake approaches the figure, the lights in the hallway start to flicker on, sparks of electricity coming off of them. Drake then stops, looking up at the lights. He then looks down at the figure, the electricity from the lights appearing to come to him. He then turns around, blasting a wave of electricity from his hand at Drake, which blasts him back, into the wall. The figure then turns his hand around and folds it into a fist, sparks coming off of it. The figure grunts then turns back. The lights then cut back on after a moment passes by. Kate then enters the hallway, instantly seeing Drake laying against the wall, on the floor.

Kate, kneeling down: Drake! Are you okay?

Drake, coming to: (groans) Yeah...

As Kate tries to help Drake up, he looks forwards; the figure gone. 

Drake: He got away...

Kate: Who? Who did this to you?

Drake: There was a man or a Mutant. I don't know... He glowed and took power from the lights.

Kate: Sounds like you were electrocuted. Are you sure it wasn't just the sparks? Something's going on with the lights.

Drake: It was him, Kate. Whoever he is. He got away with something, a small device.

Kate: A scientist said someone stole his device as I passed him. That's probably it.

Drake: I need to find this guy.

Kate: You need to rest and heal. I know you were electrocuted before but this is different. You're supposed to a regular guy, remember?

Drake: I'm not a regular guy, Kate.

Kate, in a sarcastic tone: You could've fooled me. Look, just stay out of trouble until we figure this out. Right now, you're not the Vigilante. You're a reporter-in-training's protege. We find the truth the hard way.

Drake: Alright, fine... We'll do this your way.

Kate: That's more like it. Come on, let's see if anyone needs any help.

Drake and Kate then enter the hallway as a spark comes off from one of the lights. The scene then cuts over to the platform where John is seen, working on the generator. Drake and Kate make their way onto the platform, catching John's attention.

John: Oh hey guys. Come to see me help Dr. Stegate?

Kate: We actually came to make sure you're alright. There was a power outage like a few minutes ago.

John: I thought that was just a technical thing. Is everyone alright?

Drake: We checked. Everyone is fine.

John: Good. I guess I was so into this that I didn't really notice. The engineering on this thing is impressive, a bit basic on some areas which doesn't really seem like Dr. Stegate's style but he did mention he was trying something new for his latest comeback so there's that.

Drake, looking around: Where is Stegate?

John: Uh- I'm not sure. He said he needed to get something for the machine. Why?

Drake: No reason... Look, I'm going to look around and see if I can find that stolen device.

Kate: Remember, you're doing this as a regular guy.

Drake: Yes, Kate...

Drake heads off the platform while Kate watches him go with her arms crossed.

John: Did you just give him the mother treatment?

Kate: I think so...

John: Did not think that could work on him.

Kate: You obviously haven't tried hard enough.

John laughs then looks at Kate.

John: You wanna work on this thing together?

Kate takes a moment, looking at John.

Kate: Not really.

John: Oh...

Kate: ...But I would like to be with you, if you don't mind.

John: Never did, never will.

The two then share a smile as Kate sits by John's side. The two then engage in conversation, with John showing Kate parts of the machine. The scene then cuts over to Drake, entering a stairway. He looks around, carefully, before heading down a flight of stairs. He then goes behind the stairs, putting his arm into a gap. He then removes a case labeled, "Murphy Industries". He opens the case, which contains the Vigilante suit, folded up. He then looks at it as he takes it from the case. A noise is then heard at the end of the hallway, catching Drake's attention. He then takes the suit and goes to the end of the hallway, at a set of double doors. He looks through the doors' windows and sees men unloading crates into a truck in the convention center's underground garage. Drake looks further into the window, seeing a logo on the truck side, reading "R-Corp".

Drake, to himself: R-Corp... Looks like Reeves is back to making deals again. We did it your way, Kate... Now it's my turn.

Drake then starts to put the suit on but before it can continue any further, the scene cuts to the garage, showing the R-Corp employees loading the crates onto the trucks.

R-Corp Employee: Hurry up, we shouldn't be here any longer than we need to.

Another R-Corp Employee: What does it matter? Last time I checked, the Philadelphia Vigilante left. And the boss said-

R-Corp Employee: He said to get these crates back to R-Corp before anyone notices us and get it ready before he gets back.

Another R-Corp Employee: At this rate, we'll be out of here before you-

The lights cut off, leaving the men in the dark.

Other R-Corp Employee: Hey, who turned out the lights?

R-Corp Employee: It's probably that guy we're working with. Someone get out the flashlights.

One of the R-Corp employees walks away from a crate and searches through the dark for something on the floor, presumingly the flashlight. However, he finds a boot instead. He looks up but is knocked in the head by a fist before he can see who it belongs to.

R-Corp Employee: Come on, we don't have all day. Where are those lights at? You there, man?

