E-10, Iceblock
General Information
Species Hyperborean
Home World Arktikos XIV
Body Ice Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Barrier Generation
Platform Generation
Cryokinetic Surfing
Cryokinetic Combat
Ice Storm Creation
Cold Generation
Snow Manipulation
Psychic Ice Manipulation
Ice Embodiment
Space Surviability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith
First Appearance TBA

Iceblock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hyperborean from the planet Arktikos XIV.


Iceblock is a blue crystallized-based life form who stands at 7 ft tall. His body is composed of crystallized ice surrounding all over his body. Iceblock wears a crystallized headband while having three horns surrounding his two eyes and nose, made out of black ice. Iceblock has two shards sticking out from his back, and two shards wrapped around his lower chest that connect to the ice on his shoulders and back. The top of Iceblock's head, his shoulders, his shards, and his forehead are light blue. The lower half of his face, his upper arms, and feet are a darker sky blue. Iceblock wears black-ice pants and dark sky blue tap dancing shoes which acts as ice skates. Iceblock has two green eyes and wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Iceblock's main ability is to create barriers at any size from his hands to defend himself and others from attacks. His barriers are strong enough to out last a drill and a large laser blast. Iceblock can use these barriers to tire out his opponents as much as he wishes. Iceblock can also turn these barriers into a set of stairs to climb on as he wishes.

Iceblock can generate ice attacks by shooting from off from the ground or from his hands. Iceblock can control his ice in a way to move and/or maneuver, giving him the ability to surf or slide on his own platforms.

Iceblock also has the ability to change the weather, it can turn from normal weather to rain, to hail or to a large freezing blizzard, depending on his mood.

Although he has never trained himself to do so, Iceblock can survive in environments with sub-freezing temperatures and the outskirts of space.


Unlike Diamondhead, Iceblock cannot weaponize his ice.

Iceblock's weather can be altered by his emotions. While Iceblock is normally a calm species, when tempered, he can create emotional outbursts, which could affect his weather patterns and bring disaster upon anybody who's around him. Although, no matter how the weather Iceblock changes, he cannot use his powers to harm others.

However, Iceblock can melt depending on the intense heated temperatures or fire-based attacks. Luckily for Iceblock, he cannot melt right away, and if he exposed to colder temperatures, this prevents the melting and his body becomes solid again.

Iceblock cannot regenerate his body so easily, but should he be in freezing temperatures, Iceblock's body can regenerate back to its normal self.


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Iceblock's name is a combination of the words "ice", "block" and "iceblock".


  • Iceblock went through various designs before getting an official design. But his main concept always remained the same.
    • Iceblock's main base design was based on KJMarch's Icepick, and DC's Icicle.
    • Iceblock's final design came from Pokemon's Mega Scizor and Bisharp.
  • Iceblock is based on the Block Party from Generator Rex, and the concepts of Jack Frost.
  • User Alanomaly came up with the name for Iceblock's planet.
  • Iceblock's voice is based on Drift's Minicons from Slipstream and Jetstorm from Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015.
  • During production, this was one of Ebomnitrix's first new aliens, due to wanting to have a defense type alien on the lineup, due to not many being produced in the Ben 10 franchise.
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