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General Information
Species Glacon
Home World Eiswurfel
Body Cube-like
Alternate Counterparts Ebuceci - opposite counterpart
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cyrokinesis

Enhanced Durability

Transforming into a cube

Near Indestructible (in cube form)

Levitation (in cube form)

Users Vorkus Comidas

Ned Greenberg

Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey

Den -10

Icecube is an alien in Simien 10: Blood Monkey and Den -10.


Icecube is a massive, blocky, light blue alien. His body is a large cube with angled corners, about 2 meters high. Icecube stands on four short legs, two in his front and two in the back.

Icecube's arms are bulky and have an ice spike on each shoulder. His head is octagonal, and has a single green eye in the middle.

While in cube form, Icecube appears to be the same cube his torso is, with a single green eye that can travel along it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cryokinesis

Icecube can manipulate ice and cold, which allows him to fire freezing gas from his hands or mouth, or shoot out icicles.

  • Enhanced Durability

Even while not in cube form, Icecube's body is incredibly durable.

Cube Form

  • Near Indestructibility
  • Semi-Levitation

Icecube can shift into a cube form where his body temporarily reduces itself to his torso. In this form, Icecube's body is near indestructible, and once transformed, can "levitate" in mid air by ignoring gravity, leaving him static in the same position he was when he transformed.

While in cube form, Icecube can still manipulate ice to his will, allowing him to fire ice shards or even enlarge himself by creating icewalls around him.


Icecube is naturally weak to heat, which can cause him incredible pain and render his enhanced durability useless. Additionally, while in cube form, heat sources can melt through with with ease compared to other sources.

Icecube is slow and bulky, and cannot get into small spaces easily.

While in cube form, Icecube is susceptible to sound attacks or strong vibrations, which can shatter him.


Simien 10: Blood Monkey

Sem 2.10



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