The R-Corp employees looks amongst themselves through the dark. A figure is seen standing in the dark, looking at them. The R-Corp employee moves closer to the figure, reaching for his weapon in his leg holstier. The lights then start to flicker back on. The light now showing the figure to be Drake, fully suited in his Vigilante suit. He looks upset. Before the R-Corp employee can really react, Drake pounces forwards, driving his knee into the person's chest and knocking him backwards. The other R-Corp Employees pull out their weapons and fire at Drake who takes cover behind a crate, after taking a shot. The suit easily holding up against it. A mechanical whirring noise then emmits from Drake as he activates one of his forms. He then jumps over the crate, kicking down one of the armed R-Corp employees. He then turns around and swings his arm out, stretching his thorn-form out at the two R-Corp employees across from him. The ax-head knocks them each in the head, with the butt of the ax. Another R-Corp employee peeks out from the collumn, firing at Drake, who blocks the upcoming fire by crossing his ax-heads together, acting as a shield. When the blaster runs out of charge, the employee lowers to reload. Drake, taking this oppertunity, swings his ax against the collumn, the ax-head melting through it which knocks the collumn over. Exposed, the R-Corp turns to fire at Drake who stretches his ax-head forwards, knocking the butt of it into the guy's head, knocking him out. Drake then reels his arm back into position and deactivates his form, looking around at the knocked out R-Corp employees. One of them tries getting up, holding his chest, but Drake grabs his free arm and twists it behind his back.

R-Corp Employee: Ack!

Drake: What are you doing here?

R-Corp Employee: I ain't telling you anything.

Drake presses harder, causing the employee to yell out more.

Drake: I'm not going to ask you again!

R-Corp Employee: Look, man, we're just doing a deal. We're not doing any illegal.

Drake: That's for me to say.

R-Corp Employee: Check the crates if you don't believe me.

Drake looks at him and shoves him onto the ground. He takes the top off of one of the crates, inside there's several pieces of technology. Drake turns from the crate, looking at the R-Corp employee on the floor, holding his arm.

Drake: Stolen technology...

R-Corp Employee: Stolen? We didn't steal this.

Drake, storming towards him: Don't lie to me!

R-Corp Employee: I'm not lying, man! We're here to make a deal on behalf of Anton Reeves, to pick up technology for this old project so he can use it for his own personal use. If someone's stealing stuff, it's probably our partner.

Drake: Who's your partner?

The R-Corp employee doesn't respond at first. Drake then clutches his fist.

Drake: Give me a name!

R-Corp Employee: Stegate! Warren Stegate, okay? He's the one that gave us this tech.

Drake: R-Corp makes technology, why would you need this?

R-Corp Employee: Because of that generator he built, with this tech, Reeves would be able to replicate the tech and apply it to his own products. Better products means better cash. Surely you know money makes the world better.

Drake: I know people like you and him don't. Someone will be here, they'll take care of this.

R-Corp Employee: But we didn't do anything wrong.

Drake: They'll find something on you. I'll make sure about it.

Drake then punches the R-Corp employee across the face, knocking him out. He then turns back as the lights come back on.

Drake, to himself: Stegate... (grunts)

Drake then walks off. The scene then cuts back to Kate and John, who is still working on the generator.

John, pointing his screwdriver at a guy: What about that guy?

Kate: Hm... too formal. Probably a congressman or something.

John, going under the generator: The guy next to him?

Kate: That's a woman.

John: You know what I mean.

Kate: How long is it going to take you to fix that thing?

John: Not sure. Shouldn't be long now. Why?

Kate: It's just- this guy doesn't really seem to be helping you with it.

John: That's because I'm helping him. Besides, he's getting these parts for the generator.

Kate: Speaking of which, his runs do seem kinda long.

John: He's not very organized.

Kate: Is that a critisim I hear?

John: Nope, fact. He mentions his unorganized state in his book, "Remodeling your Mind Palace". As long as you have a system, you don't really need organization.

Kate: I guess that's something I can agree on...

John: Look, I know this seems out of your element, especially with a guy like Stegate, but it's my element. Kinda like interviewing people is your element.

Kate: My element is actually a sofa, thank you very much. But yeah... I get what you're saying. I'll try and be a little more open-minded about this science stuff.

John: Thank you.

Kate: But I'll go see if he get lost or something during the black-out.

John: Alright, sure thing.

Kate gets up and walks off the platform as John continues working on the generator. Drake then emerges from a doorway, his alter-ego clothing roughly on, and he makes his way onto the platform.

Drake: John. Where's Stegate?

John, pulling himself from underneath the generator: Getting some more parts, why?

Drake: I just found a group of R-Corp employees underneath the facility.

John: Really? What were they doing?

Drake: Loading crates of technology onto their trucks.

John: The stolen tech from the displays.

Drake: No, the technology they had on them was traded by Stegate. They're working together on this.

John: Whoa, slow down Drake. Stegate isn't working with Reeves, if that's what you're saying. He can't be.

Drake: That's what they told me.

John: What? And you believed them? Come on, what happened to what Kate said? About thinking like a regular person?

