Ian Sisk is a character based on the real-life person of the same name. He weilds an Omnitrix he reverse-engineered himself.


Ian is an average caucasian teenage male teenage human. He has messy brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a green T-shirt, khaki shorts, and dark green shoes.


Ian is friendly, has a good sense of humor, and is usually empathetic.


As a human, Ian posesses standard human abilities. He also posesses an amazing intellect that enabled him to reverse engineer an Omnitrix.


Ian has a high-functioning form of autism, which while also a strength in some ways, also hinders him socially. He also has ADHD, which means he becomes hyperactive when off his medicine, or when his medicine has worn off. He is also allergic to pineapple. Other than that, Ian has standard human weaknesses.


Ian posesses an Omnitrix that he made himself, that has multiple functions.


  • The main difference between Ian and the real Ian is the amount of intellect. Possibly the smartest thing the real Ian has ever done is figure out how shadows were made in Pre-K.
  • Ian's favorite sandwich is the grilled peanutbutter.
  • Ian's favorite color is green.
  • Ian's personality type varies between INFP-T and ENFP-T depending on his mood.
  • Ian regularly attends conventions.
  • Ian prefers cats over dogs.
  • Ian is unsure of how good of a friend he is.
  • Ian's favorite musical genres are alternative and 80's New Wave. In fact, Ian likes many aspects of 80's pop-culture
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