Drake: I did that, John.

John: Really? Because it sounds like you're accusing my hero of being a criminal. Why would he steal technology from other people? Why would he even work with R-Corp?

Drake: I don't know.

John: That's right. You don't know.

Drake: ...Why are you so- attached to him? He's not a hero, John.

John: He's my hero, Drake. There's a difference. I know him. I know he wouldn't do something like this. He- He wants to help people, to save the world. He's not capable of these types of things. Anyways, it's like you said before, it was a Mutant or someone else. But I know for sure, it's not him.

Drake: How do you know that?

John: Because I trust him!

Drake: ...And not me?

John: I don't know. Look, just- maybe you shouldn't get involved in this. I'll talk to him, we'll all work this out, alright?

Drake: Yeah, sure.

Drake walks off, leaving John alone on the platform. John sighs to himself before returning to work on the generator. The scene then cuts to Murphy Tower in the city. The sky is getting dark, with a light amount of clouds.

Murphy Tower
May 26, 19:52 EDT

Inside the building's laboratory, Emmett is seen completing the scan on the Xyrion tech, using a new machine. Drake is seen leaning on the wall.

Drake, looking around: Where's Owens?

Emmett: Uh, I don't know. Rebecca said he left the lab some time ago. Maybe he's checking in with your MCA buddies.

Drake grunts. Silence filling the room.

Emmett, breaking the silence: Alright, the scan should be done soon. Maybe another hour, give or take. So... that gives us some time.

Drake: ...Time for what?

Emmett: To talk, Drake.

Drake: I don't want to talk.

Emmett: Then why are you here?

Drake: I just need somewhere else to go right now.

Emmett: Something tells me it's more than just the expo that's getting to you.

Drake doesn't respond.

Emmett: Look, I don't know much about having friends but looking at you guys earlier today and even when we first met, I can tell you guys look after each other. You're a team. You work together, travel together, do stuff together. My point is, if there's something's going on, you cna always turn to your friends, no matter what. Things will get better between you guys. Just give it some time...

Drake looks at Emmett who forces a brief smile. Drake then looks off, thinking. The scene then cuts back to the convention center where Kate is walking around, an unfinished part of the facility, which appears to be some sort of backstage.

Kate: Mr. Stegate? Are you there?

Kate then comes across a room. She enters the room, looking around. It's cluttered. There are several papers and charts on a desk, crushed soda cans and take-out boxes by a trash-can filled with crumbled papers and other garbage as well as a crate filled with parts. The crate has a black stamp reading, "Stegate Technologies" on the side.

Kate, looking around: John wasn't kidding about unorganized.

As she continues searching the room, she finds herself at the desk with charts on top of it. Her attention then stops at one chart in particular. The chart shows a diagram of the generator.

Kate, reading: The Darkstar Project? This looks like the Solar Shade demonstration by Dr. Stegate except... it's from the 1950's. It says the tester is required to wear a specialized suit in order to use the experiment, see next diagram.

Kate then pushes the diagram to the side, looking at the next one over. The chart is shown to be of a suit diagram, which suits similar to the one used by the figure from earlier. Kate then looks surprised as she reads the chart.

Kate, reading: If used correctly, this suit can be used to harness dark energy? Oh no... John!

Kate then pushes away from the desk and runs out of the room. The scene cuts back to John. Stegate then arrives onto the platform. A smug smile on his face.

Warren Stegate: Well done, John. I can see you've done quite the work on this generator of mine.

John: Sure thing, Dr. Stegate.

Warren Stegate: Please, call me Warren. John, I don't know what it is about you but your ability to understand and just do. (chuckle) I can tell you're a man of action and without those, we all wouldn't be here, now would we?

John: I guess not.

Warren Stegate: Guessing is what happens when you don't complete a thought. Knowing is what happens-

John and Warren, continuing: -when you have all the thoughts.

Warren Stegate: Yeah, there you go.

John: I would have never thought I would be able to hang out with my hero, the Warren Stegate. Let alone, work on his super generator?

Warren Stegate: You think I would just let you work on my generator? John, I am going to let you be the one to activate it. To be the one to unleash the new world.

John: Me? Mr. Ste- I mean, Warren, I'm honored.

Warren Stegate: You should be. Because I can't think of any higher honor to give you. Now, if you would be so kind, as to activate the generator.

John: Sure thing, Warren.

John goes to activate the machine.

Kate, running onto the platform: John, wait, don't!

John: Kate? What's wrong? What happened?

Warren Stegate: Nevermind her, the generator, John.

Kate: It's him. He's the guy that Drake told us about.

John: I told him about this, Kate. Warren isn't a criminal, he's my hero. He makes inventions, like this one.

Kate: I'm sorry, John, but you're wrong. There are diagrams in his room of design dating back to the 1950's of an energy project capable of manifesting something called dark energy. He just built the generator and the energy suit based on those designs. He's not the guy you thought he was.

Warren Stegate: Don't listen to her, John. She obviously has no idea what she's talking about.

John looks from Kate to Warren.

Warren Stegate: Look at me, John. I've been an inventor for years, this is my chance to get back on top and this is your chance to do the same. Together, we can save the world by unleashing new energies onto it. That's the mission, John. That's all I want.

John: ...Is she right?

Warren Stegate: Of course, she isn't. She's a liar, trying to take away what's rightfully yours. I'm on your side, John. I'm your hero, remember? So who do you trust more? Huh? Someone with experience and is trying to do the right thing or someone who obviously doesn't know what they're about anymore?

John looks back at Kate who looks right at him.

John: Someone who's trying to do the right thing.

Warren Stegate: Exactly. (chuckle) I knew you would see the light. Now activate the generator.

Kate: John-

John puts his hand up, stopping Kate. He turns to Warren and takes a deep sigh.

John: I won't do it, Warren.

Warren Stegate: What?! Why not? You said you picked me.

John: I said I picked someone who is trying to do the right thing. Kate knows what she's talking about, you- you copied someone else's designs, you stole technology from other people, you're working with R-Corp?

Warren Stegate: Yes. Okay, yes! I am! I did all those things but for a good reason. My company is dying, John! Nobody buys what I put out there anymore. Not since the Incident. So I fish around, try coming up with something new, and nothing. Then I find these designs, these diagrams for an old project and I use that to revitalize my career. Oh sure, I could use that to power cities but what's the point? Huh? When I could do so much more! At full power, I can manipulate energy, John. I can manipulate all types of energy; electricity, gamma radiation, nuclear fusion. I could potentially be unstoppable and I want you to join me. Maybe it's all that essense of myself within you for all those years, that makes you like a younger version of myself. Hopeful and wanting to help others. You can still do, y'know. Help people, but why not help yourself first?

John: At one point, I wanted to be like you. I grew up thinking you were the perfect inspiration. I can be like you, I can help people, build things and be insanely well known. But now, you want to hurt people, steal things and- and now you're just insane.

Warren Stegate: I'm not insane!

John: Point is, Warren, I'm not joining you or helping you. Not anymore.

Warren Stegate: In that case... I'll just have to do it myself.

Warren shoves John out of the way and activates the generator. Electrical charges build up as the machine activates. He puts the gloves on and dark energy from the machine moves into the gloves.

Warren Stegate: Yes! So much power!

John: Warren, stop!

Warren Stegate: No one can stop me now!

John moves towards the machine but Warren blasts him away with a beam of dark energy. John then flies off the platform and onto the floor.

Kate, moving towards him: John!

Kate goes to John's side and helps him up. Warren then extends his arms out, absorbs energy from all the various machinery as well as the lights and the anything else that runs on energy.

Warren Stegate: Give me all your energy!

Kate then whips out her phone and calls Drake. The scene cuts back to the laboratory in Murphy Tower. As Drake watches the Xyrion technology get scanned, Drake's phone rings. Drake pulls out his phone from his pocket and answers it.

Drake: Kate?

Kate, over the phone: Drake! Hurry!

Drake: Kate, what's wrong?

Kate, over the phone: It's Warren Stegate, he's-

The line goes dead.

Drake: Kate? Kate!

Emmett, turning to Drake: What's happening? Is Kate is trouble?

Drake: It's Stegate.

Emmett: What about him?

Drake: He made a machine that can make him control energy and he used it to steal machines from people.

Emmett: And now he's after Kate?

Drake: I don't know but I'm going to stop him if he is.

Rebecca then enters the room.

Rebecca: Sir.

Emmett: Now, isn't a good time, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Sir, please, this really requires your fullest attention. Otherwise, the board will-

Emmett: They'll take over for me, I know. Just tell them I'll be there, just later.

Rebecca: Emmett...

Emmett: Now, Rebecca!

Rebecca: ...Yes, sir.

Rebecca then leaves the laboratory.

Drake: What's that about?

Emmett: It's probably nothing, just another company thing. Let's go.

Drake: Stay. You have your thing to go to. I can handle him on my own.

Drake then dashes out of the laboratory. Emmett looks at the doors, concern written on his face. The scene cuts back to the convention center. Surges of electrical charges running all over the building. Inside, Warren is seen glowing immensely with energy as he continues absorbing from the machinery. He then stops and shoots out a beam of pure energy at a machine, causing it to explode.

Warren Stegate: With power like this, the world will finally have the leader it so desperately needs. Speaking of which-

Warren looks around. He then sees the formal-looking man from earlier, hiding behind a sign.

Warren Stegate: Congressman Light!

Warren forms an energy bubble around the congressman and lifts him up onto the platform. He then drops him from the bubble and reabsorbs it.

Congressman Light: Wh-What do you want from me?

Warren Stegate: I know you're here to judge inventions but I also know you're capable to giving people power. Unfortunately for you, I can't control that power. Now here's what's going to happen. You're going to make sure everyone knows I'm the most powerful man in the world or I'm going to split you like an atom.

Kate: Leave him alone!

Warren turns and sees Kate, helping John who's holding his arm.

John: Kate, no- don't-

Kate: Without all that power, you're nothing but an insane loser.

Warren Stegate: I am not! You want to try to help others, huh? Well, you should have thought about helping yourself when you had the chance.

Warren forms a ball of energy and throws it at Kate, who braces for the impact, as she stands in front of John. Drake then drops down and blocks the blast of energy, using his scale-form which formed into a shield before him. The scales then detach from one another, returning to Drake's back, who is fully suited in his Vigilante suit. He looks out at Warren who hovers above the platform.

Drake: I won't you hurt anyone else, Stegate.

Warren Stegate: Vigilante... I've heard about you. You've taken down some pretty powerful enemies. But you've never faced anyone as powerful as me!

Drake: We'll see about that.

Drake rushes forwards and Warren throws several energy blasts at Drake, who attempts to block them with his scales. Warren summons a large ball of energy and rolls it at Drake, which knocks him into the air, throwing him into the wall. He then falls, crashing down onto someone's display. He groans as he gets up from the machine he landed up. Before he can get up, Warren fires another energy beam at Drake which knocks him off of the machine.

Warren Stegate: Now that I think about it, who needs political power when I can get power from the fear of everyone else. Once they know, I destroyed the Vigilante- they'll now just how powerful I really am.

Warren throws another beam at Drake, knocking him even more back. Drake then attempts to get up.

Warren Stegate: How are you still standing?

Drake: I'm stronger than I look... (groans)

Warren Stegate: You have energy within you, I sense it now. Maybe by taking yours, I'll have your power as well.

Warren blasts Drake but, this time, rather than attacking him, the energy is used to absorb energy from within him. Drake then yells out in pain as energy tendrils stab into him and drain him of his energy. He then drops down to his knees, attempting to stay strong. As Warren continues draining Drake of his energy, a machine is thrown at him, knocking him back onto the platform. The energy tendrils then come out of Drake, allowing him to take a deep breath. Drake then gets up slowly and turns around, seeing Emmett, suited in his Leviathan armor.

Drake: You came.

Emmett: I couldn't let you have all the fun.

Drake then turns back, seeing Warren get up from the platform. He then looks ahead, now noticing Emmett.

Warren Stegate: Another Vigilante?!

Emmett: Name's Leviathan, the protector of Philadelphia.

Warren Stegate: Why protect people when you can take what they have for yourself?

Emmett: That's not how things work. We earn the things we work for and help others because, well, they might just help you back. And even if they don't, at least, you did some good by someone else for change.

Warren Stegate: Doing good doesn't give me power like this, Leviathan. And I won't let you take it away from me.

Emmett: And we can't let you hurt any more people. It's time to give it up, Warren.

Warren Stegate: Never.

Warren blasts Emmett with a beam of energy which he blocks by crossing his arms together. However, despite his enhanced strength and durability, the beam still manages to push Emmett back.

Emmett, blocking: I can't keep this up much longer.

Drake, looking forwards: I'm on it.

Drake rushes forwards, activating his mace-form. Drake lunces straight for Warren, readying an attack but Warren switches his focus to Drake, blasting him back, into yet another machine. Drake groans more, as he gets up. Warren absorbs energy from a lit-up sign, draining it, and redirects the electricity to Drake in an attempt to electrocute him. However, Drake holds his mace-hand forwards, absorbing the electricity from the blast.

Warren: NO!

Warren then charges up an attack and fires a beam at Drake. He dodges it but it hits the machine behind him, creating another explosion. Drake is then caught in the blast and is sent forwards, crashing onto the ground. A ringing then goes through his head and his vision becomes blurred. He can see Emmett charges at Warren slowly as his eyes start to close, setting the scene into darkness. The darkness then transitions to the night sky in a flashback scene. The view continues panning to the right until a dim gas station sign comes into view.

Abandoned Gas Station
9 Years Ago

At the gas station, the group that just escaped from The Santuctary attack is seen scavenging the place. Drake is seen sitting on the edge of the small platform where the pumps are at.

Eugene, from inside: Dang it!

Will: No luck?

Eugene: No. They took most of the supplies.

Marsha: Hunters. I can't believe it.

Will: Believe it. We should get moving before they come back. I don't want to put the family at risk.

Leia: We need supplies, Will, if we're going to survive.

Eugene: We have a small stash in the back of the truck but it won't last all five of us for more than a week.

Marsha: And we can't return to Santutary to restock either.

Will: So... what can we do? Is there a town or something nearby?

Marsha: There should be one up ahead but there will be creatures there.

Will: At this point, it might just be a risk we have to take.

Eugene: If we're taking any risks, then we should at least consider the plan.

Leia: The plan?

Marsha: We can't. They have a child.

Will: What plan is this, what are you talking about?

Eugene: A plan to get help and get us out of this freakish nightmare of a place.

Will: How? There's no cell reception and radio won't reach far enough for someone to hear.

Eugene: There's a cell-tower in a town we marked on our maps. It's quite the drive, may take a day or two to avoid detection, but if we can reach the tower, we may have a chance at signaling for help.

Will: It could work but then what? What if this stuff is happening all over the world? What if there is no help coming?

Eugene: Like I said, it's a risk. At the very least, the town will definitely have supplies that we can use.

Leia: How do you know this?

Marsha: Because no one has decided to go into that part of town since the hunters claimed most of territory.

Will: If they're involved, we can't do this. You have no idea what they're capable of.

Marsha: And you do?

Will: ...I had a run-in with them at one point so yes... I do. I'd rather not talk about it if that's all the same with you guys.

Eugene: We all want the same thing here, man. To survive.

Will sighs. He turns to Leia.

Will: It's up to you. He's your kid, I'm- I'm just along for the ride.

Leia turns to Drake who looks up at her. She turns back to Will and the others.

Leia: If we don't do this, we'll just have to keep hiding, keep scavenging. I don't know if I can keep doing this, having Drake grow up in a world like this. If there's a chance for safety, I want to take it. 

Will: ...Then that's our answer.

Eugene: Alright, that's the plan then. We call for help and we survive this thing.

Leia: Together.

Drake looks up at them. The scene then transitions from the young Drake to the current Drake, stirring awake. Emmett is then thrown over Drake and into a machine, causing it to dent as Emmett falls onto the floor. He gets up, holding his side.

Emmett: Drake, are you alright?

Drake, getting up on his own: Ye-yeah...

Emmett then  helps Drake up.

Emmett: He's powerful. I'll give him that. Not sure if we can take him on like this.

Drake: Then we don't. We do it togther.

Emmett nods as they both turn back to Warren who hovers above them.

Warren Stegate: Ready for more?

Emmett then grabs the machine he was thrown into and lifts it up. He then throws it at Warren who evades it, lowering himself out of the way. Drake then jumps off of a knocked over table and punches Warren in the face, knocking him back through the air. Warren then looks back, clearly angered.

Warren Stegate, extending his arms out: GAH!

He then fires some energy tendrils at Drake which stab into him, draining his energy.

Warren Stegate: Give me your power!

Drake: Uuh!

Emmett then runs over and Warren starts absorbing his energy as well.

Warren Stegate: Yes! YES! More power!

John then attempts to get up.

Kate: John, no. You have to rest. Your arm-

John: I have help them, Kate.

Kate: At least, let me help you.

John looks at Kate then gives her a nod. Kate then helps John over to the platform as Warren continues draining the energy from Drake and Emmett. John then makes it to the generator where he attempts to disable it.

John: Almost there...

Warren then catches John in the corner of his eye.

Warren, turning around, still absorbing Drake and Emmett: What do you think you're doing?! Stop that! Leave that alone!

Warren then uses one hand to drain energy from Drake and Emmett and the other to fire a beam of energy at John.

Kate: John, no!

Kate then jumps in front of John as he continues working on the generator. She gets hit by the beam which starts to drain her energy as well.

John: KATE!

John, angered, then bashes in the curcuits for the generator, causing it to overload.

Warren Stegate: NO!

A wave of corrupt energy then starts moving up the cords and into the gloves, corrupting Warren completely. He then drops out of the air and onto the platform. His skin turning completely into energy. He looks weakened as he hold over Drake, Emmett and Kate collaspe. Drake and Emmett then get up roughly and look down at the corrupted Warren. Together, they punch Warren, knocking him out. Energy then comes off of Warren, spreading across the entire hall. The lights then flicker back on. Drake then goes over to Kate who is being held by John.

John: Kate? Come on, Kate. I know you're fine. You- have to be.

Kate then takes a deep breath as she awakes. She then coughs.

John: Kate!

Emmett: Is she-?

Drake, turning to Emmett: She's alright.

Emmett then sighs in relief then smiles. The scene then fades to later on, with the MCA taking Warren away.

Owens: We'll place Warren Stegate is a specialized holding cell. He won't be a threat to anyone else.

Drake: Where were you, Owens?

Owens: I got new orders from command. (to Emmett) I take it the results are ready.

Emmett: They should be. Just stop by Murphy Tower and I'll have them ready for you.

Owens nods and walks away. Drake watches Owens leave as John puts his hand on his shoulder. Drake turns to glare at John but he keeps his hand there.

John: I just want to say- I'm sorry, okay? I should have trusted you instead of him. It's just- Warren was the person I looked up to. He made me the person I am today. And now, he corrupted himself. Both literally and figuritvely. I don't want to be the guy, Drake.

Drake: He didn't make you into who you are. You did. You might have wanted to be like him but you're not him. You're better than him. You're John Reed. You're my friend.

John: And you're mines, Drake. And to think I asked you to be a regular guy for once.

Drake: I tried it but I think I like being the Vigilante more than Drake Reed.

John: (scoff) That reminds me. Why do you keep using my last name whenever you put on your alter-ego?

Drake: I don't have a last name, John. And Kate said not to use hers so I picked yours.

John: Well, to some people, they might just think we're related.

Drake: To me, we are, John. I don't have a family but you and Kate, you're the closest things I have to that. So, yeah, I'm proud to be a Reed.

John looks at Drake and attempts to smile, as his eyes get all watery.

John: (sniffs) Come here.

Drake: What?

John spreads his arms out.

Drake: What are you- (realizing) No.

John gets closer.

Drake: No...

John wraps his arms around Drake, hugging him. Drake has his arms out, as if he doesn't really know what to do with them. Kate looks over at them, a smile on her face.

John, hugging him: Thanks, man.

Drake remains silent but accepts the hug. John then lets go and rubs his face.

John: Sorry. Just- very emotional today, y'know?

Drake looks at John, not showing much emotion, as usual.

John: (chuckle) I guess not.

Drake: ...I'll uh- I'll give you guys some time.

Kate: Us? Drake, we're just-

Drake: I know.

Kate: Oh.

Drake: Yeah...

Drake then walks off, approaching Emmett. John then scratches the back of his head.

John: Well, so much for keeping it on the down-low.

Kate: It wouldn't have lasted anyways.

John: Yeah... So about tonight. This date was probably the worst, wasn't it?

Kate: Yeah, it was...

John: Right... (looks down)

Kate: But, that doesn't mean, I don't want to try it some other time.

John: I thought you would have just go back to being friends or something.

Kate: Hey, just because we're dating doesn't mean we're not friends. We're just friends beyond best friends.

John: What like boyfriend?

Kate: Yes! 

John looks at her, surprised, obviously caught off-guard.

Kate: I mean- no. I just- I don't know. I never did this before either...

They share a laugh for a moment.

John: So, what are you really trying to say?

Kate: Okay, what I'm trying to say is: This date was a disaster but I'm optimistic about our future. Besides, I can't just drop a challenge like you. I'd lose my reputation in an instant.

John: (nervous chuckle) Yeah...

The scene cuts to Drake and Emmett.

Drake: Thanks for the help back there. I don't know if I would have been able to save them without you.

Emmett: Of course. We both want the same thing. To help people, no matter what.

Drake: I know you have your own things to deal with-

Emmett: It's fine. You guys needed help, I couldn't just sit there and ignore it. If we sacrifice our morals, we lose who we are, completely. I'd rather lose the respect of my co-workers, then my friends.

Drake: Same here...

Emmett: So, does that mean you finally trust me?

Drake: Don't push it. But, I'm thinking about it. You're not as bad as I thought you were, Emmett.

Emmett: I realized that about you a while ago, Drake.

Drake: ...So the results, what did you find?

Emmett: The machine helped. That's for sure. I found several interesting variables including their energy source. It's crystalline-based, refracting energy through frequencies. Never seen anything like it.

Drake: I know John would understand most of that.

Emmett: Of course. Now, I should probably get going before I miss this meeting entirely. You'd think being CEO would entitle me to more days offs.

Drake: Well, thanks for that, Emmett. If you need me, you know where to find me.

Emmett: MCA Headquarters? I'll keep that in mind. I'll see you around, Drake.

Emmett then walks off into an alleyway. Once he gets far enough, he leaps high into the night sky. Drake looks up as he leaps across the city. The scene then fades to Murphy Tower.

Murphy Tower
May 26, 22:08 EDT

Inside, Emmett can be seen, adjusting himself, as he rushes through the company's halls. Rebecca walks over to him and along side him as he continues walking ahead.

Rebecca: Sir, where have you been? The meeting, it's-

Emmett: I know, I know. I'm late. But I'm here now.

Rebecca: Sir, that's what I mean, they're-

Emmett: Waiting? I know. Look, it's fine. As soon as I step in there, everything will be fine.

Emmett enters the room as two men are seen shaking hands.

Emmett: Sorry, I'm... (noticing) late.

One of the men is wearing black suit with a blue shirt. He has black hair and blue eyes. He's also wearing glasses.

Man: Mr. Murphy, I-

Anton Reeves: Mr. Murphy, so nice of you to join us. I was afraid I wouldn't see you.

Emmett: What are you doing, Mr. Reeves?

Anton Reeves: Just making a proposal, is all. Why? You seem surprised that I'm here. (smirks)

Emmett: It's just that I already explained to you how I felt about this proposal of yours. I'm not interested in merging companies with you.

Anton Reeves: Which is why I revised the proposal so that it fits your company's regulations. The board members seemed quite pleased with my offer.

Emmett, turning to the man: What is he talking about?

Board Member: We waited for you, Mr. Murphy. We called and waited, called and waited. You knew showed. We're entitled to continue meetings with or without you.

Emmett: Yes, but you're not allowed to close deals without me. I own the company.

Anton Reeves: Yes, but you did give up your authority to run the company when you left town, am I correct? At least, that's what I heard from these lovely people here.

Emmett: Well... yes, I did. But, I'm back now. Once I return to company, the authority switches back over to the main CEO. That's how it works, Mr. Reeves.

Anton Reeves: Until you return to work for the company.

Emmett: What?

Anton Reeves: It's an easy mistake for such a young minded individual such as yourself. Company policies indicate that you must return to work for the company in order to reclaim authority over it. And this meeting would have been your chance to reclaim that authority, is it not?

Board Member: An oversight that Mr. Reeves has made quite clear during the meeting.

Emmett: So what does this mean? That we're working together?

Anton Reeves: I think you have the wrong idea of what just happened, Mr. Murphy. We all just agreed that my company, R-Corp, will not only merge with Murphy Industries but, without a man in charge to lead, I will presume that place. In other words, I now own both of companies.

Emmett: You can't. This is more than a company, Reeves, this is my legacy. The legacy of my parents, they passed this down onto me.

Anton Reeves: And such a legacy requires dedication, commitment and hard work. Clearly, you are unfit for the company as your board members have agreed. Oh, I apologize, former board members.

Emmett: ...At least, (break) at least give me some time to clear out my things.

Anton Reeves: You have a residence here. How unfortunate for you. I'll give you until the end of tomorrow to move out of this company, Mr. Murphy. And I believe that, concludes our business. Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

The Board Members then leave the room as Emmett stands there, staring down Reeves.

Emmett: You manipulated me. You knew I left the city so you moved your operations as far away as you could in order to draw me away from my company so you can have the time to take over.

Anton Reeves: I don't know what you're talking about. You must be mistaken. But let's say, hypothetically, I did do all this through excessive planning and strategy through countless hours and amounts of money. At least, we would know it was worth it in the end.

Emmett: Why?

Anton Reeves: You have no idea what you've been handed. This company is the key to something bigger than you ever imagine. And now that key is my possession, at last. You'll see, when it happens, you will see.

Emmett: This isn't over, Reeves.

Anton Reeves: Of course not, I'm only getting started.

Emmett then leaves the office as Reeves turns to look out of the large windows. He looks down at the city of Philadelphia. The face of a creature then appears in the window. Reeves squints down, looking down at the face in the window. He then comes to realize something and turns around, seeing the Xyrion Leader.

Anton Reeves: I've seen you before. You tried sabotaguing several of my sites. What do you want?

Xyrion Leader: We want this company, we know you have this power now.

Anton Reeves: How?

Xyrion Leader: Our technology quite advanced compared to yours. Yet, your technology still provides many benefits that contribute to our plan.

Anton Reeves: So why tell me? Unless, of course, you need me for something.

Xyrion Leader: We have fought against people like you and people with abilities, the enhanced. If our plan is to work, we need one of them on our side.

Anton Reeves: You propose an alliance. Between me and your kind. I don't work with Mutants.

Xyrion Leader: We have our ways of getting what we want. But that would take time, time is not something the Xyrions have. The choice is yours...

Anton Reeves: Okay, you have yourself deal. (smirks)


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Warren Stegate becomes an enhanced energy-draining individual
  • Emmett loses his company
  • Anton Reeves takes over Murphy Industries
  • The Xyrions and Anton Reeves form an alliance

Minor Events

  • John meets his (former) hero, Warren Stegate, for the first time
  • Kate and John go on their first date


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Emmett
  • Agent Owens
  • Director Harper
  • Rebecca (First Appearance)
  • Murphy Industries Board Members (First Appearance)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia (Flashback)
  • Will Dillions (Flashback)
  • Eugene (Flashback)
  • Marsha (Flashback)
  • MCA Officers
  • Congressman Light (First Appearance)
  • Zee G. Ulo's Employee (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns
  • Sonar Scales
  • Electro-Icer


  • Zee G. Ulo's Restaurant is a reference to the Shield of Ziegel and the Ruby Ray of Ulo from Ben 10.
  • The Letscher Convention Center is a reference to Matt Letscher, the actor who plays as Eobard Thawne in The Flash.
  • Drake's Vigilante Suit in the Murphy Industries case was an allusion towards Peter Parker recieving his new Spider-Man suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • When the power cuts off the second time, one of the R-Corp employees yells out, "Hey, who shut off of the lights?" This is a reference to the Doctor Who episode, Silence in the Library, where one of the Vashta Nerada-possessed bodies said, "Hey, who turned out the lights?"


  • Stegate's surname was based on both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. It was also based on Steven T. Seagle.
  • Originally, the energy project and Emmett's involvement were not in the plot. They were, however, added in later, during development.
  • Owens was going to be working with Drake when it came to intercepting the R-Corp employees, however, he was removed from the scene for two reasons. One being, the rest of the episode didn't have him in it and adding him in could have been distracting. Another reason is because him not being there is explained towards the end of the episode.
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